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For users who are not receiving SMS from txtMOB

APOC | Info for users who can no longer receive the SMS updates via txtMOB more...  8 Comments

Report from Inside Pier 57 Detention Facility

Ellen K | Report from inside the Pier 57 detention facility. more...  21 Comments

No Police State! The Big Lizard Strikes Back!

RedRev | Fed up with police state NYC, the Big Lizard emerges from the Hudson to take a stand! more...  10 Comments

Political Reporter

Doug Cunningham | This is a news report aout what I witnessed during the anti-Bush protest at W. 34th & Broadway Tuesday night, AUgust 31st, 2004 between 6:30 and approximately 8 p.m. more...  12 Comments

Vid of A31 Herald Sq. Jeering the Delegates

Gus the Video Beagle | A quicktime movie from the A31 Herald Sq. Jeering the Delegates more...  12 Comments

Status of Those Arrested Yesterday?

Concerned Mother | Arrest status? more...  21 Comments

7:25pm, August 31, Herald Square

r | panoramic view of herald square more...  1 Comments

Various Photos from the A31 Actions

Eric Wagner | Various Photos from the A31 Actions. more...  6 Comments

keep yr eyes peeled in midtown! (repost)

copwatch | lots of undercover cops/secret service in midtown. be mindful and watchful of these repressive rogue agents. more...  7 Comments

General Strike across the states

NewYorker | There has been a call put out for a US-wide general strike! more...  11 Comments

Photos from Poor People's Economic Human Rights March

Puck | photos from "March for Our Lives"- organized by Kensington Welfare Rights Union out of Philadelphia more...  2 Comments

Eyes Wide Open

nathan blaney | Eyes Wide Open is an exhibit currently touring the US, but is here in NYC at the time of the RNC. Its goal is to help the public visualize the toll that the war has taken. It does this by representing each victim (soldiers and civilians) with a pair of combat boots or civilian shoes. Each pair of soldiers boots is tagged with their name, age and state. more...  0 Comments

Photos of Marching Bands and More- Still We Rise 8/30

Puck | Photos of Marching Bands and More- Still We Rise 8/30 more...  3 Comments

Photos from Still We Rise March 8/30

Puck | Photos from Still We Rise March more...  2 Comments

"We Were There" Protest - Today at 3pm

josh | "Ground Zero" High School Students from Stuyvesant Protest RNC Exploitation of WTC Attack more...  3 Comments

War Resisters League Die-In 8/31/04

Lora Saltis | Fifty-four marchers staged a "die-in" at Broadway and 28th street to protest the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. more...  1 Comments

free the inb!

sparkle girl | ...and free all arrestees illegally detained by the repressive state apparatus! more...  5 Comments

Protesters Demonstrate Against Republican Celebration of Johnny Cash

Stephen Bruckert | Today approximately two hundred protesters, many dressed in all black, sporting pompadours, carrying cardboard guitars with messages written on them, or some combination thereof organized outside of Sotheby’s between 71st and 72nd Street on York to protest the use of Johnny Cash as a cause for Republican celebration. more...  5 Comments

Poor People's March for Our Lives (third set)

Gochfeld | more...  1 Comments

Poor People's March for Our Lives (second set)

Gochfeld | more...  3 Comments

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