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UNHEARD VOICES: The Occupation of Iraq

New Jersey Solidarity | The Progressive Graduate Students' Association of Rutgers University presents a teach-in on war and occupation. more...  0 Comments

Upcoming Local Events from RutgersActivism!

RutgersActivism | upcoming local events from rutgersactivism more...  0 Comments

Benefit for Jeff 'Free' Luers Sunday night at Bluestockings

Friends of Free | Film & Benefit for Jeff 'Free' Luers February 8, 2004 at 7PM Bluestockings, 172 Allen Street, (between Stanton & Rivington) Lower East Side, NYC $5-10 donation more...  1 Comments

Question for Condaleeza Rice on 9/11

Family Steering Committee for the 9/11 Independent Commission | more...  6 Comments

Kucinich in NYC 2/9/04 + Q&A video from NM

FluxRostrum | Kucinich in NYC Monday, February 9th Noon - 1:00 p.m. ET Presenation for The National Association of Hispanic Journalists NYU: King Juan Carols I of Spain Center, Judson Hall: 53 Washington Square Contact: Marcos Rubenstein, (563) 580-5036 more...  3 Comments

GWB no G0

Michael ONeil | From Nick in the UK. more...  1 Comments

The Gray Lady Has No Shame

Chris Anderson | The Times Beds Down with Stadium Developer in Apparent Conflict of Interest more...  1 Comments

Community Calender for Feb.3-17

The Indypendent | Community Events For February 3-17 more...  0 Comments

Schools Against Kids

Zita Allen | 'Zero Tolerance' policies criminalize students, youth of color hardest hit. more...  2 Comments

The Lines Are Being Drawn

Mike Burke | The Indypendent recently launched to track stories connected to this summer’s Republican National Convention, addressing everything from the latest grassroots organizing efforts, to the city's evolving security strategy and Republican plans for their New York visit. more...  0 Comments

Feb 8 2004: Teaneck, NJ Peace Vigil and Party!!!

BA | Feb 8th: Peace Vigil 2pm (corner of Cedar Lane and Teaneck Road), 1st Anniv of Teaneck Peace Coalition party at 3pm, 2 blocks away at St. Mark's Episcopal Church (corner of Grange and Chadwick roads.) Bring your banners. more...  5 Comments

Government Again Refuses to Release Palestinian Immigrant

Cmt for the Release of Farouk Abdel-Muhti | NY-based Palestinian activist Abdel-Muhti's lawyers say his continued detention is unlawful, but on February 4 the government announced its intention to go on holding him--after 21 months. more...  0 Comments

Watching Others Take Chances - Hygienic Art Turns 25

marco | 469 pieces, each by a different artist the annual "outsiders" art show No judge, no jury, no fees, no censorship yes!!! more...  3 Comments

Morning-After Pill Over the Counter? Actions Target FDA.

Members of MAP Conspiracy | In the tradition of Margaret Sanger, who broke the law to give women birth control when it was illegal, feminists will gather on February 15th to give their friends the Morning-After Pill. With just three weeks until FDA Commissioner Mark McClellan-a right wing Bush appointee-decides whether this safe, effective, essential method of birth control will be sold over-the-counter, women across the country are putting pressure on the FDA and the White House to stop making women criminals for giving their friend the morning-after pill. more...  2 Comments

DIVINE INTERVENTION screening @ Rutgers-New Brunswick Friday 2/6

New Jersey Solidarity | Palestinian film DIVINE INTERVENTION from director Elia Suleiman to be screened at Rutgers-New Brunswick Friday, Feb.6 more...  0 Comments

MUTILATOR! (Correct me if I'm wrong) Contestant #17

*CRAP Media | *CRAP Media, "When you think BUSH, think CRAP!" Contest [THUMBNAIL GIF: 182kb - 7.4 seconds] more...  5 Comments

47 Places to Find The Indypendent

imcista | The new issue of The Indypendent has hit the streets. Here's some places to look for New York's award-winning, radical biweekly newspaper. more...  0 Comments

NYC becomes 250th city to say no to the Patriot Act

JonSteps | more...  1 Comments

IMC Readers Debate: Ralph's End Run?

oak | (from the Open Newswire): I'm wondering what my fellow New Yorkers are thinking about Ralph Nader's performance on NPR's "All Things Considered" this afternoon.

The guy really got his back up about folks he termed "liberals" asking him not to run this time around. Fact of the matter is, a whole lot of folks far more radical than your basic liberal are asking him not to throw his hat in the ring, even his former campaign manager, but apparently Ralph doesn't view such pleading as coming from friends and supporters. He just went off about his fucking right to run, calling such genuine concern "censorship". Wake up, Ralph. We're talking about neo-fascists in the Whitehouse, the biosphere and the Constitution going down the tubes, and you're worried about your bruised ego?

Weigh in with your own opinion.

more...  34 Comments

City Council Resolution 909

Mrs Gee | Wha hoppened? more...  1 Comments

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