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On the Bush Coronation This Week

Calamity Jayne | A timely reminder about coronations by one of the great US writers, Ambrose Bierce. more...  4 Comments

A29 Bike Bloc blocked after a half hour

little brown bicycling brrd | I was involved in the bike bloc, & I've yet to find anything written about it on imc, so here's what I experienced. more...  2 Comments

What's up with this? Protest turns unruly outside Convention

AP repost, found on Guardian | This AP repost on the Guardian website makes some specific allegations against protester(s)beating up a"plainclothes detective". Has anyone else read this? more...  17 Comments

A coversation with an undercover cop

Abby | As many people have no doubt noticed, there has been a heavy presence of undercover cops at the recent protests. This is the interaction I had with one today at the Poor People's March. more...  4 Comments

United For Peace And Justice View Points

Dolores M. Bernal | Listen to this great 7 minutes of interviews with people at the RNC. more...  2 Comments

8/30- Photos from the Police Union Rally

penny loafer | Here are some photos from the police union rally at 4pm on August 30th. more...  8 Comments

looking for bicycle photos

jen | looking for bicycle photos from august 29 march more...  1 Comments

The Rumbling of the Coming Future....

Luciente Zamora | -- check it out for more revolutionary communist commentary, interviews, poems, musings and more more...  0 Comments

Transcript of Can We Do Better than Anybody But Bush panel

ivan | Paraphrased transcript of the "Can We Do Better Than: Anybody But Bush?" panel discussion held at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine on Monday evening. The event included talks from Peter Camejo, Naomi Klein, Jeremy Scahill, JoAnn Wypijewski, Shujaa Graham and Ahmed Shawki. more...  0 Comments

Filipinos Against The War

Juan Dela Cruz | Filipino New Yorkers Participated at the August 29 Protest against the war more...  1 Comments

bw march photos

Nick | bw march photos more...  5 Comments

Poor People - March for Our Lives

peter | Monday Aug 30 2004 - About one thousand activists gathered at the UN before marching to the RNC to call for social policy to target poverty instead of targetting the poor. Outside MSG the situation went from peaceful to chaotic in moments, with scores of police arriving to forcefully disperse the crowd. Injuries were reported. more...  3 Comments

Video: 'No to the Bush Agenda' - 8/29 RNC NYC rally, march & Central Park

Jeff Paterson, Not in Our Name | "Download file" and view locally if video display is wacky. 3:30 min. video requires MS Windoze Media Player. more...  2 Comments

Still We Rise - NYC Housing/AIDS allies take it to the RNC

peter | Monday Aug 30 2004 - Thousands took to the streets from Union Square to the RNC at Madison Square Garden. Many groups organized the march to call for an end to the Bush agenda at home and abroad. Housing Works and other came out in force. more...  4 Comments

Demonstrators arrested at Poor People's March Monday Evening

Gochfeld | more...  1 Comments

ABC has coverage of tonight's "scuffle"--get the tape!

FYI | more...  10 Comments

Delivering The "No" To Bush And Everything He Stands For

Osage Bell | more...  2 Comments

Citizens Against the Endless Crusade Formed

Citizens Against the Endless Crusade | Citizens Against the Endless Crusade bombard RNC web-servers with over 7 gigabytes of onling sit-in bandwidth requests in just 6 hours. more...  5 Comments

RNC Interviews 2- Brandon

Selina Musuta + DC Radio Co-op | This is the last interview of the night for VOices with Vision. more...  0 Comments

RNC Interviews

Selina Musuta + DC Radio Co-op | Interviews for Voices With Vision more...  0 Comments

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