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Counter Convention Pictures

Ron Brynaert | Some pictures taken at Union Square and outside Madison Square Garden on September 2nd, 2004. more...  2 Comments

Report back from the Not Welcome Wagon

oak | Even though the effort was made with the worst of intentions, the far-right denizens of death, greed, and selfishness would not allow our ungifts to be delivered to Madison Square Garden. more...  1 Comments

Google News Anomalies

wwicko | Google news did not return any articles about the RNC protests until the RNC ended. Google does not carry Independent Media Centers reporting. more...  14 Comments

Now On to the Swing States to End the Spoiler Effect

Democracy needs Free Elections | This election we have been told Nader and others should not run. This is not democracy. A Free Election means we are free to vote our choice. more...  6 Comments

Thursday Protest Photos: Cops and Bushies

B.G. Johnson | Photographs of cops and Bush supporters on Thursday around NYC. more...  1 Comments

Self-Awareness Rally – Central Park

renegade | There is a self-awareness rally beginning in Central Park at 5pm. At the SE corner. more...  6 Comments

Bush Located – Direct Action Now

GetBush | more...  1 Comments

Media Blitz!!!

mediamad | A chance to make a difference with a humongous media opportunity. more...  5 Comments

Thursday Protest People Photos

B.G. Johnson | Photos of people at Thursday's permitted protest south of Madison Square Garden. more...  5 Comments

Bloomberg Gives NYC A Black Eye, Destroying Justification for Hosting RNC

NYC | By falsely arresting hundreds of people from all across the US, Bloomberg gave NYC a black eye, ruining the entire financial justification for hosting the RNC more...  7 Comments

Show Solidarity with Victims of Russian Massacre

NYer | more...  22 Comments

Why Mayor Bloomberg should resign.

Triumph | This is a copy of a letter I sent to Mayor Bloomberg's office detailing some of the reasons why I think the Mayor should resign his office. I welcome any comments. more...  5 Comments

Thursday Bush Protest Sign Photos

B.G. Johnson | Photos of signs at the permitted RNC protest rally Thursday night as Bush accepts the nomination. more...  5 Comments

Sept 2 Solidarity Vigil in Kent OH

sue jeffers | Solidarity Vigil held in Kent OH Sept. 2. more...  2 Comments

The crusty punkazation of the movement

zulah | Metal chain link pens, 15 feet high, with double gates and razor wire decorate the greasy slimy dark insides of an industrial pier building, bringing to mind reminiscent images of Guantanamo bay. this is not a military prison, but an old pier building on the hudson river converted into a holding compound for anti-RNC protestors. more...  2 Comments

Fear Factor: Political Use and Abuse of 9/11 in 2004

Solana Larsen | A free event with awesome speakers in NY on Wed, Sept 8, 7 pm more...  0 Comments

Massive NY march

José A. Cruz | Over 500,000 call for regime change more...  0 Comments

Letter To Bloomberg

William | Signed in blue ink and mailed. more...  7 Comments

Open the Duir

Dawn | A knock at the Duir... more...  6 Comments

Stop Killing Gay Lesbian & Trans People

Ember | NO MORE MURDER MUSIC, QUEER ACTION SEPT.3 @7pm more...  4 Comments

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