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A31: Billionaires Dance in Grand Central

B.G. Johnson | The Billionaires for Bush dance in Grand Central Station. more...  5 Comments

6000 Bicyclists a threat?

B. Okie | Friday August 27 was the biggest Critical Mass ride in NYC history. More than 264 bicyclists were arrested, and this article contains the perspective from one of those arrestees. more...  5 Comments

War Resisters + Fox News Photos

HammerHard | Reuters - August 31, 2004. Close to 100 of the protestors were arrested by police on Fulton Street just moments after they attempted to march from the Ground Zero site of the World Trade Center disaster, north towards Madison Square Garden, the site of the Republican National Convention. more...  15 Comments

Poll: New Yorkers Support Protests

Cath | UFPJ web site posts "Guardian" (England) newspaper with article saying NYC Supports Protests. more...  0 Comments

Herald square webcam 6:19

Mark | more...  2 Comments


J | If we want to make change in this country, direct action must continue after the RNC. more...  7 Comments

Videotaping of protests questioned by legal scholars

cath | SOCL posts article about questionable videotaping by police. more...  4 Comments

Fuck this courtroom!! - RNC arrest

Emrys | Activists disgusted by police and courtroom tactics as New York tries to crack down on anarchists. more...  7 Comments

Peaceful Poor People's March Broken Up by NYPD

Benjamin Maurice Melançon | MANHATTAN, NEW YORK CITY, Monday, 2004 August 30 - At about 8 p.m., four hours into a permit-less march organized by the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign, New York City police disrupted, split, and disbursed the several thousand peaceful and nonviolent demonstrators. more...  0 Comments

suggested mass nude march down broadway

ARON PIEMAN KAY | nude march more...  9 Comments

When They Give Bush The Nod, Give Em' The NO!

Alice | The whole city comes together to say a loud, undeniable no! more...  3 Comments

A look around NYC webcams

NYC | A few fun webcams (live) showing cops & razorwire & stuff I never seen before. more...  5 Comments

Police Undercover Mopeds 2nd and 13th

IthacaWatcher | Undercover police are in droves (about two dozen) at 2nd and 14th hanging out. Green sweatbands. Meanwhile 8-9th on 2nd is closed because of bomb scare diagonal from st. marks church. Undercover units on scene in silver impala, no armbands. more...  2 Comments

Free Speech

Cath | Finding free speech in NYC more...  5 Comments

UFPJ Calls for RNC Actions Wed. & Thurs.

United for Peace and Justice | more...  0 Comments

FOXNews has article about protestors at RNC - not the ones you're thinking of - the ones who want RNC to be MORE neocon

Fox sux | Only coverage of protests at FOXNews consists of an article on 'Big Tent' Approach Upsets Some Republicans. Fair and Balanced my ass. Shut Up FOX! more...  4 Comments

Unsafe Conditions at Pier 57 - Contact the NYCLU

New York Civil Liberties Union | Individuals who were held at Pier 57, and have complaints about the conditions there should call the NYCLU as soon as possible at 212 629 3011 or email Irum Taqi at more...  2 Comments

So You Want To Neutralize the Right Wing? Here's Ammo

concerned | If we're going to truly neutralize the Right Wing, as Mark Conlan promotes in the feature article of August 2004's Zenger's Newsmagazine, we're going to have to understand their techniques, and the broadness of their grip. The following gives a limited, yet crucial insight into just how many ways the wool is kept over our collective eyes. Includes well-known Left institutional analysis (yet rare these days) as well as more autonomous analysis and persons with direct experience in Right-wing institutions. more...  3 Comments

Thank you for the updates NYCIndy! Keep it up!

RNC out of NY | Good job. more...  13 Comments


r.wall | Anti-Bush Art Exhibit just blocks from the convention center. more...  3 Comments

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