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"Alarming Garden security breaches"

nevercalm | we need more people in suits! more...  2 Comments

what happened to article rating system?

question | no more voting? more...  4 Comments

Union Square Tuesday Night

Media Mouse | A brief account of gatherings at Union Square tuesday night. more...  0 Comments

IMC webcams?

51st state | checked around on A29 and all nyc wecams (commercial / city) were not playing ball. more...  1 Comments

02:39 PM Jamie Moran of RNCnotwelcome just called the IMC

Gman | 02:39 PM Jamie Moran of RNCnotwelcome just called the IMC --- more...  8 Comments

Photos: August 31 Street Party March from Union Square

Media Mouse | A quick write-up and photos from the Union Square Street Party more...  2 Comments

Fountains of Blood

Katie Orlinsky | With Bush in New York City the fountains are running red water to symbolize the blood, murders and deaths people at home and all over the world have suffered at the hands of the Bush administration. more...  77 Comments

SEATTLE TIMES: Unseen on TV are peaceful protests

md | more...  2 Comments

Hit &Run at C.M. --Plate# 18369TW

give them a raise | This happened at Critical Mass last Friday. more...  4 Comments

Josh Banno Legal Update

Emrys | Action alert to contact media & New York government, update on Banno's case more...  5 Comments

Photos from August 31 4:00pm Gathering at Union Square

Media Mouse | Photos from the August 31 gathering at Union Square more...  1 Comments

BIKE RUN OVER at critical mass friday?

sleia | BIKE RUN OVER AT FRIDAYS CRITICAL MASS? more...  10 Comments

Vigil For the Fallen interview audio link

Freak Radio Santa Cruz/Skidmark Bob | Interview with Lisa Mastramico(journalist) and Herbie Harris (Vets for Peace)at Union Square at a vigil for the fallen in Iraq.Also talk with lisa about Code pink actions inside RNC. Live on Freak Radio Santa Cruz. more...  0 Comments

C-BLOC Direct Action on Wall Street

middle | This just in via IM from C-BLOC. Apperantly they've shut down some computers on Wall Street as part of their on going hacktivism in solidarity with the Anti-Bush protests. more...  5 Comments

Call for critical support at MSG: 10PM

the message collective | The message collective form Brooklyn is putting out a call to all activists to join in a slow line of message bearers passing the MSG at 10:30 PM to 11:30PM TONIGHT! more...  6 Comments

Indymedia mentioned in Daily News (RE: BB flag being "held hostage")

Daily News | more...  1 Comments

Guantanamo on the Hudson?

i'm' | more...  7 Comments

Union Square on Bush's inauguration day

Katie Orlinsky | Union Square Vigil for the Fallen and Veterans Against the War more...  6 Comments

Falun Gong Practitioners Dramatize Torture in Union Square Park

Media Mouse | Photos and a short write-up on a street theatre action in Union Square Park. more...  10 Comments

numbers to call to support prisoners

nycimc | call to demand release of detainees more...  6 Comments

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