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Police department of NY - 23-8-2004

saigon | Against Critical Mass more...  2 Comments

Bush's Words... The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

pkj | Absolutely brilliant Daily Show video. Aired last night Sept 1. Real Video more...  26 Comments

Sept. 2: Bush at Church of Our Savior later this AM

Abbie | Bush to appear at Roman Catholic Church of Our Savior, on E. 38th Street and Park Avenue at 11:00-11:30 this AM more...  7 Comments

undercover scooter cops belong to infamous unit who shot amadou diallo and other abuses

track | I have no doubt the detectives drawn for plainclothes scooter patrol were once part of the infamous Street Crimes Unit (since disbanded and folded into various other anti-crime units). The Street Crimes Unit was infamous for it's aggressive tactics, abuse, brutality, and racial profiling. Its most heinous "accomplishment" was the shooting death of Amadou Diallo with 41 bullets in the back back in 1999. more...  12 Comments

NYPD Blues the sorry truth, scooter patrol, and the SS (Secret Service)

Jay C. Sixen | more...  6 Comments

Bush's "keynote-speach" hours before he actually gives it.

ted... (hear it before it and now)) | Hear it now, before they change it... several hours before it actually happens. more...  3 Comments

IMPORTANT: 9:00am be at 60 Centre St room #130

habeus corpus | The writ of habeus corpus will go before the judge this morning. Legal counsel still being denied despite judge's ruling. more...  1 Comments

Bush's schedule for morning of 9/2/04

Bush schedule - appearance | Bush's schedule for morning of 9/2/04 more...  3 Comments

A31: Woman Knocked Down, Injured @ 49th & Broadway

SMG | Around 10:30 p.m. on A31, outside a Republican afterparty, a woman was knocked down and injured by an apparent Secret Service agent. The woman was eventually transported to hospital on a back board. more...  33 Comments

Axis of Eve - Media up the Arse!

RadiKelly KaPOWski | Today the Axis Of Eve "Mass Flash" was a bit of a perplexing situation for this lady. Minutes after the flash began, I made my way into the crowd from the subway.. after going through 5 or more layers of media, men and mustache cops with cameras smiling grimly.. I began to see that there was a problem. more...  7 Comments

Officer Fiore (#18371) & Officer Grumbs (#22356) please read this article

Criminal Cops | We know the cops have been seen huddled together reading IMC, so maybe they can stumble across this account. more...  8 Comments

Sept 2nd Indy: The Shadow Knows: Tales from Inside the RNCSept (Ist ecx

Pete Salame | I got up at 5 a.m. Aug. 28 and headed to the Sheraton at 53rd and 7th to pick up my convention volunteer I.D. and T-shirt. From 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. I amiably talked politics with various volunteers and staff. There's a lot to be learned from just talk, especially when you have the potential to make people reconsider their opinions about the grand old governme more...  4 Comments

Two Arrestees

Nick | Two different arrestees talk about how the police explained to them what was going to be allowed and then changed the rules. more...  2 Comments

Sept. 2 Indy: "This Is an Uprising": Thousands Throw Down in Direct Action Carnival; More Than 1,100 Arrested

Jed Brandt | Direct-action radicals took center stage Aug. 31 in dozens of roving protests throughout the city.Police said more than 1,100 people were arrested in actions that started at Wall Street and then spread across the city, from the “Shut-Up-a-Thon†at Fox News to the Man and Woman in Black Bloc walking the line against a Johnny Cash-themed GOP party on the Upper East Side. more...  2 Comments

Call for Video/Photo/Audio of Radical Cheerbloc during the RNC

RadiKelly KaPOWski | The NYC radical cheerleaders are eagerly seeking documentation of the large cheerbloc that has been happening since Critical Mass, during the March for Womens Lives, the UFPJ March and A30, Johnny Cash actions- PLEASE HELP! more...  0 Comments

Sept. 2 Indy: 'We're Disgusted With This Man': A Half-Million Marchers Say No to the RNC

Steven Wishnia | The marchers ranged from octogenarians to babies in strollers sheltered from the sun by "We Say No to the Bush Agenda" banners. They were united by one thing: disgust for the Bush administration policies on just about every issue, from abortion rights to xenophobia. more...  3 Comments

Ring of Fire (defend Johnny Cash protest)

Nick | Dressed In Black and Signing Ring of Fire, these music lovers reclaimed Johnny Cash from the Republican auction at Sotheby's across the street. more...  3 Comments

Video of protesters being arrested.

Jeff | Footage of protesters being arrested on the night of August 31. It was taken while riding on a bike. more...  5 Comments

Rude Mechanical Rocks the park

nick | after the big mach more...  4 Comments

Sept. 2 Indy: New York City Rises: The birth of a Movement led by people who live the issues

Suzy Subways | More than 52 New York City community-based organizations led by people of color and poor people marched on Madison Square Garden under the Still We Rise banner as the Republican National Convention began on Monday Aug. 30. more...  9 Comments

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