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bodyhammer self defense for RNC

rabelais | download text-white overalls protective tactics for protestors more...  4 Comments

Images: Kucinich benefit

fred askew | Art and music benefit for Dennis Kucinich more...  2 Comments

Courting Neo-fascism with Ralph

Daniel Shays | Another four years of the Bush regime? Not on your life. If we have to take Ralph down in the effort to save this land from the neo-con fundamentalists, so be it. more...  11 Comments

Images: Billionaires for Bush

fred askew | Billionaires welcome Karl Rove more...  0 Comments

Sex and the City, the Most Racist Show on TV, Comes to an End

HB-Ho | Everyone on the show is rich or lily white or both, there are no dangerous looking “colored” or poor people lurking in the background, there are no working class, outer-borough two family homes, and everyone spends all their time shopping for shoes rather than working. Has a poor black, brown, or yellow person (the mast majority of the people living in New York) ever stumbled across the Sex and the City celluloid frame? more...  8 Comments

New short film: "Colombians Speak Out"

tomdriver | Courageous Colombians speak out about violence, misery, and U.S. policy. more...  0 Comments

Nader to Run; New Yorkers Sound Off

IMC | Ralph Nader announced today that he would run for President this year, ignoring the advice of many progressives who urged him to abandon his canidacy and concentrate on defeating George W. Bush. Nader told "Meet the Press" that Washington has become "corporate occupied territory."

New York IMC readers have had many opinions about a Nader canidacy. Weigh in with your thoughts.

In the 2000 election, Nader captured 223,547 votes, or 4% of the total, in New York State.

[Read Meet the Press Transcript] | [Did Nader Cost Gore in 2000?]

more...  4 Comments

Nader jumps in to race | " WASHINGTON - Consumer advocate Ralph Nader told NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday he will run again for the presidency, declaring that Washington has become “corporate occupied territory” and arguing there is too little difference between the Democratic and Republican parties." more...  36 Comments

Climate Hoax!

Will Eon | Climate change over the next 20 years could result in a global catastrophe costing billions of lives in natural disasters and famine if nothing is done about it. Eon’s report warns that major European cities, such as Venice and Amsterdam will be sunk under the sea as Europe is roasted by a 'Tropical' climate by 2020. more...  2 Comments

78 year old woman faced with eviction

Ira Manhoff | 78 year old woman facing eviction over pets she has had for over 10 years more...  0 Comments

Epicure World Foods Files Lawsuit Against DEBNA

Ira Manhoff | Small neighborhood store targeted by Pro-gentrifaction Block Association more...  0 Comments

Artists Launch Resistance to Republican Convention

Michael | On Monday, February 23rd at 7pm, several creators will showcase their artistic counter-messages to the RNC as a part of 16 Beaver Group's "Monday Nights" series. more...  0 Comments

A Note to My Dem Friends on the Presidential Campaign

Don DeBar | A reply to a Dem friend who demands that Nader and other progressives take a back seat to Kerry in order to dump Bush more...  6 Comments

The DNC: To Protest or Not to Protest

Pete Stid |

      A number of local and national groups are organizing large demonstrations against the Democratic National Convention, yet many people are asking why. “Shouldn’t we be supporting anyone who can replace Bush?” they ask. Some nti-authoritarians disagree with protesting the DNC because they believe that such an act would appear to be a demand for better candidates, thus going against their message that any leader is illegitamate. Others seem to answer any political activism call with, “What the hell difference will it make?” In the same way that all of these statements show a divided and unorganized movement for change, they also show the potential for a unified movement, and a singular goal. An ideal “teaching moment” for a new direction towards direct democracy is presented to us all this July at the DNC. The message should be “change the system” not “regime change”. It is time to begin dismantling the centralization of power in the hands of the Republicans and the Democrats.

more...  5 Comments


*CRAP Media | Face of Death: A Presidential Portrait more...  2 Comments


GANGBOX: CONSTRUCTION WORKERS NEWS SERVICE | A SCAB GROWS IN BROOKLYN...government subsidies, company unionism and exploitation of immigrant labor in the Brooklyn residential construction sector more...  0 Comments

Mainstream Media U.S. Casualty Reports Just Don't Add Up (big animated gif and text)

*CRAP Media | WHICH IS IT, GEORGE? What are the real numbers? more...  2 Comments

Anarchy in NYC

Parsons | Website recommendation. more...  10 Comments

911 Coverup - Tonight at 7:00 Meetup with others about it

NY 911 Truth Alliance | Tonight is our Monthly Evening Meeting - Meetup with other New Yorkers who have concerns about the still unanswered questions of 9/11 more...  4 Comments

Grand Jury Refuses to Indict NYPD Cop For Rooftop Shooting

TBWT | (from The Black World Today) On Tuesday, a grand jury took a little over an half hour to decide not to indict Housing Officer Richard S. Neri, Jr., who shot the unarmed black teenager Jan. 24 on the rooftop of a housing complex in Bedford-Stuyvesant.  According to sources close to the case, Neri, who is white, told the grand jury that it was an accident. [Also See TBWT Coverage] more...  10 Comments

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