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Bush in church @ 38th & Park Ave 11:15 AM Thu

K.Rove | Bush is arriving at a church at 38th & Park Ave - protesters go greet him! more...  4 Comments

Barred From The Press

Stephen Bruckert | more...  3 Comments

Where was everyone last night?????

baadman | No protests in area of Garden Last Night??? Why???? more...  19 Comments

Christian Science Monitor breaks RNC police abuse story

nyetsoup4you | Surprisingly, the Christian Science Monitor is the first major media outlet to break the story on abusive NYC police tactics against RNC protesters. more...  4 Comments

Millionaire Billionaire March Photos

B.G. Johnson | Photos from the Million Billionaire March on Sunday. more...  3 Comments

Protest sign within 60' of Bush motorcade in Queens

Z | more...  5 Comments

Has the NYPD won?

Mr Splendid | more...  20 Comments

Tactics by Police Mute the Protesters, and Their Messages

Jay | New York police have developed a pre-emptive strike policy, cutting off demonstrations before they grow large. more...  17 Comments

Permitted Demo at MSG during King George's Coronation

votenowar | We have received a permit for this demonstration that will begin on Thursday, September 2 at 7 pm at 31st St. and 8th Avenue. The demonstration is the one event that will take place outside the Convention Hall at the very moment that Bush will be accepting the nomination. more...  2 Comments

Scenario at *current* Bush event

insider | Insiders at the Bush event tell us: between 37th and 39th, park avenue, near church there is light presence of thugs in blue who have been - under the color of law - denying people's right to peacefully assemble. easy for people to gather and affect the Bush Mass or disrupt it. more...  1 Comments

Photos of Start of UFPJ

B.G. Johnson | Photographs from the beginnings of the UFPJ. more...  0 Comments

Music to revolt by - GOP Go Home Radio on air now!

Sista Souljah | In support of the protests..Music to get you AMPED up for today the final day when Bush gets corronated. Music to listen to in between marching or following the news of the protests. more...  0 Comments

Bush in Midtown NOW

APOC | 9:30 - Reports that Bush is in Midtown church now, between Park and Lex Ave., around 40th Street. Snipers on top of buildings. more...  16 Comments

Photos from August 29 March

Nicole Marie | It may be a bit later than everyone else, but here is my contribution to the photo gallery. more...  0 Comments

Protest Warrior's last play

bax | Their last big "game plan" more...  25 Comments

still held at 100d center street

emma | Latest reports from jailed protesters. more...  4 Comments

Not words, not morale beliefs, but deeds and true realm will win the vote

Ghostwriter | Not who is the better commander is the question, but who tells the truth about going to war. Not who is a firm believer before god, but he who accepts in the responsability of his post, his very worldy post as pres. of the USA, greatest superpower of the earth(!) will earn satisfaction before god`s work. (photos from and more...  3 Comments

TONIGHT: Candlelight Vigil During Bush Speech

Andrea Buffa | While Bush makes his acceptance speech, 8 PM candlelight vigil in Union Square, for all the victims of Bush's policies past and future and to say Our Grief is NOT a Cry for War! (United for Peace and Justice) more...  2 Comments

Urgent Plea: While the RNC embraces 9/11, 4 million New Yorkers share a different perspective...

Ron Gassaway | Concerning the Zogby poll, I started thinking, if the RNC wants to focus on 9/11, then maybe someone covering the convention should represent the newly reported alternate view of roughly 4 million New Yorkers. So considering that Michael Moore is writing for USA Today this week (strange I know, but I believe his coverage has been good), maybe he should bring it up. Will he? I have no idea, but hell, I can send him an email anyway, and plea with him to address this. No harm done there. If you've got the time, maybe you should to. My personal letter follows. Moore's email is: more...  4 Comments

Act Up at the RNC Video from CNN and CBC

pkj | ActUP acted up at the RNC. Here is video from CNN and Canadian CBC. more...  9 Comments

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