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Who is the Media?

Joaquin Perez | RNC Protest--August 29, 2004 more...  4 Comments

Help Build the Million Worker March

antiwar4themillionworkermarch | This fall there is an historic opportunity to unite the antiwar movement with the struggle of working people. This is a rare opportunity that antiwar activists can't afford to pass up. more...  6 Comments

Man Sought in Bush Threat

# | (from Newsday) "Authorities were searching Monday night for an upstate man and a car registered in his name after finding possible threats against the president in his home, police sources said." more...  24 Comments

Puerto Rican Independence Anniversary

Juan Antonio Ocasio Rivera | As Puerto Rico nears the date of its gubernatorial election, it also marks the 136th Anniversary of a historical rebellion for freedom in 1868. The contradictions inherent in marking both a colonial election and an independence rebellion point to the need to resolve the island's status once and for all - based on freedom, democracy, and self-determination. more...  2 Comments

The Indypendent

NYC IMC Print team | The Indypendent Sept. 22 - Oct. 5, 2004 more...  7 Comments

Indypendent Interview with Leslie Kauffman of UfPJ

Shea Dean | If you were reading the papers before the Republican convention, you probably heard about United for Peace and Justice, organizers of the Aug. 29 march against the Bush agenda. Despite squabbles with the city and the police department over the use of Central Park as a rally site (the city eventually sided with the grass), the event came off almost without a hitch, drawing 500,000 people. Writer, editor and activist Leslie Kauffman serves as UFPJ’s mobilizing coordinator, working to bring individuals into the peace movement. This week she sat down with The Indypendent to discuss her work, the march and the 2004 presidential elections. more...  9 Comments

Out of the Stacks and Into the Streets: Radical Librarians Provide Movement With References

Emily Waltz | More than 150 library workers fled the stacks during the Republican National Convention to join a protest-support group centered around doing what they do best: answering questions. The self-titled Radical Reference Librarians answered queries online and on the streets at protests, from demonstrators in need of anything from a little academic anti-Bush ammunition to directions to the nearest public restroom. more...  2 Comments

NYC Contempt Hearing Delayed on Appeal

NYC IMC | September 27 court proceedings against the the City of New York were delayed by a state appeals court judge Tuesday, giving the city a November 23rd date for an appeals hearing.

The September 27 hearing concerned accusations that City had held Republican National Convention protesters for more than fifty hours without charge.

Norman Siegel, a civil liberties lawyer who represents the protesters, told the New York Times in Wednesday editions that he was disappointed with the decision, but was confident the city would still be held in contempt.

more...  4 Comments

Pier 57: 'Not Club Med,' says Bloomberg

Steven Wishnia and Timothy Sparkman | Those arrested were taken to Pier 57, a disused city bus depot on the West Side Highway. Police spokesperson Paul Browne told the press that the facility was clean and that no one was held there more than eight hours before being transferred to Central Booking. more...  3 Comments

New Indypendent PDF, 11x17

The Indypendent | Download the latest edition of the Indypendent for home printing. more...  2 Comments

The Onion Presents "Urgh! The War To End All Wars" tribute/benefit show @ The Knitting Factory

arch | more...  2 Comments

Trade/globalization expert at Bluestockings TONIGHT!

Megan Farrington | WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd, 7PM LORI WALLACH dicusses her new book "WHOSE TRADE ORGANIZATION: A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO THE WTO" at BLUESTOCKINGS bookstore in Manhattan (172 Allen Street) more...  3 Comments

Muddy Waters

Bennett Baumer | Genovese crime family soldier George Barone allegedly whacked so many people he couldn’t keep track. “I didn’t keep a scorecard, but it was probably ten or twelve,†Barone testified in Gambino boss Peter Gotti’s trial last year.

Barone got his start in the 1940s as a longshoreman ship cleaner by day in Manhattan. By night, he was a mob hit man “protecting†Genovese interests in the International Longshoremen Association (ILA).

more...  2 Comments

Please See This Movie - Help Us Get It Way Out Here

marco | Pretty Please With Sugar On Top? more...  3 Comments

RNC Protest Video Why Anarchists?

FluxRostrum | preemptive media removal salvage yard more...  6 Comments

Helicopter Task Force meeting, WED. 10 a.m.

downhereontheground | Reminder- WED. a.m. is Helicopter Task Force meeting (near City Hall?) - nearby subway is Park Row or City Hall stop. more...  4 Comments

Al-Awda Festival of Cultural Resistance! Friday Sept 24-Sunday Sept 26

Al-Awda NY | Al-Awda presents the Festival of Palestinian Cultural Resistance on Sept 24-26 in commemoration of the Intifada and the Sabra and Shatila Massacres! more...  14 Comments

Assaulted ACT-UP Protester Considering Legal Action

Daily Pennsylvanian | The female protester who was kicked at the Republican Youth Convention in New York is considering taking legal action against her attacker. more...  7 Comments


Walter F. Wouk | THE THOMAS PAINE PROJECT believes that an Independent Music Community is an essential part of a free society and TPP actively supports that community by encouraging venues for underground bands and musicians. more...  7 Comments

Protest the War Criminal Shimon Peres! Wed Sept 29 - Seton Hall University - S. Orange NJ

New Jersey Solidarity | Protest the war criminal Shimon Peres and his receipt of an "honorary degree" at Seton Hall University on Wednesday, September 29 at 3:00 PM more...  13 Comments

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