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Pataki: BinLaden didn`t bank on Bush

Ghostwriter | "pro growth system" "opportunity zones" "freedom of knowing" to bring hope and create jobs? If you can`t bank on Bushs insurences, listen to what pataki knew about opportunities, zones and freedom-fate-fortune stuff. my favourite quotes: "So President Bush moved him… (MOVED him?!?) Our American troops, our citizen soldiers and the Coalition of the Willing moved him. And soon a dictator who had used poison gas on his own people was found cowering in the earth. Some people have called this an abuse of power. I call it progress. (!!!?) furthermore... "On September 11th in New York we learned that in the hands of a monster, a box cutter is a weapon of mass destruction. " America did not choose this war. But we have a President who chooses to win it. "How I wished they had moved to protect us -- But - they - didn't - do -it. On September 11th Al Qaeda attacked again. But this time they made a terrible mistake. There’s one thing they didn’t bank on. They didn’t bank on George W. Bush. " finally the joking again: "You know, as Republicans we're lucky. This fall we're going to win one for the Gipper. But our opponents - they’re going lose one with the Flipper. " more...  4 Comments

party for the GOP

Peace via Cake | Fun with peace more...  10 Comments

9-11: Bush/Cheney Complicity FLIERS: they did this state terror & were UNELECTED, think what they will do if are ELECTED

repost | Bush/Cheney as the 2004 Republican Candidate = MASS FLIGHT from Republican Party of ALL TRUE CONSERVATIVES AND ALL LOVERS OF THE CONSTITUTION. Makes a great flier. Pass to Republican Delegates if you can. more...  7 Comments

RNC's last night

forgetforget | more...  10 Comments

For protesters at the RNC... Lord of the Rings: The Twin Towers

st01en collective | Dedicated to the RNC protesters: This sequel to The Fellowship of the Ring of Free Trade explores post-911 issues within Mordor (aka United States). more...  10 Comments

Riot Cops North of Herald Square

knowurrights | Riot Cops North of Herald Square @ 6th Avenue more...  7 Comments

Pictures of the sonic weapon

dwai | Sonic weapon more...  31 Comments

Picture of LRAD at Union Sq.

falconred | more...  15 Comments

What is "habeas corpus"? What is significance of NYC trampling it?

Sunflower | "Habeas corpus" is Latin for "you have the body". It is a Constitutional concept, meaning that if you arrest & detain someone, you have a certain amount of time to charge them, and that if you don't do so within that time, the person or people must be released. A eoman from the National Lawyers Guild in NYC stated that this period is 24 hours in the state and City of NY.

A writ of habeas corpus is presented to a court on behalf of a detainee or detainees. The writ issued by the National Lawyer's Guild to the City of NY, demanding the release of all RNC detainees, can be read here.

The City's excuse for violating habeas corpus was that it couldn't release people until the proper paperwork was done. As reported on indymedia, a NY Judge ordered the City to release hundreds of people because they had been held so long (24-30 or more hours), but the City has not been complying.

NYC is not the first city to ignore habeas corpus; indeed, it is a tactic, consciously executed, as part of a national trend toward fascism.

more...  8 Comments

cop watch 7th Ave. and 15th st.

Louie | At 8:00 pm - 20 - 30 plain clothes evil motorscooter cops all standing around on W 15th st just west of 7th ave. more...  3 Comments

Inside Pier 57

F | Best I could do from inside Pier 57 detention facility, also known as "Guantanamo on the Hudson." Taken about 7:30pm on August 31st. more...  11 Comments

Anarchism and the Propaganda Problem

ben_k | As I sit here writing this in the NYC-IMC convergence space after three days of nonstop protest chasing, I'm increasingly concerned about the apparent lack of effective propaganda distribution by anarchist groups. more...  22 Comments


Her | more...  3 Comments

Provocateurs in Black Bandanas at 30th/6th (description)

eyes | more...  21 Comments

LRAD - Long Range Acoustic Device (pics & science)

NYPD sux | pics & info more...  17 Comments

Right Now: BIKECOPS COMING TO Time Square

emergency | more...  8 Comments

Pictures From Union Square

Ron Brynaert | 3:00 at Union Square...Dubya speech day. more...  4 Comments

Outside of Pier 57 & it's Republican connections

Shame | Just thought you'd want to see what your temporary home looks like from the outside. (Also links to alleged asbestos & alleged Republican connections) more...  2 Comments

Judges getting angry

savitra | A judge has risen angrily to call out the PD. more...  14 Comments

Status on RNC arrests- Between 1780-1790 people

Bill Huston | I just spoke w/Sgt. Daugherty of the Deputy Commission on Public Information (646-610-6700, or fax: 646-610-8995) says that the total number of arrests is now 1780-1790. Numbers of felony arrests unknown. Presently (7:15pm Eastern) there is nobody "in process", but some are in "in court", i.e., in detainment awaiting arraignment before a judge. more...  5 Comments

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