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NYC Red Cross: 1-877-REDCROSS, ext 2102.Call the Red Cross to help the Prisoners of War from the GOP convention.

Henry Edward Hardy | People taken prisoner for protesting against a war during wartime are covered by the Geneva and Hague Conventions; the Red Cross is the international agency responsible for implementation and observation of compliance with these treaties. Call the NYC Red Cross 24 hour public affairs representative for help. 1-877-REDCROSS ext. 2102. more...  10 Comments

Read about the RNC PR machine

Nadia | more...  2 Comments

RNC program on Thursday

tao | A little humor in the middle of madness ! more...  1 Comments

Pics from RNC Photo Drop

RNC Photo Drop | Here are some pictures from RNC Photo Drop, a virtual drop space for pictures from camera phones. Pretty cool, right!? more...  11 Comments

Illegal and Reckless Law Enforcement in NYC

cath | NYC under siege..... more...  16 Comments

Photos: Activists Disrupt Youth Convention in MSG

eriseupe | Protesters disrupt the Youth Convention on the floor of the RNC more...  8 Comments

A31 Report from the Streets

team cascadia | This is a summary of things that I ran into and saw while in NYC yesterday. more...  3 Comments

Thank You All from a Law Enforcement Officer

Pro LE | Thanks to the Protesters more...  55 Comments

Solidarity, Freedom and the General Strike

Angela Parsons | more...  1 Comments

Personal Observations on A31

Jeff Green | Just some personal notes from A31 on: 1) Midtown 2) Fulton and Church Street 3) Union Square Park 4) NYC Police more...  1 Comments

Greene Dragon to Dethrone George W on Thursday

Phreedom Phil | Tomorrow, at 2 pm at the Washington Statue in Union Square, the political street theater group Greene Dragon will stage the "Dethroning of King George II" on his coronation day. This will conclude our "Battle of New York Towne," a participatory three-act event that ran prior and during the convention. Earlier, Greene Dragon staged "Paula Revere's Ride" down Lexington to warn New Yorkers that "the Republicans are coming!" and the "Crossing of New York Harbor" to reclaim the island of Manhattan from invading Bush loyalists. PS: THE RUMORS: Greene Dragon is a participatory street theater group that recreates American Revolutionary War events to shed light on the current administration's suppression of liberty. Despite what the police, NY 1 and the Daily News say, Greene Dragon did not burn a green dragon puppet, nor is it an anarchist group or environmental action group. (That's not to criticize any other group or issue... we just want to set the record straight.) more...  2 Comments

TONIGHT! This Land Is Your Land Screening

Virginia Williams | TONIGHT! THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND screening! W/ Guests from the film! more...  1 Comments

Suspect Arrested In Attack on New York Cop

Newshound | September 1, 2004 -- A suspect was arrested last night in the vicious beating of a cop at a protest Monday, a law-enforcement source said. more...  60 Comments

legalities of protest explained, streamed

Brooklyn | more...  0 Comments

Bush appearance in midtown Thursday AM?

defeat_apathy | more...  2 Comments

Free Concert in Central Park for DELEGATES Tonight

* | This one didn't make it even onto the Master List. Found it while looking on republican sites. Have fun, see u there? 2nd address links to a list of even MORE events not on the Master List! more...  4 Comments


not welcome | more...  9 Comments

Random & Targeted Arrests by NYPD

cath | Research tells me this is the case...not the "line" being given by NYPD Police authorities being broadcast on TV news stations across this nation. more...  3 Comments

For all bicycle arrestees!!!

madhatter | For all bicycle arrestees! more...  7 Comments

Next stop, Washington DC

DCprotest | I'm new to all this protest stufff-but as a New Yorker who hates the current administration, seeing all these protests has been great! Makes me think that the people who organize these things should organize another huge protest in Washington D.C. against Bush and the war for this October. We need to show that this war is the same as the Viet Nam war--that it divides the country. more...  10 Comments

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