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At Ground Zero, a story still has no ending

Delia M. Rios | Twin beams of light form the "Tribute in Light" at the World Trade Center site on the second anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in New York. more...  3 Comments

Hearing on protestors set for Sept. 27

Karen Freifeld | Hearing on protestors set more...  3 Comments

Images from UFPJ March in NYC - August 29, 2004

Augustus X Augustus | More Images from NYC, RNC, and the UFPJ March more...  0 Comments

Legal "Support" for Protestors

Pablo | Legal support for civil liberties and protestors must improve. No one should be counseled to in effect admit wrong-doing and take an ACD thereby risking reopening their case in the event of future arrest and reducing the likelihood of success in a civil suit. False arrest should not result in admissions of guilt or risks being assumed of any sort. more...  19 Comments

Three Years After 9/11: Nothing Has Changed

Dave Lindorff | People, following 9/11, were saying ad nauseum that "Everything is Different," but three years later, everything, from America's imperialist aspirations to the presidential campaign, looks depressingly familiar. more...  3 Comments

A Different September 11: POESIA 100%

Ram Devineni | Poetry Reading by American and Chilean poets Ariel Dorfman, Martin Espada, Pulitzer Prize winner Yusef Komunyakaa, Raul Zurita, Cecilia Vicuna, Willie Perdomo and Casagrande poet Cristobal Bianchi. more...  0 Comments

NY Media "Reconsider," Call Pier 57 Detainees "Whiners"

segmentis | The backlash begins. more...  13 Comments

Celebrate 9-11 anniversary the right way: IDENTIFY WHO SHOULD BE IMPEACHED & WHY

repost! | TONS OF SUMMARY CARDS AVAILABLE AT BELOW LINKS. Please share this information with someone new, on this third anniversary of 9-11. Impeach all of them. And here's why. Because they are spades the whole lot of them. They all joined the domestic state terror mass murderer Club on 9-11 (the King of Clubs Cheney). They are all murders and traitors. --- If you value your country, I urge any loyal military officers to do what they can, organize, and plan towards arresting for court-martial the whole man Jack of them. --- The entire world knows knows about their crimes now. There is no where to hide anymore. --- Download 50 minute documentary on 9-11 made of only video the corporate news networks have hidden from you about 9-11. You can download the film IN PLANE SITE for free, now at below link. more...  0 Comments

Four of sixteen photographs from the RNC

miasmic | more...  2 Comments

Four of sixteen documentary photographs from the RNC

miasmic | more...  0 Comments

Read what PBS/NPR has to say about 9/11 Anniversary

Botsie | READ THEIR THOUGHTLESS "REMARK." more...  3 Comments

Nets are for catching animals not people!

TAKS 1 | Why isn't this a bigger issue? more...  16 Comments

Photos from the RNC NYC 2004 Protests

Phil Weinstein | Links to photo sets / slide shows from various RNC 2004 Protests. Photos by Phil Weinstein, Boulder CO. more...  0 Comments

Philly RNC2004 Defendants and Allies Meeting and LIst

Sam | Information on the next Philly RNC defendants meeting and our *low volume* listserve. The meeting and listserve is open to defendants, their supporters, allies, families and friends. more...  0 Comments

More about Fuji film and the convention

beth kessler | more...  10 Comments

THE COST OF THE WAR IN IRAQ — Homepage EMBEDABLE COUNTER — + 3 Important Websites!

Joseph Anderson, Berkeley, CA | Now that over 1,000 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq and about 7,000 maimed and seriously wounded there — American soldiers who have killed about 15 *TIMES* that many Iraqis and maimed and wounded perhaps 10's of 1,000's of Iraqis — it's time to post this again. This was first posted by me, JA, July 25, 2003 (just a little over a year ago): more...  4 Comments

Gimme that camera!

bo | RNC Mass Defense needs photos, videos and witness contact information! more...  0 Comments

Non-US Citizens Arrested

1Planet1People | This is a question instead of a report. I know many non-citizens were rounded up during the protests, many of them mere tourists in the wrong place at the wrong time. Does anyone know what happened to them? Were they released? I saw a video with a French woman who spoke little English. I can't help but thinking about her and wandering if she got out safely. more...  3 Comments

NYC Demonstrator Prison Bought and Paid For by RNC

Me | It now has come to light the Republican National Committee - NOT the City of New York - leased the Pier 57 facility and arranged for its use as a prison for peaceful demonstrators unlawfully rounded up by police. The parents of one illegally detained demonstrator made the discovery after checking with the NYPD to find out who was managing Pier 57, and was told the Certificate of Occupancy and Fire Safety Inspection Certificate were issued to the Republican National Committee. more...  22 Comments

One Hearing, Three Headlines: NYC Media Drops Ball on RNC Arestee Case

Chris Anderson | Protesters (and the hundreds of ordinary folks) arrested during the Republican Convention last week can be excused for feeling confused when they looked at the New York media this morning.

There were at least three different summaries of Thursday's hearing, during which State Supreme Court Justice John Cataldo ruled on the status of his order holding the City of New York in contempt of court for keeping prisoners in jail for too long.

"Judge Lifts Contempt Charge For Holding Protestors Too Long," said NY1.

"Judge Keeps City on Notice Over Convention Protest Arrests,", wrote the Times.

It was Newsday that provided the most accurate reporting on the hearing. "Judge Lifts Contempt Order Against City but Orders New Hearing," read the headline. At last, clarity ... sort of. "A judge who cited the city for contempt last week for disobeying his order to free hundreds of jailed Republican National Convention protesters lifted the charge Thursday but scheduled another hearing on whether to reinstate it."

more...  4 Comments

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