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Legal Support Needs YOUR Help!

Legal Support | Legal Support is calling for everyone who was arrested and released and DID NOT meet one of the greeters at the court house to call the hotline and just let us know you are out. Why are we asking for this? more...  3 Comments


FYI | more...  8 Comments

BEV HARRIS of in NYC until Sept. 1, demonstrating fraudulent, built-in tampering of DIEBOLD E-VOTE CENTRAL TABULATOR MACHINES

Bev Harris | For the media: Harris and Stephenson will be in New York City on Aug. 30, 31, Sep.1, to demonstrate this built-in election tampering technique. --- "The central tabulator is far more vulnerable than the touch screen terminals. Think about it: If you were going to tamper with an election, would you rather tamper with 4,500 individual voting machines, or with just one machine, the central tabulator which receives votes from all the machines? Of course, the central tabulator is the most desirable target." Members of congress and Washington correspondents: Harris and Stephenson will be in Washington D.C. on Sept. 22 to demonstrate this problem for you. --- Public officials: If you are in a county that uses GEMS 1.18.18, GEMS 1.18.19, or GEMS 1.18.23, your secretary or state may not have told you about this. You're the one who'll be blamed if your election is tampered with. --- more...  3 Comments

A31 Johnny Cash Protest at Sotheby's Pics

Aga | more...  9 Comments


Amina | Protests upstage Convention tonight on 11 o'clock news. more...  23 Comments

A31: Die-in, 33rd and Broadway Report

bk | Several hundred people converged at the corner of 33rd St and Broadway, briefly swarming the intersection where several arrests were made. more...  8 Comments

BULL SHIT Stickerings at the US Open

ffantastics | more...  10 Comments

Civil Rights Group Decries Civil Rights Violations In NYC at RNC

Committee For Government Accountability | The Committee For Government Accountability Calls For Restraint By City And Law Enforcement Agencies more...  1 Comments

Bush Compared to George Washington

Pro LE | Laura Bush just compares Bush to George Washington more...  11 Comments

Young Republicans partying at Opal right now. 52nd and 2nd.

FTW | Young Republicans partying at Opal right now. 52nd and 2nd. more...  4 Comments

General Strike Song

marco | Here's some myth and metaphor for your radio broadcasts. Please take the time out for it now and then. In fact you all prolly need it now more than ever. more...  4 Comments

cool photos from the rnc

duko | nyc sure was fun hope come back soon more...  5 Comments

RNC Events-->September 1st | more...  0 Comments

Bike Bloc A31

zm | Bike Bloc A31 Pictures more...  1 Comments

Take over the MSNBC Herald Square Shot

SeizeYOURMedia | Take back *your* media from G.E. Let Chris Matthews (a one-time Nader intern turned corporate goon) and his bosses know that you are more than "local color." Let the largest electoral protest be seen and heard! more...  7 Comments

A31 protetsters brought to 100 Center Street

N | According to a report on WBAI, all those arrested at the Direct Action at Herald Square (and elsewhere?) will be brought to 100 center street -NOT the peir- and must appear before a judge before being released- NO D.A.T.'s- Desk Appearance Tickets for todays arrestees.. more...  9 Comments

photos from herald square - 8/31

Yoni H. Mishal | die in at 33rd and broadway more...  56 Comments

more stickerings at high profile RNC events

ffantastics and friends | more...  4 Comments

Images protests/arrests aug 31

joeldg | Images protests/arrests aug 31 more...  6 Comments

Protests in NY hijacked by reporters

Joshua | Activists Needed more...  12 Comments

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