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presidents usually stay at one of the following hotels

trac | if a president stays in nyc, they stay either at the Waldorf on 51st, and Park (all presidents have stayed here sine herbert hoover) or the Plaza Hotel on 59th and 5th ave. (according to the ny times.) more...  12 Comments

Scooter Goons Watching Us Right NOW: We're Watching You

eyeseverywhere | ALL the ScooterGoons on 48th/Fifth reading INDYMEDIA more...  13 Comments

Labor Rally Pictures

ALasBarricadas | September 1, 2004 Labor rally against Bush more...  0 Comments

The "NOT TO SWIFT" boat veterans.. who are these people...?

ted... (victoria BC canada) | How do you show-up at a battle, and have NOBODY SHOOTING AT YOU...? Show-up late....! more...  6 Comments

RNC Events-->September 2--Final day of RNC | Here they are-the last rnc events. more to be posted tomorrow. more...  5 Comments

EFF's John Perry Barlow: dancing & suing the gov't.

marco | JP Barlow comes into the A-Noise studios and discusses a whole bunch of kewl schtuff. And as an aside, 2600's Manny Goldstein got arrested alongside the other high hundreds or low thousands of people the other day. more...  5 Comments

NYPD Strategic Citywide Tac-1 Has Been Infiltrated

TopRamen | NYPD's Citywide 1 has been infiltrated. more...  23 Comments

Labor rally pictures

ALasBarricadas | September 1, 2004 Labor rally against Bush more...  12 Comments

Wajid Discusses Jail Conditions At Pier 57

marco | Pier 57. Guantanamo On The Hudson. Here's Wajid interviewing with A-Noise webradio and 88.7 fm. more...  7 Comments

Trash dragon in Wisconsin burns civilization in solidarity

trash dragon | Out of the ashes of the dragon of "free trade", burned Sunday in New York City came a dragon of the grassy fields of brun the tower of civilization more...  5 Comments

Call to City Hall : Shutdown Toxic Guantanamo on the Hudson

new yorker | Demand toxic Pier 57 holding facility be closed, and prisoners transferred! Demand access to experienced lawyers! more...  7 Comments

Labor Rally Pictures

Tywon | more...  2 Comments

Elmhurst Subway Trains shut down at 7:15pm

cfnewswerks | more...  5 Comments

10 Am Th: This Time We're Watching/Beyond Voting Press Conference

reality check | more...  1 Comments

Spoof on RNC Thurs. Schedule

TAO | A little humor in the madness.... more...  2 Comments

Rant-a-thon at The Tank! RNC Legal Fund benefit

arrestee | 432 W. 42nd 10:30pm @ the Tank Come support the arrestees and vent yer spleen for a donation to legal funds. more...  3 Comments

George W at Hairspray today?

peacenik | more...  4 Comments

Does Anyone Have Info on Infernal Noise Brigaders?

sprk | Did anyone see them in the jail and get out before they did? more...  7 Comments

Rough Arrest Photo 8/31

UrbanVoyeur | An arrest from last night more...  13 Comments


Amina | more...  11 Comments

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