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Let Loose and Party with the Photo Team!

Rine and the NYC Photo Team | Radical, Awesome IMC Photographers Throw Big Huge Fun Casual Post-RNC Bash- Not To Raise Any Money For Anyone! more...  2 Comments

local tv report on rnc arrest controversy

crotona | on wnbc-tv 9/14/04. more...  5 Comments

RNC Law Journal Article

Miriam Tauber | RNC Law Journal Article more...  8 Comments

Clash of Civilizations: An RNC Report from left turn magazine

Left Turn magazine | It's very difficult to write up a summary of the literally hundreds of events that took place in the run up and during the Republican National Convention (RNC) here in New York City. In many respects the mobilization exceeded my expectations-not so much in the size of the street protests but in the diversity and creativity of actions spanning all forms from poetry to banner drops to flash mobs to street theater. more...  8 Comments

A Detailed Account of 8/31, Pier 57, and the Tombs

Emmanuel Goldstein | more...  8 Comments

A31 RNC B&W Photos Vol. 2

Chris Lee | more...  6 Comments

A31 RNC B&W Photos

Chris Lee | more...  1 Comments

About that Missing and Misspent $87 Billion: Kerry Was Right to Vote No

Dave Lindorff | Most of the money was supposedly “for the troops†but reports from the front of shortages of everything from bullets to bullet-proof vests suggest it was shifted elsewhere, while the $18 billion designated for rebuilding Iraq is, for the most part, AWOL. Instead of explaining his vote, Kerry should be blasting the Bush administration for corruption and incompetence in misusing the money. more...  2 Comments

sep 11-remembered in ireland (+NYC RCN feedback)-audio

dunk-imc ireland | Remembering the dead of the war without end- NYC-Afghanistan-Iraq Remembering the dead, defending the living!* die in at U.S. Embassy+ NYC RCN feedback more...  1 Comments

Bush in NYC Next Week

Downtowner | more...  11 Comments

RNC Protest Street Photography

Darkroomdave | Photos of RNC protests more...  2 Comments

Columbus Circle 9/9

A.h. Krales | Photos taken at candle light vigil at columbus circle on the day that the reported death count for American soldiers in Iraq reached 1,000. more...  3 Comments

photos from various RNC protests | Photos of protests sun-thurs more...  3 Comments

“Gitmo on the Hudson†IMC Reporter's Account

Jeff Paterson | “Guantanamo on the Hudsonâ€: Over 1,800 suspected protesters were swept from NYC streets during the Republican National Convention. Many were “disappeared†for up to 24 hours at Pier 57, a bus maintenance facility converted into an urban detention camp. Ambushed by NYPD pre-crime enforcement. Part II - A first hand account. more...  18 Comments

No Draft No Way Organizing Meeting

dustin langley | We must begin NOW to build a movement to stop the draft before it starts. more...  13 Comments

Election Special: News From the Neighborhood

City Limits | (from / City Limits): Community newspaper and freelance reporters from around the city offer the inside scoop on the Sept. 14 primary.

State legislative primaries are this Tuesday, and there is both not much and a lot at stake. Not much because turnout is expected to be low and most incumbents are not facing serious challenges. And a lot because New York State currently has, according to the Brennan Center for Justice, the most dysfunctional state legislature in the nation--making every possibility for positive change a precious one. We've turned to community newspaper and freelance reporters for the view from the neighborhoods [Read More]

more...  0 Comments

Images: Protesting the UN's inaction in Sudan

fred askew | Activists rally outside the UN to protest the slavery, rape and genocide in Sudan. With more than 50,000 dead and millions of refugees fleeing their homes many believe the situation in Sudan is the first genocide of the 21st century. Speakers condemned the UN, and Kofi Annan in particular, for their pitiful silence and failure to uphold one of the UN's founding principles of "Never Again." more...  25 Comments

Spending the RNC with Wellstone & Whales

Gabriel Thompson | more...  2 Comments

A March to Irrelevance

Matt Taibbi | Great article about the RNC protests. more...  18 Comments



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