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MAKE NO MISTAKE (posters) | MAKE NO MISTAKE A new series of anti-Bush posters for RNC actions and protests. more...  0 Comments

FOXNews video coverage of protestors

fox sux | 60 second clip from FOXNews spins on protestors (realmedia) more...  5 Comments

Audio report on march to end detentions

darby + dc radio coop | Immigration and gays: two hot topics this fall season on the run way.... more...  0 Comments

Police Riot: NYPD Pounces on Poor People's March at 29th and 8th Ave.

John Tarleton | Michael Duke was listening to radio reports Monday evening of an unpermitted march advancing west on 23rd St. when he decided to step out of his home in Chelsea and see what was going on.. “I intended to watch from the sidewalk but was swept along,†said Duke, 63, of his decision to join the march. “It was hard to resist, especially when people came by playing their drums.†Moments later he would find himself in the middle of a turbulent confrontation between hundreds of protesters and police that took at 29th and 8th Ave. within sight of Madison Square Garden. more...  2 Comments

Activist Enters RNC, Yells at Cheney

HammerHard | from more...  11 Comments

A31: ABC News Pics

Hammer Hard | from more...  0 Comments

Department of Corrections: Bush/Cheney 2004 Theme song remix

D.O.C. | D.O.C. reveal the backward masking message in the Bush/Cheney 2004 Theme song remix parody Especially for the Dept of Justice. more...  0 Comments

You guys are so freakin' BEAUTIFUL!!

sofiushka | more...  7 Comments

Josh Banno

Toby | Young person wrongfully arrested in connection with dragon fire on Sunday. Bail set at $200,000. more...  6 Comments


Jordan Thornton | As someone who, until recently, worked in the Mainstream media, I know there are things you can do to further the cause, by bending the rules, or making new ones. We must ensure that the story isn't "there was a protest", but rather, "This is WHY there was a protest". more...  2 Comments

Solidarity Crucial for RNC Arrestees!

NYC Legal-Work Fund | In the course of the massive and inspiring demonstrations against the Republican National Convention in New York City, several hundred social justice and human rights activists have been arrested. Arrestees have been beaten by the police, subjected to insufferable jail conditions, and vilified by the mainstream media. Bail has been set as high as $200,000. Some of those arrested—people with immigrations issues, activists who have been injured in the course of the arrest—are in high risk situations and must be released from jail as soon as possible. more...  2 Comments

A30 march photos

photos | Aug 30th photos from getty images more...  6 Comments

Interview with a DNC to RNC marcher, as heard on A-Noise Radio

Sunflower | The DNC to RNC march was an event in which activists walked from Boston at the end of the Democratic Convention to NYC for the Republican Convention, sowing community-centered dissent along the way. i just heard a great interview on A-Noise radio with Simon Sanchez (sp?), a community organizer from Austin, TX, who was one of the participants. i typed up some notes as i listened, to share with indymedia readers. It is paraphrased on the fly, so is not a word-for-word transcript, but i believe i've gotten the facts right and stayed true to the spirit of his words. more...  3 Comments

pix from Michael Franti benefit for Code Pink

aga | We stumbled into an amazing show put on by Michael Franti and Spearhead, organized last minute to benefit Code Pink. more...  1 Comments


Jason Dedrick | THE PROTEST CORAL more...  3 Comments

The RNC Protest Journal of One Staten Islander

Pat Moonblood | One person's views and report about the grand anti-RNC protest on August 29th. more...  1 Comments

Video footage of undercover Police attack and Poor People's March

corporate media | WB11 video footage (realmedia) of the plainclothes undercover cop (formerly on scooter) and later in the video general Poor People's March footage. more...  5 Comments

Banner Drop at Port Authority, 41st and 8th

stripey | readss FOUR MORE MONTHS, entire story of parking lot above Port Authority activists got away w/out incident anyone got photo??? more...  0 Comments

Selling furs at the Hilton Grand Old marketPlace

Yossarian | There's even something for the GOP fashion guru: Fox and mink shawls are available at upwards of $2,000 more...  3 Comments

A31 Events, From the A31 Website

A31 | Day of Action

Permits were not sought for or granted to any of the following events; other events, both spontaneous & planned may also occur.

more...  23 Comments

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