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video from poor people's march (yet another repost)

lotus | short 2 minute video. more...  5 Comments

Protest Bloomberg?

Jack | more...  17 Comments

Mass Media Does Not Dissapoint After All

RNC-Watch 2008 | more...  7 Comments

Report police misconduct to the NYCLU!

RNC arrestee | Don't let them get away with their abuse of power. Tell the NYCLU your story. more...  5 Comments

Bloomberg's Office email address

petete | If you need/want to voice any complaints: more...  3 Comments

Bloomberg's Office email address

petete | If you need/want to voice any complaints: more...  6 Comments

Vancouver Solidarity with NYC

pkj | The revolution may not be televised....yet, but thanks to NYC Indymedia, A-Media, Democracy Now and other outlets, the message got out. The medium is the message? Then information is power. more...  1 Comments

Contact Bloomberg about linking protesters to terrorists!

sofiushka | more...  5 Comments

Bush’s Acceptance Speech: True Lies and Terror , Terror, Terror

Dave Lindorff | Bush offered up no surprises in his acceptance speech at the RNC, continued to pretend the invasion of Iraq was part of a War on Terror, and promised us more right-wing judges, more international military adventures, and a new attack on the foundation of Social Security. more...  4 Comments

Bloomberg ties protesters to terrorists

sofiushka | more...  8 Comments

The Battle of New York

Leslie Feinberg | Huge protests say NO Bush, NO war more...  8 Comments

This made my day

pieman | more...  17 Comments

Bloomberg called Protesters Terrorists: Demand his resignation now!

Finbar's Mom | In today's times, Bloomberg is quoted as saying that the anti Bush protesters are like the terrorists of 9/11. Call 311 (the city) and demand his resignation. more...  12 Comments

RNC's Over But Enron Is Not

marco | We still have our work cut out for us. Lets all watch the "LOTR" parody, empower ourselves and get right to it. We're not just fighting Bush, we're fighting En Ron Hubbard, Diboldly, the Heritick Foundation, and patRIOT acts I and II!!! more...  0 Comments

Indy Scooter-cop investigation

oak | Identify this cop more...  18 Comments

what's the deal with these Bellevue rumors?

bellevue? | more...  10 Comments

Now that the RNC is over, what are you going to do?

nyc imc | For many of us, this week was a long time coming. Now it's over. George Bush is still in power. The war still rages. The struggle continues. So tell us, What are your plans for the coming months? more...  90 Comments

If you want to give Bloomberg a piece of your mind...

radiohead | more...  5 Comments

help from food carts at 100 centre st. today

mary | help needed picking up containers and coolers from 100 centre st. more...  1 Comments

Angela Davis IS IN New York !!!!!!!

dogboy | more...  7 Comments

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