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NYPD Undercover Photos

indyrad | NYPD Undercovers more...  14 Comments

NYPD Press Release Lies About Pier 57

Jym Dyer | "Exaggerated claims and outright falsehoods." more...  11 Comments

A How To for all who want World Peace

milagre | more...  4 Comments

It Doesn't Have to Be This Way

madhatter | It Doesn't Have to Be This Wa more...  2 Comments

Was I Right to Harass Delegates?

jatrimar | Was I right to harass RNC delegates? Or would it have been better to try to debate with them? more...  34 Comments

Billionaire Highlights

B.G. Johnson | Some photos from the Million Billionaire March, dancing in Grand Central Station, and the Coronation Ball. more...  1 Comments

Dragons on Fire, Flames and Fire for the System

Millington Williamson | On August 29, a radical contingent called for by the Don’t Just Vote campaign participated in the massive march, estimated to include 400,000+ people, organized by United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) on the eve of the Republican National Convention in New York City. more...  6 Comments

Some RNC video clips from earlier in the week

whispered media | There are more clips to come over next few days. Also, please visit for more info, a blog and, eventually, an upcoming documentary about the RNC... more...  0 Comments

City's Fountains Flow Red Blood in Protest!

cmgb | please forward FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 2, 2004 City’s Fountains Flowing Red Today As Activists Dye City’s Fountains Blood Red In Protest As the RNC is underway this week in New York City, another Iraqi child is sure to lose her life at the hands of coalition forces. With more than 10,000 Iraqi civilian lives lost – many of them children – in the past year alone, the chances of another child’s death this week is almost certain. In memory of the innocent who have died since the US war on Iraq began, the fountains that adorn New York City’s parks, museums, and landmarks will flow with red dye today. The red represents the blood of the innocent -- the blood that is on the hands of the Bush administration and the GOP. For example, it is called murder when an explosive device is launched into a living room in Iraq and kills a child? Those of us who are concerned about death may ask ourselves, has this child been killed or murdered? The conventional “war on terror†logic would suggest the latter. When a political organization or a nation deliberately kills the innocent (they’re called precision weapons for a reason) in order to carry out a political objective, this is murder. For the United States Government, murder is the price of empire. Murder is the price of securing oil interests in a volatile region. The rising Iraqi death toll -- not to mention the 1,000 dead US soldiers (most of whom found their way to Iraq via poverty draft) – is precisely what $180 million dollars per day will pay for. Empire is not cheap, the Republicans remind us this week. Today, we remind the Republicans about the blood of Third World people who pay the ultimate price for US empire. We condemn the Republicans’ love of war. New York City’s fountains will flow red today. As delegates tour museums, parks, and historic landmarks, they will see red pouring brightly from the fountains at Washington Square Park, Union Square Park, the Metropolitan Museum, Lincoln Center, and many other locations throughout the City. Perhaps they will pause for a moment to think about the blood that is on their hands, on the hands of the president they put in office, and on the hands of all those who promulgate war on the people of the Third World. For those who oppose the Bush agenda, the red fountains remind us that this struggle goes beyond “anybody but Bush.†We stand in solidarity with those in Iraq and in the rest of the embattled Third World. By duplicating actions taken those in Latin American countries and in other Third World nations, we are working to practice this solidarity. They are struggling for true democracy, true self-determination over their futures, and true peace. For too long, our anti-war rhetoric has failed to make visible the people of Iraq. Today, the sight of their blood is unavoidable. more...  0 Comments

A31: Greeting Delegates at 33rd and Broadway

Media Mouse | more...  0 Comments

open letter to the mayor

chris habib | here's one. i sent it off this morning. i think we should all write something.... more...  6 Comments

WOID #XII-4. Absentee Ballots [XIII]: Inside the Belly of the Bully

Paul T Werner | In which our Rover Reporter infiltrates the RNC more...  1 Comments

Mainstream Media Stumbles Along ... But it Doesn't Matter

Chris Anderson | Media Analysis
It looked ready to be one of the defining moments of the 2004 Republican Convention. On August 31, outside the Herald Square studios of “Hardball With Chris Matthews†at the corner of 34th St. and 7th Avenue, protesters were massing to vent their rage at Republican delegates. The crowd surged forward, the NYPD pushed back, and sirens lit up the sky. Helicopters whirred. All this was barely visible outside over the shoulders of the Hardball anchors, and the sound of tumult pierced through the stage microphones. The face of Chris Matthews, the show’s host, had the slightly strained look of a man who was used to live TV but didn’t quite know what would happen next. As the Hardball cameras stood yards away from the massing demonstrators, the stage seemed set for an epic media spectacle, a “whole world is watching†moment for the 21st century. more...  43 Comments

Solidarity Vigil in Houston for NYC prisoners

Perica | In the rain on Thursday evening, supporters of the 8 Tejas Bloc protestors from Houston who were arrested and placed in captivity during the Republican National Convention gathered for a candelight vigil at the Harris County Republican Party. more...  2 Comments

Thanks to Those Who Made the Grand Central Action Happen

Philip Rose | more...  0 Comments

bike bloc kids

Megan | I'm trying to locate the bike bloc kids. more...  3 Comments

Photo of scooter cop in Daily News

surfin' | Just in case they take it offline, it's uploaded here. more...  2 Comments

9/2 march from Union Sq to MSG-best thing we did all week?

sindicalista | the march was exuberant, militant as hell, joyful, definat, and LOUD more...  22 Comments


pieman (aka aron kay) | GIVE BLOOMBERG HELL more...  0 Comments

video of self determination bloc (final repost)

lotus | short, 2 minute video of the self determination bloc (i.e. the green dragon bloc) more...  0 Comments

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