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How to Gain Media Attention and Avoid Arrest

Duane Reede | Want to know how to avoid arrest of confinement? Look no further! more...  7 Comments

Protester Release Extraordinarily Slow; NLG "Wonders Why."

NYC-IMC | Reports from 100 Center Street note that protesters picked during the previous days events are being released very, very slowly. A reporter with Michigan IMC says that most protesters have been in jail for approx. 40-48 hours, since Tuesday night.

According to a representative with the National Lawyers Guild (NLG): "They're obviously holding people for over the 24 hour limt. Its now the day Bush is in town for the RNC, and we're wondering why the New York court system would contunue to hold people this long."

more...  29 Comments

Apparently Bush just left church

the0d0ra | more...  0 Comments

other thoughts on avoiding arrest

John | more...  4 Comments

Naming the Dead Action

tao | St. Mark's site of "NAMING THE DEAD" tonite. more...  1 Comments

A note on being read your rights

Matt | Some posts have mentioned that protesters haven't been read their Miranda rights. Unless they're being questioned, the police don't need to. more...  5 Comments

Mild-Mannered Labor Rally Against Bush; Central Labor Council Honors Pledge to Respect the RNC

NYC-IMC | Yesterday, after days of demonstrations and direct actions by radicals, bikers, anarchists, community groups, and ordinary New Yorkers, it was labor's turn to show its displeasure at the policies of the Bush administration.

In the morning, thousands of people formed a symbolic "unemployment line" and waved "pink slips" in the air. In the afternoon. thousands of labor activists jammed eigth avenue to rally outside of the RNC.

Nevertheless, more wide-scale labor disruption did not occur during the RNC. Indeed, it seems as if the lack of labor strife can largely be attributed to a deal struck by Bloomberg and the Central Labor Council of NYC in which unions agreed not to disrupt the convention, which runs from Aug. 30 through Sept. 2, despite Bush's overwhelmingly anti-labor policies.

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Central Booking Phone Problems

thehugoball | more...  1 Comments

100 Center Street

N | How can we help those still inside the tombs? What cam we do? I'm asking. more...  2 Comments

S2: Grand Central Protest

HammerHard | AIDS (news - web sites) activists protest in New York's Grand Central Station Thursday, Sept. 2, 2004, on the final day of the Republican National Convention. About 100 well-organized protesters gathered on a pre-arranged signal for a short, noisy demonstration during the morning rush hour, calling on the president to do more in the fight against AIDS. (AP Photo/Stuart Ramson) more...  2 Comments

More orange "freedom-fencing" is on the way

Wintertime in Newyork | has a pic of a whole pallet of plastic orange fencing in a brooklyn warehouse possibly on its way downtown more...  12 Comments

Some thoughts on avoiding arrest.

Ben | Some thoughts from a New Yorker who doesn't always follow the rules on how to do so without getting fucked. more...  18 Comments

Protest? What Protest?

miracle | Article from more...  14 Comments

Cheney speech last night

NV radical | more...  3 Comments

Corporate media getting the point?

sofiushka | more...  2 Comments

March on the Media - 2000 take to the streets to fight Corporate MEDIA

RadiKelly KaPOWski | Last night, roughly 2000 people gathered outside the national headquarters of CBS, CNN and Fox to say 'Seperate the Media from the State', 'We want control over our OWN information resources'. more...  4 Comments

Surveillance Camera Players perform Wilhelm Reich's "The Mass Psychology of Fascism"

Big Brother | Here is a pick-me-up for those frustrated by the police state. I found these guys use survaillance cameras around NYC to put on plays. Enjoy. more...  2 Comments

19 AIDS Activists Arrested in Grand Central at 8:05 this AM

AP | About 100 anti-Bush demonstrators staged a quick, loud and well-organized protest at Grand Central Terminal during the early morning rush hour today, unfurling banners that called on the president to do more to fight AIDS. more...  7 Comments

Arguments at the Massive March last Sunday

Daniesha Laquandria | An indymedia reporter questions conservative anti-demonstrators during the Big March on Sunday. more...  8 Comments

While You Were Out: News Roundup for Sept. 2

indymedia rocks2 | A helpful poster updates us on events in the world in additon to the chaos at the RNC.

AFL/CIO to knock on 1 million doors during Bush speech. Bush sues 527 that don't support him. Most firefighters back Kerry, NYC local supports Bush. Abu Ghraib in Afghanistan you never heard of.

more...  1 Comments

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