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A31 Images + Arrests

HammerHard | From Reuters and the AP more...  11 Comments

Police Bloc Lafyette & Houstan

freedom lover | 30-40 Office police bike bloc seen Houstan and Layfette heading north @ 2;23 more...  0 Comments

CNN-- Detective in plainclothes attacked

Daniesha Laquandria | CNN blames protesters for injuries to plainclothes policeman. Shows video. more...  13 Comments

Strong statement to free illegal detainees of "War on Terrorism"

Milton Harrowgate | Upwards of a thousand protestors marched to express their outrage with the illegal detention of "enemy combatants" in Guantanamo Bay and other military detention centers. more...  2 Comments

Poor People's March Attacked by Police

Roadrunner | A diversity of viewpoints found expression at the Poor People's March on Tuesday, and as police attacked the peaceful protestors, different visions of revolution were clarified, and the spirit of resistance learned and grew. more...  14 Comments

Elephant toast

dc imc | Fry that sucker! more...  4 Comments

Images from immigration protest A31

ATX IMC | One person was arrested for climbing a tree. The cops told him to come down, he did what they asked and immediately came down from the tree. The police arrested him anyway. Around 300 people attended the demonstration. more...  2 Comments

Join the March in Harlem on Thursday

Rebecca | People are invited to join a march in Harlem on thursday, September 2. People of color is the US and world are not well served by either party! more...  0 Comments

Voting for Godot

tao | Godot has more waiting ! more...  10 Comments

NYPD moving in sound generator weapons

Abdul X | Scouted out the areas south of MSG on 7th and 8th avenue this am, and I heard officers talking about the 'sound weapons' being brought over today. more...  17 Comments

Paint Texas Blue, Texas Truth Convention

tao | Join 'em 9/2 more...  2 Comments

Central Labor Council Labor Day Rally

tao | Join Labor on 9/1 more...  1 Comments

What's Happening Downtown

Downtowner | more...  1 Comments

9/11 Truth Convergence Space

tao | Ya'll come. more...  2 Comments

Converge on the RNC

tao | 9/2 at MSG more...  1 Comments

A31: Call for Nonviolent Direct Action at the RNC

Cath | Tuesday A31 - Join Nonviolent direct actions. more...  5 Comments

The Unemployment Line

cath | Join the Unemployment Line March 9/1 more...  3 Comments

Lots Of Police

soy bueno | Just Some Info more...  3 Comments

US americans are UNHAPPY about being lied to.

PW | Rudolph Guiliani former mayor of New York, distorts knowingly. more...  2 Comments

Arrested? Don't wash those clothes just yet.

Jym Dyer | The floors in "Li'l Gitmo" were filthy. Were they toxic? more...  14 Comments

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