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David Barnett by Albert Kada | Renee Feltz, roving news director, independent journalist, and community leader, captured the true nature and spirit of the typical GOP voter in a candid street interview from New York City. The alcohol related interview deserves an international award for demonstrating how dangerous and oppressive democracy can be without a constitution to protect us from it. more...  2 Comments

Queers Actions on A29

Liz Highleyman | Gays Against Bush and Queer Fist actions on Sunday more...  0 Comments

NPR kisses corporate butt once again

oak | The headline "news" on All Things Considered informed us that "over ten thousand protesters" were in the streets on Sunday. Imagin that! more...  8 Comments

New York Arrest Spurs 'Riot'

ogo | more...  1 Comments

Bush Has To Go

TruthAgent | Bush has to go more...  0 Comments

Campaign Assistant

Colby Hamilton | reen Party presidential candidate David Cobb will debate fellow Texan, Libertarian presidential candidate Michael Badnarik, and Constitution Party presidential candidate Michael Peroutka, Tuesday, August 31, at 7 p.m., at Sts. Cyril and Methodius Church (formerly known as St Raphael's Church), 502 W.41st St., in Manhattan. more...  5 Comments

Cop gives thumbs up to counter-protesters

sofiushka | more...  11 Comments

Corporate News: A31 Protests

HammerHard | ABC New York more...  3 Comments

Where the NYPD scooters budget came from (traffic policing?)

NY Magazine | more...  1 Comments

NYTimes coverage of A31 includes handy "disruption map"

NY untimely | Article entitled "Protesters' Encounters With Delegates on the Town Turn Ugly" includes map of A31 actions locations and times more...  2 Comments

Indypendent Distribution Rolls On, But We Need Your Help!

Indypendent | Every day for the next three day days, Indymedia members will be sitting patiently at the big cube at Astor Place at noon, getting ready to distribute the current issue of the Indypendent.

We will be saturating various parts of New York: Tuesday: lower Manhattan Wednesday: labor march, upper Manhattan, Irving Plaza gig Thursday: Brooklyn.

Pass this feature along to your friends, your mom, anybody who wants to spend a fabulous afternoon with members of the IMC Print Team, cruising along the city with thousands of copies of NY's best newspaper and handing them out to those who need it.

more...  6 Comments

Zig Zag Zell

Atlanta IMC | Zig Zag Zell Miller, one time Democrat and recent sell-out to the neo-cons (aka Republicans) will give the key note speech at the RNC tonight. more...  0 Comments

Times Sq. Heckling in NY TImes.

The Joe | more...  1 Comments

C-Span Covers Sunday's Demonstrations

Daniesha Laquandria | Write to C-Span to thank them, and to ask them to cover more demonstration events. Request specific events. Today they broadcast a 20 minute piece on Immigrant Rights protesters, at 11:30. more...  5 Comments

T-Shirts Lost, REWARD OFFERED... radical hand-printed t-shirts lost/stolen

Christopher | I came to NYC from MPLS for the protests and to distro my original political t-shirts that I print myself. Unfortunately I either lost or had stolen a light blue 25 gallon rubbermaid tub/tote of my t-shirts a couple days ago. If anyone has found it, or has info on where it might be please contact me by phone (612-735-3494) or email ( info@CONTEMPL8.NET ). ***REWARD TO BE GIVEN*** I'll be happy to give some free shirts to whoever helps me to get my shirts back. Thanks!!! more...  5 Comments

****Dramatic Street Theater Protest Today****

Save Our Civil Liberties | Activists Denounce Bush Administration's Police State Tactics in the Wake of 9/11 more...  1 Comments

Litmus Test: Time for Kerry and Democrats to Take a Stand for Our Votes

Dave Lindorff | Alan Greenspan, a banker who stands to retire on over $140,000 a year, has called for cutting the Social Security retirement benefits for Baby Boomers. It’s high time for John Kerry and the Democrats to admit that there is no such “crisis†in Social Security. All that’s needed is full Social Security taxation on the rich and the employers who pay their salaries. more...  2 Comments

RNC Protest Day One Small video slice from Mad Studios To Bush, with Love

Mad Studios | This video about sums it up. George Bush, you are out the door in 2004! more...  1 Comments

Michael Moore gets huge Republican applause

Gabriel | Film-maker Michael Moore gets the biggest roar at the Republican National Convention. more...  30 Comments

NY Daily News Sneaks Into A31 Mtg.

HammerHard | From: more...  15 Comments

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