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Tactical analysis of police traps today

Luke from DC | The police traps that were used on us today were greatly facilitated by an environement containing mostly cops and protestors where teh pens were set and closed. While escaping(and negotiating final exit a block east), I noticed a total lack of open businesses to duck into and whose customers represent cover. more...  11 Comments

Still We Rise march pictures

ALasBarricadas | Pictures and summary from Still We Rise March on Monday, August 30th, 2004. more...  23 Comments

Viet Vets pass torch to Iraqi Vets

iraqnam | Vietnam Vets and Iraqi Vets march and meet in New York City and organize. more...  5 Comments

is there an archive of the breaking news?

not in town | read the title more...  6 Comments

March for Our Lives: Democracy Now Interview + Pics

HammerHard | more...  12 Comments

NYPD Critical Mass

Aldon Hynes | Not to be upstaged by Critical Mass, NYPD had their own bicycle ride on the avenues of New York City today more...  7 Comments

Overheard on the A29 March Route

Boccebabe | Overheard on the A29 March Route. Guaranteed verbatim conversation (or as best as I can remember it) more...  6 Comments

Prank at Delegate's dinner party

ffantastics | we put stickers up in the bathroom stalls of Morton's Stakehouse as Delegates where arriving for dinner with top donors. more...  9 Comments

Brooklyn RNC Events

TAKS ONE NYC | Check out the dates and locations of Republican events in Brooklyn. Don't let the rats escape across the river!!! more...  0 Comments

HELP! Bail $ needed for arrestees!

Comrade | Please help raise $ for RNC-arrestees. Setup events and dig in those pockets! more...  8 Comments

Today's Marches: AP News + Photos

HammerHard | August 30th Still We Rise in NYC more...  14 Comments

Starbucks Protest: Legal Update/Request for Witnesses

IWW IU/660 | The two members of the Starbucks Workers Union arrested at the protest have been released but legal solidarity is still required for one. more...  0 Comments

A New Site for Virtual Protests

The Protest | Protest the RNC convention from your computer!!! more...  4 Comments

NYPD is also the working class

me | The NYPD IS WORKING WITHOUT A CONTRACT. They are not happy with Republicans either. As the Republican National Convention arrives in town, the police officers of the NYPD are engaged in a battle of epic proportions with the Mayor of the City of New York. As it stands, Mayor Bloomberg, the billionaire media mogul, has offered police officers a three year package that includes no wage increase for the first year and 4% over the remaining two years, or an average of a little over 1% a year. The zero offered would be the third zero increase for the NYPD officers in eight years. These proposed increases take on an even greater significance because the NYPD officers are already being paid upwards of 30% less than other police officers in the local area. I write to each of you to seek your assistance and support in this battle. Having witnessed a similar scenario play out in Boston, where under Tommy Nee’s leadership, Boston police officers were able to get out from under a horrendous offer to obtain a more favorable settlement, we understand that standing shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters from around the country will send a powerful message to the policymakers in New York City. You were there for us after the attack of September 11th, and we are forever grateful. We are asking now that you join us in New York City on August 30th & 31st, to protest a Mayor who devalues what we do and has no appreciation for the sacrifice we as law enforcement officers make each and every day. We currently plan to hold informational pickets, and other activities, at various locations around the City, generally designed to correspond with appearances by the Mayor. If you are able to join us in New York City on those days, kindly contact our office at (212) 298-9145. My office can assist you in obtaining accommodations in and around New York City. Only in unity will we prevail. more...  26 Comments

Revolutionary RNC Coverage - Ongoing!

link | Revolutionary Writers & Artists Team Blog more...  4 Comments

Jail / Court Solidarity Trainings

paganSupport | Jail / Court Solidarity Trainings Mon A30 and Tuesday A31 at St. Mark's Welcome Centre more...  3 Comments

RNC Party at Gotham Hall tomorrow! Be there!


marching Band @ Still We Rise March (photos)

Eliot Rosewater | Rhythm Workers! more...  8 Comments

A29: Rulers of the World Descend on Times Square (Much to Their Dismay)

Jessica Kaufman | Rulers of the World Descend on Times Square (Much to Their Dismay more...  9 Comments

Demonstrators Arrested for Walking and Singing on Broadway (First Hand Account)

johnny applecore | Last night during the actions on Broadway police illegally arrested and detained law-abiding protesters, here is my first-hand account of what happened. more...  8 Comments

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