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Wrongly Convicted David Wong Appeal September 8th; video screening September 7, 7pm @ NYU Law (picture by Stefania Zamparelli)

Free David Wong! | Wrongly convicted Chinese immigrant David Wong's appeal will be heard in Albany, New York on Wednesday, September 8 and dozens of community supporters and activists are going to watch the appeal and pressure the courts to overturn his conviction. NYU Law students are hosting a special screening of a documentary video on the case on September 7 at 7pm. more...  0 Comments

9/1 Amphibious Protest Targets Central Park Boathouse Luncheon

Chuck Bell / Progressive News Network | Amphibious Direct Action Targets 9/1 Republican Luncheon at Central Park Boathouse, Shuts Down Lake for Remainder of Day A group of New York City artists appeared in several rowboats on the lake at the Central Park Boathouse in New York City on Wednesday, September 1 to protest Republican economic policies. The amphibious direct action targeted an exclusive Republican luncheon event for House Majority Leader Denny Hastert's wife. more...  9 Comments

Independent Media at the RNC and Beyond

Tod VG | more...  0 Comments

Call for Cyclists Arrested around the Week of the RNC

mouse. | During the RNC/BNC, the NYPD has targeted cyclists and made nearly 400 bicycle related arrests. They’ve confiscated even more bicycles, in some cases cutting bike locks and taking bicycles that were purportedly ridden by "protestors". On Sunday, August 29th, without prior notification and without providing justification, the NYPD instituted a "bike-frozen zone" between 34th St. and 59th St., west of 6th Avenue. Our confiscated bikes are being held in a facility in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and many of them are not scheduled to be released until our court dates, in some cases months from now. more...  0 Comments

Correction: Goldman Sachs Conference Sept 10 -- Park Plaza

redeye | more...  0 Comments


lunacy | cops in nyc more...  7 Comments

Defendants Alert

NYC- People's Law Collective | We strongly advise people who were arrested to avoid posting details of their arrest until they have had their situation reviewed by their lawyer. If they do not currently have a lawyer, they could call the NLG at 212/679-6018. We do want all arrest information and photos/videos directed to NLG for people who seek legal assistance. more...  12 Comments

Building Bridges Radio- N.Y. Labor Protests Bush and the RNC


Democrats, Anti-Bushism, and Civil Liberties

Glorious Revolutionary Federation of Fortune 500 Killers | more...  0 Comments

VIDEO From Inside Pier 57

Emmanuel Goldstein | This is a continuation of the pictures being taken while hidden in the porta-pottie at Pier 57. Only this time it's video. more...  7 Comments

Images: Eyes Wide Open

fred askew | Eyes Wide Open more...  1 Comments

FBI denies quick release of Bush's file

Michael Petrelis | F.B.I. Denies Fast-Track Release of Bush and Cheney's Files more...  5 Comments

New RNC archive

Chuck Munson | has set up a new digital archive of links and materials relating to the recent RNC protests in New York City. more...  0 Comments

RNC video meeting tonight!

brad | come and participate in creating a video about the RNC invasion and expulsion from NYC more...  1 Comments

Photos of Plain Cloths Cops BEFORE they drove the Scooters into the Crowd

1Planet1People | Here are pictures from the march where the plain clothed cops rode the scooters into the crowd. more...  13 Comments

photos from "defend the honor of Jonney Cash"

Yoni H. Mishal | Aug 31, york and 71 St. "defend the honor of Jonney cash" outside Sotheby's more...  1 Comments

Remember Retail Workers on Labor Day

IWW IU/660 | Today is Labor Day in the United States (of course the authentic workers’ holiday is May 1). What does “Labor†mean though to most Americans? more...  2 Comments

Boycott of Fuji Film Grows

Camera Person | They supplied the orwellian blimp advertising productt as dissent is stifled send them an email encourage others to boycott tthem more...  11 Comments

Anti-racism and Jamal Holiday

Virabhadrasana | more...  15 Comments

Protester Demands Completely Reasonable

James Trimarco | Despite all the smear campaigns and the misunderstandings between enraged protesters and delegates/passers-by, most protesters were asking for very reasonable changes like more money for education. more...  10 Comments

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