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I have successfully infiltrated them...

Kyle Lussier | more...  10 Comments

David Rovics Concerts on 9/2

madhatter | David Rovics Concerts on 9/2 more...  2 Comments

Green-Libertarian pres. debate on C-SPAN

Badnarik for President | A presidential debate took place between Green Party candidate David Cobb and Libertarian Party candidate Michael Badnarik in Manhattan on Tuesday, August 31. C-Span will broadcast the event, tentatively scheduled to air on Sunday, September 5 @ 6:00 or 6:30pm [ET]. more...  2 Comments

RNC Protester(s) around 10ish ?

cath | Anyone out there know. more...  4 Comments

A Bronx view of the 9/1 March on the Media, from | A fast write-up on the 9/1 March on the Media, from a Bronx perspective (from more...  0 Comments

Caption Fun!

Winston Smith | Just some good spirited fun for those exhausted from the protests. Supply your own captions to this picture from the RNC floor: more...  22 Comments

Who was swept from RNC around 10ish ?

tao | Saw goons forcing folks out ? more...  4 Comments


Terry Ip | Lockboxing used in Seattle... more...  5 Comments

Is jail support needed on thursday AM?

@ | ... more...  7 Comments

Where have all the pictures gone?

TS | more...  1 Comments

Education related A31 Direct Action

okatiee | The School of Higher Miseducation made up of members of an A31 youth affinity group organized a street theatre action during tuesday afternoon to highlight the failure of Bush's policies on education, particularly the No Child Left Behind Act. They also focused on military recruitment in schools and played world domination hop scotch outside of Borough Hall! Where will the Bush send the recruits today? Haiti, Iran, Afghanistan, Colombia, you never know ! Oh gee wiz what fun! They also entertained people in the subways with their clever renditions of the Pledge of Allegiance and other patriotic songs children are forced to sing daily in public schools. more...  3 Comments

A Call For A Constant Vigil Against Bush: TONIGHT!

A Patriot To The Planet | This is a call for a constant watch over George Bush starting tonight, outside the Waldorf Astoria hotel, where he is reportedly staying. A call for all to join in an endless watch of the emporer, a non-violent vigil and protest as close as the security perimeter will allow, to envelope the perimeter. more...  5 Comments

Smoke Cops Not Crack- a poem

poet | Don't worry piggywiggy, I'm far from New York. And it's just poetry anyway. The pen is mightier than the sword after all. more...  8 Comments


nh | more...  31 Comments

This Street is Your Street

Evelyn Fitzgerald | Dear protestors and friends, Attached are updated protest song lyrics to reflect the conditions we are observing on the streets of New York these few days. If you like, please forward them to others who might enjoy them. more...  4 Comments

From the We-Couldn't Make-This-Up Department

NYC-IMC | Caught our eye on the newswire today ...

Eyeseverywhere writes: "The entire Scooter Goon Squad is wrapped around Fifth and 48th reading INDYMEDIA from an internet phone booth. Everyone should come by and bring your video cameras. It's a beautiful sight to make your heart pound with pride." [Read More]

Meanwhile, another poster calling himself a policeman writes: "I am a law enforcement officer, howvever I want to thank all of the protesters who came to NYC to protest this absolute lying, disgraceful administration." [Read More]

True or not, the post was rated an "84" on the open wire-- the highest rating of an IMC newswire post ever.

more...  5 Comments

RNC protesters cite unhealthy jail conditions

Chris Strohm | About 1,400 people remained in jail in New York late Wednesday night after being arrested a day earlier during nonviolent civil disobedience protests against the Republican National Convention, an attorney with the National Lawyers Guild said. more...  15 Comments

Massive Sit-In at Union Square

Arrin Crowe | In talking with a friend today we discussed if it would be possible to create a massive sit-in at Union Square tomorrow night. They can arrest us in wsmall groups but would the NYPD arrest 5,000? Spread the word. more...  8 Comments

Aug.29 youth and student feeder march photos

Katie Orlinsky | more...  1 Comments

Unconfirmed: Judge Orders Release by 9 a.m. of A31 detainees

Rumor (Un) Control | more below. more...  13 Comments

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