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Infoshop News coverage of the RNC protests

Infoshop News | Infoshop News is providing ongoing coverage of the RNC protests as they wind down. more...  2 Comments


emergency | more...  10 Comments

589 arrests in Chicago 68

Kat - RiseUp | Far more arrests NYC 2004 than Chicago 68 more...  6 Comments

DOT shut down webcams

yossarion | more...  8 Comments

Haha! NYC to pay protestors! RNC makes a lot of 'hippies' rich!

RNC in your town | Couldn't make that up! more...  23 Comments


JT | An overarching strategy? more...  8 Comments


me | This is listed on eBay (looks like a scam) but the whole idea of a NYPD playbook makes me laugh. more...  3 Comments

A Capella Version Of Desert Rat's Teargas Anthem

marco | Sending solidarity to those who are still in Pier 57, by singing a song. more...  2 Comments

What's up in Times Square

mp | more...  6 Comments

Indymedia in CNN website

AP article on | more...  3 Comments

Anyone have audio from march on the media?

The Reaction | Does anyone have good audio from the march on the media last night? And if so, could you e-mail me the audio or tell me how to get a holf of it? Thanks. more...  1 Comments

Central Booking not answering the phone now?

Dan | more...  5 Comments

Regarding A-Noise caller & txtmob incitation

riot | New msgs more...  5 Comments

Police Questioning and Plea Bargains: Keeping It Safe in the Aftermath of RNC Protests

kirsten anderberg | Now that mass arrests and criminal injustice processing has begun in NYC from the RNC protests, I want to review a few legal things for everyone. I am not an attorney, I am not giving legal advice. I am giving practical advice based on personal experience and what I learned in law school. I want to make sure everyone understands what police questioning is, how plea bargains work, etc. I want people to know that ANYTHING you say *can and will* be used against you later. SO DO NOT TALK about ANYTHING but the weather once in custody. Police like to give arrestees an illusion of privacy so they will talk together while the cops tape record it, and then they use that in court against us later as evidence. There is NO expectation of privacy in a cop car, in a holding cell, in a jail cell, in a courtroom. Do not even think you are alone. They are tape recording EVERYTHING people. Basically, if you cannot LEAVE of your own volition, DO NOT TALK AND ASSUME YOU ARE BEING RECORDED. more...  12 Comments

Greens: McReynolds for Senate Supports Springsteen in Response to Boycott by Opponent

Mark HM IMC | Unlike my Conservative Party opponent for US Senate who has called for a boycott of the music of Bruce Springsteen, I welcome The Boss' involvement in the 2004 presidential debate. All Americans - including musicians - have a right to air their views in this important election. This is a critical time for our country and our world. Americans need to take the time to understand what is happening and why. Efforts like Vote for Change help in that education process. more...  2 Comments

Newsday front covers

Newsday pigs | Check out the (gag) spin put forth this week by Newsday NY more...  4 Comments

NYC lies regarding detainees (AP news report)

dwd | see link below for an article chock-full of lies from the city, including these gems: "Advocates have complained that those arrested have been held for too long, though Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said most had been going through the holding facility in about 90 minutes and asserted that no one was held longer than eight hours. The city's chief lawyer said in court Thursday that 524 anti-GOP protesters remain in custody even though fewer than two dozen were arrested the previous day. A legal aid lawyer told the court the figure was closer to 700. The bulk of the arrests this week were on Tuesday night." more...  19 Comments

Union Square 8pm candlelight convergence during Bush speech!

a voice for peace | more...  4 Comments

PDF - Writ of Habeas Corpus filed by NLG 9/1/04

National Lawyers Guild - RNC Legal | PDF of writ submitted by NLG demanding release of all detainees currently held at central booking for arrests reltaed to RNC protests more...  2 Comments

Protest Warriors – Calisthenics for Anti-Fascists

Anti-Fascist | more...  16 Comments

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