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Photoessay: Labor Rally on Wednesday

B.G. Johnson | Photos of the labor rally on Wednesday south of Madison Square Garden. more...  10 Comments

Protest Wrap-up in Salon

APOC | has an article today about the protests and police detention center. more...  3 Comments

Family Friendly Protest?

Gina Walker Fox | What happens when local democratic families decide to protest the RNC in NYC... more...  5 Comments

Anti rnc protest pictures

alex e | The beautiful, intelligent people who came together to protest the RNC in NYC more...  2 Comments


Botsie | Mayor Mike's Post-Convention Wrap-Up 9/3/04 more...  7 Comments

Counter convention protest pictures

Jeremy Branstad | Counter convention protest pics more...  3 Comments

Will the SS investigate real voter intimidation?

d.o. | SS is on the wrong track more...  6 Comments

Solidarity Banner Drop in Boston

Eri Ginsburg | Pirates Against Bush, a student activist group based in Boston, dropped banners and hung signs in their area as a show of solidarity with anti-RNC protesters on Thursday, September 2nd. more...  18 Comments

Bush Speaks !

GeorgeWBush | Text of President George Bush's speech as prepared for delivery Thursday at the Republican National Convention: (COURTESY OF MCCAIN’S ARMY) more...  6 Comments

It’s not just Bush – It’s the system! | Some good ideas in "Anybody But Bush" land more...  14 Comments

Video: Cops Take Down a Medic in Times Square - A29

Secret Shopper | Video of NYPD taking down a medic in Times Square, A29 more...  7 Comments

Photoessay: Cops and Media on Sunday

B.G. Johnson | Photos of the NYPD and the media during Sunday, August 29. more...  1 Comments

On Mayor Bloomberg

Amina | more...  2 Comments

Supprt the RNC 1800!

darpa | Especially if you were one who couldn't make it to NYC, whether because of work, family, or whether you were intimidated into silence, it is crucial that you support those who have gone to jail protesting the Rethuglicans. more...  7 Comments

Over 1000 released from jail

freebird | The Man released over 1000 of our comrades from behind bars. more...  7 Comments

the dangers of "anyone but bush"

direct democracy now | more...  29 Comments

The Indypendent September 2-15, 2004

NYC IMC Print | PDF file of the INDYPENDENT Sept. 2-15, 2004 more...  3 Comments

S2 Wrap Up: Insults and Champagne Glasses Fly as Republicans Stagger Out of Town

NYC-IMC | After months of preparation, thousands of arrests, and a week of non-stop protest, the 2004 RNC ended much like it began: with an unpermitted march through Manhattan and with Republican delegates fleeing under a hail of abuse. more...  27 Comments

A31 photos around Herald Square

Katie Orlinsky | Sometimes you just gotta get out of the pinche pens... more...  2 Comments

Housing Works Takes Grand Central

Suzy Subways | More than 200 activists from Housing Works, New York’s largest AIDS service organization, filled Grand Central Station during rush hour Thursday morning to counter the Bush campaign’s attempt to spin him as a “compassionate conservative.†more...  0 Comments

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