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"I Still Love H.E.R. - A Hip-Hop-U-Mentary" performance sept.9-11

askia egashira | more...  1 Comments

The Two Party Criminal Justice System

kirsten anderberg | The criminal “justice†system in America is a two party system. In the criminal system, you will be probably be abused by prosecutors and not get decent help from a public defender. And no, there is nowhere else for you to turn. Just like this year’s elections. more...  4 Comments

AFP Article on Media Protest

Nick | I gave the author a tour of the IMC and got a quote in. more...  1 Comments

Support for Jamal Holiday

Signalfire | Here's a preliminary website for people interested in supporting Jamal Holiday, locked up and accused with assault after the police attacked the Poor People's March at the RNC, August 30 more...  8 Comments

NYCLU seeks to fill three new attorney positions

maggie gram | The New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU), which is the New York State affiliate of the ACLU, is seeking applicants for two (2) newly created staff-attorney positions in its New York City office. The attorneys hired into these positions will work on a range of civil-liberties litigation and advocacy, but the NYCLU is particularly interested in expanding its work in the areas of criminal justice, immigration, education, and race and poverty. People of color, women, people with disabilities, and lesbians and gay men are encouraged to apply. more...  0 Comments

Maybe Now We're the Silent Majority

Dave Lindorff | The Bush administration’s campaign to equate criticism of the president with treason or disloyalty, and to harass and intimidate dissenters may be scaring much of the public into silence. If so, he may be in for a big surprise on November 2: Revenge of the silenced. more...  5 Comments

1000 Dead Vigil

Diane Greene Lent | Sept. 9: As the 1000 mark was passed for US troops killed in Iraq, the peace movement came out for over 600 vigils around the United States. more...  2 Comments

Judge lifts contempt order against city but orders new hearing

reader | Judge lifts contempt order against city but orders new hearing more...  4 Comments

TONIGHT Independent Media at the RNC and Beyond

Tod VG | more...  0 Comments

Pier 57 Leased by Republican Nat'l Committee?

Maui News | A young girl visiting NYC during the time of the Republican National Convention, NOT a protester, gets thrown into a makeshift GITMO! more...  17 Comments

Alternative Remembrances of September 11 in NYC and Elsewhere

Global Indymedia | (from Global Indymedia)The dictum "Remember 9/11" has been emblazoned across t-shirts, signs and bumperstickers across the U.S, ever since the horrific day in which four airplanes were hijacked and thousands of U.S. civilians were killed. While September 11 may be nearly impossible to forget, the right-wing in the U.S. has seemingly dominated the significance of that memory, equating it with the imperative to invade and occupy other countries, and to maim, torture and kill civilians abroad.

On September 11, 2004, actions will be held in various cities in the U.S., resisting the notion that the memory of September 11 legitimizes State-led and corporate-sponsored terror.

"Alternative remembrances" and a Day of Resistance will be held throughout the U.S. this Saturday, with actions taking place in Austin, Buffalo, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle and elsewhere.

Click Read more below for a summary of the day's events.

Related sites: Interfaith Communities United for Peace and Justice | MotherSpeak | September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows

more...  6 Comments

State Judge REFUSES to Dismiss Contempt Charges

FROM NYTIMES | A state court judge in Manhattan, unmoved by irate objections from lawyers for New York City, declined yesterday to dismiss contempt proceedings against the city for holding protesters too long during the Republican National Convention. more...  2 Comments

Judge Lifts Contempt Charge For Holding Protestors Too Long

New York 1 News | A judge who cited the city for contempt for holding arrested protestors too long during the Republican National Convention lifted the charge Thursday. more...  1 Comments

Rude Mechanical Orchestra seeking photos of police destruction of instruments

Rude Mechanical Orchestra | The Rude Mechanical Orchestra seeks photos of police mishandling and destruction of some bandmembers' instruments, namely the sousaphone, bass drum, and flute which were thrown to the ground and left in a pile of trash, and the trombone that was willfully destroyed by a police officer, on 16th St between Irving and 4th on the evening of August 31st. more...  12 Comments

Fujifilm corporate response to boycott

Sybil Liberties | I can't think of more PROOF of the emerging corporate police state & media. The blimp is the perfect symbol of this. Your gov't is spying on you. Companies are spying on you. Your credit card and shopping card are spying on you. "Fujifilm Blimp has hosted security activities coordinated by local, State and Federal law enforcement agencies in the U.S. The presence of blimps over major events and public gatherings in metropolitan areas make them ideally suited to these security efforts." more...  22 Comments

to the next stage of resistance (account of the rnc protests)

gypsy warrior | here's one nomad's view of how the week's protests went down..... more...  4 Comments

Please help remember the 9-11 Victims (Videos)

Mad Studios | Sometimes in the heat of the discourse, the fact that both liberals and conservatives jumped to their deaths on September 11, 2001 is missed. more...  0 Comments

9/11 candelight vigils tonight 9pm

track | (more) more...  0 Comments

Voice Of the Flawed Thought Process

Paul Caraccio | My humble response to some disturbing comments from the New York Daily News' "Voice of the People" more...  4 Comments

200+ Photos From The Streets During RNC

brandon constant | More than 200 photos from the streets of NYC during the Republican National Convention. Includes images from: A28 March for Women's Lives, WTC RingOut A29 UFPJ March, Bike Bloc Arrests, Union Square, Great Lawn A30 Still We Rise March S2 Union Square, Prisoner Release @The Tombs, Vigil, ANSWER Rally @MSG more...  3 Comments

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