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Poor People's March for Our Lives

Gochfeld | more...  0 Comments

Knight Ridder CEO gave to Dubya

Michael Petrelis | News service employees donating to politicians more...  1 Comments

Billionaires for Bush at Poor People's March on Monday (part 2 of 2)

Gochfeld | more...  3 Comments

Billionaires For Bush at Poor People's Rally (part 1 of 2)

Gochfeld | more...  6 Comments

A31- Photos from Johnny Cash action

penny loafer | Here are some photos from the A31 Johnny Cash action. more...  4 Comments

Wed. Event: Amy Goodman at the Knitting Factory

Sarah Turner | 'all proceeds will benefit Democracy Now' The Seconds, Parts and Labor, Aa, Pterodactyl, The Wobblies Price: $12.00 Date: Wed, Sep 01 Start Time: 8:00 PM more...  2 Comments

Bush TITANIC, 04

. | just a commentary more...  0 Comments

Washington Post: "Police Stifle Protests Across N.Y."

diego_mt | more...  5 Comments

Snap of Pier 57

Mike Edwards | Not a particularly good shot, but you can see a number of the crowd of police there. more...  3 Comments

A31 Arrests N of Union Square

peter | Tues Aug31 2004 - Dispersed direct action broke out all over Manhattan as the sun set on the RNC today. On Park Ave at 28th Street police locked down an entire block to make arrests, then started arresting those peacefully standing at the edges. more...  5 Comments

Peaceful Assembly Before the Arrests in Union Square

Mike Edwards | Before arrests broke out, Union Square was a pretty nice place to hang out this evening. more...  8 Comments

Images: A31

fred askew | Photos from A31 more...  1 Comments


RR | Ignore these subtle messages being fed to this site by right-wing contropol agents. more...  25 Comments

Pictures from the War Resistors League Demo and Mass Arrest

Jeff Green | Pictures from the War Resistors League Mass Arrest at Fulton and Church Streets more...  0 Comments

Direct Action to Stop the War! A31 Arrestees Call for Democracy "Beyond Voting"

eriseupe | Direct Action to Stop the War is a community-based mobilization organized through decentralized affinity groups and a directly democratic spokes council. DASW organized the 20,000 person shut down of the San Francisco financial district to protest the invasion of Iraq and has launched a "Beyond Voting: Democracy versus Empire" campaign to challenge the Bush administration's policies of empire-building, permanent war and domestic cut backs with grassroots mobilization for a real democracy. more...  8 Comments

Billionaires For Bush at UFPJ March on Sunday

Gochfeld | more...  11 Comments

Carpooling, anyone ?

Zippo | more...  1 Comments

Billionaires For Bush at UFPJ March on Sunday

Gochfeld | more...  4 Comments

WARNING: Thursdaycould be the most dangerous day!

Botsie | With Bush in NYC on Thursday, the police will be on "HIGH" alert! What does that mean for protestors????? more...  25 Comments

Listen to the NYPD

FYI | more...  2 Comments

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