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Bloomberg Mum on Gay Marriage

bride to be | "Supporting same-sex marriage would alienate some Jewish and Catholic voters he needs for re-election - and antagonize Republican delegates at this summer's GOP convention." more...  1 Comments

"Heads wil roll!" -- The Throw-Monkey & the Yo-yo

spindryer | When asked which heads should roll at the CIA, "I'd start with the head head," Perle said. more...  0 Comments

Opposition Grows to High Stakes Testing in NYC

John Tarleton | Concerned parents and teachers will meet Thursday 6 p.m. at Washington Irving High School (15th and Irving) to continue organizing against Mayor Bloomberg’s plans to impose high-stakes testing this spring on the city’s third graders. A groundswell of grassroots opposition has been growing since the plan was announced last month. The Panel for Policy Education (PEP) will vote on Bloomberg’s proposal March 15. Recent coverage in The Indypendent || Full PDF for Feb. 18 to March 9 Indypendent more...  0 Comments

Reportback from Boston no-DNC consulta

Bl(A)ck Tea Society | An Austin activist provides a reportback to the DNC resistance consulta, held in Boston Feb 13-16. more...  1 Comments

Convention protestors hope to camp out in the park

aron pieman kay | this is a piece re: camping in the parks during the rnc that appeared in the current villager more...  1 Comments

Bush Demands Discrimination!

m. c. | Image included more...  1 Comments

Richard Perle in NYC Thursday Afternoon

Mission Accomplished | Pentagon schemer, Arabophobe, corporate crook, self confessed war criminal ("international law was in the way"), and all around shithead Richard Perle will be promoting his latest screed in NYC Thursday afternoon more...  1 Comments

Israel's Attorney General to Speak at Columbia- Protest Against his Policies!

The Courage to Refuse | Urgent -- Elyakim Rubimstein, Israel's Attorney General to speak at Columbia, Thursday Feb. 26 -- Protest Against his Policies! more...  2 Comments


john conner | hiphoprevolution more...  20 Comments

A few immigration questions

Morton | A few uncomfortable questons on immigration more...  2 Comments

Just A Reminder

Your Conscience | History is littered with the guilty consciences of those who chose to remain silent. It is time to speak out. more...  0 Comments

Images: Bechtel Protest

fred askew | Photos from the Bechtel Protest NYC more...  1 Comments

Ralph Nader's Candidacy and the Greens

Mitchel Cohen | more...  4 Comments

Trusting Democrats: A Familiar Trap

Mickey Z. | more...  2 Comments

Music For the Aware

Aramchek | A review soon to be posted at more...  0 Comments


NY Job with Justice | The oystermen, waiters, cooks, dishwashers, and bussers of the Grand Central Station Oyster Bar (members of HERE Local 100) are on strike and NEED YOUR SUPPORT! more...  0 Comments

Speak Easy, Speak Free

Sonia Sanchez | We writers have a passionate love affair with words – words that quite often don’t just get on the page but [actually] jump out at you. Many of us learn to take these words and examine them. We toss them up and throw them out at the populace with what I call great humility. more...  1 Comments

Protestors Gather Outside Bechtel Offices in Manhattan

Matthew Baiotto | more...  1 Comments

Clamor Music Festival in Brooklyn

Josh | The Grassroots Media Conference's music show on Saturday, February 28, is part of the nationwide Clamor Music Festival. more...  0 Comments

WSQT Radio(DC 1620 AM) promo for RNC Protests

WSQT Guerrilla Radio | WSQT Guerrilla Radio has prepared this promo for all who wish to help build for the RNC Protests in Aug-September. It will be a regular part of our broadcasts from no until then as well. more...  1 Comments

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