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the art of protest

citizen x | more...  6 Comments

today's undercover wristband color is yellow | today's undercover wristband color (Tuesday) is yellow more...  12 Comments

A31 Posters | MAKE NO MISTAKE A new series of anti-Bush posters for RNC actions and protests. more...  2 Comments

NYPD plainclothes bikers

media4of6 | NYPD undercover motorcycle squad on standby at 16th Street and 7th Ave approx 1:30pm Monday 8.30.04. more...  17 Comments

Johnny Cash Today at 4:00 p.m

Rine | READY TO SING AND STAND UP? more...  3 Comments

RNC Con: A Whole Lot of Flip-Floppin' Goin' On

Paul F. Heller | The Democrats took the "high road", and the Republicans take the forked road. more...  4 Comments

Protest Soup Kitchen Republicans

Molly McBoy | Protest Republicans today 8/31 at 543 E. 11th St. 2:30 pm One block north of Tompkins Square Park btw. Ave B and C. The Father's Heart Ministries. The press will be there. more...  0 Comments

helping nyc arresttees?

john doe | nyc arresttee support??? more...  0 Comments

Still We Ride: A31 Bike Bloc [BNC]

TIME'S UP! | Join us in a non-polluting positive celebration of what our streets could look like. more...  0 Comments

Fun August 29th, Other Buttons/Magnets

Carol Moore in DC | ASSES OF EVIL, SHOVE IT GW, HAMSTERS FOR KERRY, BOOT THE BOOB (Alfred E. Newman pic), other fun buttons that protesters loved on 8-29! more...  0 Comments

Some Advice for Photographing Safely at Protests and Rallies

Eye On Sydney | Firstly - and some may not be comfortable with this – by becoming a documenter, you give up your ability to effectively take part in “actionsâ€. This means everything from locking into a blockade to carrying a placard, for important reasons: more...  4 Comments

"War is a big thing and an awful buisiness."

John McCain | Sen J.McCain prophetises that the burning house of their great initiative of freedom & peace invasions and fulfillment of their noble idea of vanquishing every single soul around the world that they claim infidel to their oh-so-dear idea of freedom will even get bigger. Finally he comitts that war is an awful (good?) buisiness. more...  6 Comments

Call for a "Hooded" Bloc

socl | Save Our Civil Liberties calls for a "hooded bloc" at the RNC more...  4 Comments

A31 Starts Early Uptown vs. Police Brutality

@s uptown | more...  10 Comments

Steady President flopps freedom across Iraq

Out of Paul Krugmann | Last Sunday The Times confirmed that while the world's attention was focused on Najaf, western Iraq fell firmly under rebel control. more...  3 Comments

Steady President flopps freedom across Iraq

Out of Paul Krugmann | Last Sunday The Times confirmed that while the world's attention was focused on Najaf, western Iraq fell firmly under rebel control. << more...  1 Comments

Poor People's March Attacked

Roadrunner | A diversity of viewpoints found expression at the Poor People's March on Tuesday, and as police attacked the peaceful protestors, different visions of revolution were clarified, and the spirit of resistance learned and grew. more...  33 Comments

Eyewitness Report from 8th Ave / 29th St. Buring PPEHRC March

Medic | I was right there. The detective was riding this scooter *through* the crowd. When I first saw him I was like 'what crazy right-wing nutjob got through the police to do this?' People were trying to pull him off the bike to *stop* him from hurting anyone else - which I also would have been doing if I was any closer. I had no idea he was a cop. The only time I began to realize it was when he appeared to be reaching for a weapon on his left side, and then it dawned on me that he was a totally freaked out undercover who was just a hair away from possibly killing someone. NYPD is lucky no one got killed just then, and it would have been their fault for allowing a totally reckless motorscooter charge through a crowd by unmarked police. What the hell were they thinking? more...  3 Comments

Bike Communique

Brandon | Peaceful bike riders have become a clear target for the NYPD during the RNC, requiring the cyclists to reconsider their tactics. Remember, Bike Riding is not a crime! more...  8 Comments

FLASH MOB street party!

a31 | more...  2 Comments

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