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Clamor Music Festival in Brooklyn

Josh | New York is one of 32 cities participating in the one-day nationwide Clamor Music Festival: Saturday, February 28, 2004.

The Clamor Music Festival is intended to contrast with and protest against the cookie-cutter monoculture fed to us by corporate music venue and radio station monoliths. The Festival is an innovative approach to an old idea. Unlike other, centralized music festivals controlled by a small clique, the Clamor Music Festival is decentralized and organized locally. Because it's spread out horizontally, many more bands and people can participate. The Festival goes beyond music, uniting a wide range of independent media from across the country.

more...  3 Comments

Dean is Done … Does Edwards Stance on Trade Make Him the One For Progressive New Yorkers?

Change of Heart | Now, with the race down to two people—Kerry and Edwards—I’m looking at Edwards again. He may be the one progressive New Yorkers need to vote for this primary, largely due to his stance on global trade. more...  6 Comments

February 18 - March 9 INDYPENDENT

NY IMC | latest issue of THE INDYPENDENT more...  0 Comments

Bloomberg's 3rd Grade Testing Plan Sparks Uproar

John Tarleton | Critics of Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to impose high stakes testing on the City’s third graders are increasingly concerned that New York’s Smallest are being sacrificed to satisfy the mayor’s political agenda. more...  2 Comments

Feb27-29 Northeast Gathering for Autonomy

conspiriment | more...  1 Comments

Grassroots Media Conference 2-28 & 2-29

Andrew F - IndyMedia Sound Collective | Grassroots Media Conference Feb 28 & 29, New School more...  0 Comments - Defeating Crooked Capitalism | please forward more...  0 Comments


MCT | "HAS-BEEN BUSH" more...  3 Comments

Remembering F15- IMC archive

Raven | I'm sure many of you reading this remember F15 quite well, and won't be forgetting it anytime soon. With the RNC and DNC looming in the future, it'd do us well to look back through our archives and remember that day in more detail. The tactics and ideas that we used that day may well also be applicable to these upcoming events. more...  0 Comments

Solidarity with 'Timoney 3':activists from the 200 Philly RNC event

free camilo | March 8 Bluestockings Books, 172 Allen Street 7PM fundraiser$$$ more...  0 Comments

North Brooklyn Greens Host Open Forum with Green Party’s 2003 Candidates

Mark Borino | Event: Forum on Campaigns for Local Office and the Initiative and Referendum Process Date: Saturday, February 28, 2004 Time: 6:00 – 8:00 P.M. Invited: former Green Party candidates Gloria Mattera & Jerry Kann Location: Open Ground Address: 252 Grand St. (between Driggs & Roebling), Williamsburg, Brooklyn Contact: Mark Borino more...  1 Comments

Feb. 20: Kayhan Irani Performs at Rutgers for Immigrant Solidarity

New Jersey Solidarity | Kayhan Irani performs at Rutgers Fri. Feb. 20 for the Third National Day of Solidarity with Arab, Muslim and South Asian Immigrants! more...  0 Comments

A Visitor's Guide to NYC collective | A guide specifically designed for the upcoming RNC. more...  1 Comments

GOP asking to bring in thousands of armed soldiers to NYC to augment police for RNC convention.

j0hn | "The aim is to balance a high security presence - to ward off possible attacks and also handle potential protesters - with keeping the city running like normal, several officials said." more...  8 Comments


Yvonne Liu | Join us on Wednesday, February 18 at 7:30 pm at the Brecht Forum where we will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Zapatista uprising and the ramifications of their victory on autonomous struggles globally. more...  10 Comments

3/6/04 Release/Benefit Party For Political Prisoner Benjamin Persky!

Andy Stepanian | politcal prisoner benjamin persky, will be released this month and were gonna party like whoa! more...  3 Comments

The Smirk Has Not Been Wiped From the Chimp's Face.

Lloyd Hart | (Iran and Bush Regime's Pretext to War.) more...  5 Comments


woodsyowl | ENVIRONMENTAL GROUPS TO PROTEST KARL ROVE NYC VISIT OVER HANDLING OF 9/11 CLEAN-UP Wed. Feb. 18, 5 pm 27 W. 24 street more...  1 Comments

INCREASED CHATTER! Life of the Party -- W's Gag-Order/Bag-o-Bush


New Crimethinc 911 poster

N.M. | Excellent poster released by Crimethinc Ex-Workers' collective more...  1 Comments

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