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The Grim Reminder: video

pkj | 911 gave Bush the keys to kingdom. more...  4 Comments

Where are the protesters outside M. Sq. G.?

Daniesha Laquandria | C-Span is continually surveying the area, but not showing any signs of protests. more...  8 Comments

"President Bush, You Killed My Son! I dare you to tell me the Iraq war was justified!"

Jay Shaft | An interview with Sue Niederer, Military Families Speak Out member, whose son Lt. Seth Dvorin was killed in Iraq on February 3rd, 2004 more...  9 Comments

Well done to everyone!

Robyn's Hood | This week should serve as the model. more...  24 Comments

News is that the delegates are going to the Limelite Club

on the street | The delegates are going to the Limelite on 6th Ave at 28th St. Would you like to party with the delegates? of course you would. Have fun! more...  13 Comments

Mainstream press reports on release of protestors from little Guantanamo

crobar | more...  7 Comments

some quick (bad) photos of midtown march

joeldg | United for peace and justice march September 2nd NYC more...  2 Comments

Update from Midtown

Wha | more...  9 Comments

NYPD Found in Contempt fined $1000 PER PERSON

N | At approx. 7:30 pm Norman Seigel announced to those doing jail support at 100 Center st. that the Judge had found the city and the NYPD in CONTEMPT OF COURT for failing to release the 470 prisoners. more...  13 Comments

church vs state?

helaine | more...  8 Comments

Thank You New York

Chascat | more...  57 Comments

Freedom is on the March

resistall8 | more...  18 Comments

Fresh protest outside MSG at 23:00

Mark Sealey | New protest outside MSG more...  10 Comments


Sammy2 | Slash-and-burn celebrity biographer who revealed Sinatra's mother performed coathanger abortions and Lady Di was a pushover, is set to demolish Anti-Christ George W. Bush with Sept. 14 release of Bush Family biography. more...  41 Comments

protesters on the floor of the rnc

ns | more...  18 Comments

Bush interrupted by demonstrators!

chthonik | Bush interrupted by demonstrators?!? more...  27 Comments

What's next for the left in the post-anarchist era?

Miguel Estobal | The massive failure of anarchists to accomplish anything during the RNC this week despite more than a year of planning shows their organizing methods, tactics and theories are ineffective. Also the anarchists have failed to ever really work with the labor movement and in some cases have been openly hostile to it. more...  20 Comments


Botsie | It's the BIG night. more...  18 Comments

me and my TV.

forgetforget | more...  18 Comments

Zellot Miller Highlights Video 2 minutes

pkj | Democrat senator Zell Miller opened up a can of whoop ass at the RNC. Here's a two minute highlight reel. Is this where America is going? more...  4 Comments

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