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Jihad in Difficulty

Monsoor | more...  15 Comments

Más que 500,000 protestan en contra de Bush en Nueva York

Lucha y Resiste | El 29 de Agosto, más de 500,000 personas protestaron en contra de George W. Bush en Nueva York, el día antes de que empezara la Convención Nacional Republicana, en la cual Bush iba a oficialmente ser nominado como candidato para la elección presidencial en noviembre. La protesta fue la más grande en contra de una convención política en la historia del país. Las protestas seguían en toda la semana de la Convención Republicana. more...  2 Comments

Why I threw bottles at the police during the RNC

Eric Blair | An explanation of violevce at protests and life. This is not to promote it but to express feelings and thoughts of mine. more...  30 Comments

Starhawk's Reportback on the RNC

Starhawk | For five days, while the Republicans met in New York City they were met with massive resistance, with every form of nonviolent protest imaginable—from huge, permitted marches to small, breakaway marches, from confrontations at their parties to disruptions of their speeches, from street theater to blockades, from conferences to parties in the park, from parody to poetry to mass direct action. In spite of vicious campaigns of disinformation and propaganda directed against protestors, we were met with overwhelming support from ordinary people and even with sympathy from many of the cops and guards. In spite of massive pre-emptive arrests, we continued to fill the streets. We came as close as we’ve come yet to a mass, popular uprising. The connections and trust between various groups are stronger now than they were when we started. We overcame fear, and showed at least a glimpse of the world we want to create. more...  11 Comments

9/11 Plus 3: The Trail Goes Cold while the War Heats Up

Mark Dunlea | (from the Open Newswire): I drove to New York City for a friend's wedding the Saturday after September 11.

I stared in disbelief at the smoke rising from the ashes of the World Trade Center as I crossed the George Washington bridge.

I am still haunted by the images of people hurtling to their deaths, flying down the outside of the Tower to escape some worse fate inside. From watching the towers slowly ride their way into the ground over and over again, killing at that point an unknown thousands of individuals.

more...  9 Comments


Zalala | CHECK YOUR LOCAL LISTINGS! New Documentary Challenges Basic Notion of"Disabilities" "Freedom Machines" Showcases "Enabling" Technologies - and Takes Aim at Barriers that Limit their Use--narrated by The Station Agent star, Peter Dinklage,"Freedom Machines" has its broadcast premiere Tuesday, September 14, on PBS’ P.O.V.SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- "Leave your misconceptions and low expectations at the door." more...  0 Comments

Notes on What is to Be Done

a lighter shade of red | Some thoughts on the tasks of revolutionary social movements more...  5 Comments

screen your RNC week footage at filmlab tonight!

filmlab | filmlab, a weekly screening of independent film and video, focuses this week on RNC week video. more...  3 Comments

Re-posting of audio from S2 with NLG on the arrests

A | Legal status of those while detained more...  1 Comments

RNC Video

1Planet1People | Here is a video from the RNC. more...  2 Comments

Creeping fascism post 911

Signs | America, wake up. Hitler told the German people that they would have to "give up a few of your rights that we can fight the enemy." That's what Ashcroft said, about the misnamed PATRIOT ACT. Wake up, America. The American flag that proudly waves by MY front gate and is on the back window of MY car...doesn't seem to be the same American flag that the Republican Party is waving. more...  3 Comments

Pier 57 Press Conference, Demonstration

Gregg | more...  8 Comments

LA IMC Report on Republican National Convention

builder123 | Report from Los Angeles IMC This is What Democracy Looks Like Republican National Convention – New York City Convergence on Manhattan by those opposed to Bush was widespread, peaceful and unfortunately harassed by a politicized NYPD. more...  6 Comments

Write Bloomberg A Letter Suggesting Resignation

bloombergsucks | Bloomberg thinks writing letters are an effective way to incite change, so maybe we should write to Bloomberg and Pataki (and maybe other city council members) to express our discontent with his unacceptable treatment,trivialization, and demonization of protesters during the RNC. more...  6 Comments

RNC Arrestees

Megan | Join the listserve! more...  16 Comments

Moving beyond our losses on 9/11

Patricia Quigley and Susan Retik | more...  3 Comments

A little perspective

concerned protestor | more...  17 Comments

Sixth Sense About Bush

Ron Brynaert | A photo taken on August 29th, 2004 more...  14 Comments

Wireless World: Troubling gaps in 'e-911'

Gene Koprowski | This is an expose on the problems of 911 on mobile phones. more...  4 Comments


NICOLE GELINAS | more...  4 Comments

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