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Michael Moore Speech 9-20 | audio from the Michael Moore speech on 9-20-04 more...  10 Comments

Critical Mass Arrests and Confiscated Bikes

gui | Eight confirmed arrests with charges dropped in one case - status of confiscated bikes unknown more...  15 Comments

nyc police detective fired for corruption

track | one less sob on the police force AP article more...  4 Comments

seeking pictures of the sad clown from RNC | more...  5 Comments

Critical Mass Crackdown Continues

gui | Most riders escape the draget - 12 arrested and 40 bikes confiscated. more...  12 Comments

Seeking video of WEF Snake March

Pablo | Please post here if you have a source for the WEF snake march (Feb. 2nd or 3rd). I will contact you. Beware handing over footage willy-nilly. You will know I'm not a cop when we meet. more...  2 Comments

ACDs and Lawyers Guidelines

Pablo | Something is wrong with how some lawyers and some (fear-mongering) legal observers are behaving. . . more...  1 Comments

RNC in NYC 2004 (Casbah Remix)

Gerard Damiano | Multi-Media Photos by Gerard Damiano Music by The Clash more...  2 Comments


nybiker | more...  19 Comments

CM S24

zzm | Critical Mass S24 more...  12 Comments

To Everyone Attending the Critical Mass

ronnie | Stand strong, stand peaceful. more...  16 Comments

Green Party Vice Presidential Candidate Sleeps in Park with New York’s Homeless

madhatter | Green Party Vice Presidential Candidate Sleeps in Park with New York’s Homeless more...  4 Comments

The Republican campaign to suppress the Black vote

Jarvis Tyner, executive vice chair, Communist Party USA | more...  4 Comments

Boycott NPR, Here Are Alternatives

Winston | National Public Radio as many of you already know has become the next target of corporate sponsorship which conflicts with the public interest. As an alternative, go to for a list of other online and FM stations you can listen to from almost anywhere. more...  4 Comments

New Issue of the Indypendent Now Out

Indypendent | The first post-RNC issue is now available online, on the streets, and is being mailed to our subscribers.

We take a look back at arrests at the RNC and the legal follow up, review the possible meanings behind the convention protests, and examine the role of the radical librarians. We also look ahead to Iraq's bloody future, the unreliability of U.S. election polling, and much more.

[Download the PDF] || [Full Story Menu Coming Soon]

more...  0 Comments

RNC Arrestees: Don't take an ACD unless you have to

Chris Lee | more...  14 Comments

Boston Social Forum: Significance, Achievements and Some Lessons Learned

Suren Moodliar and Jason Pramas | more...  2 Comments

Cops plan to stop tomorrow's Critical Mass (Newsday)

ang copp | Cops plan to stop tomorrow's Critical Mass more...  19 Comments

Interview with (Tad Hirsch, MIT Media Lab) | Long before the Republican National Committee convention descended upon New York City, plans were in place for massive protests, the largest culminating in a gathering of 500,000 protesters from around the nation on the Sunday prior. But with little major media coverage beyond analysis of traffic snarls, participants relied mostly on a network of web sites, e-mails, and a SMS service called TxtMob to get the information they needed to prepare. Despite a long list of organized and permitted protests, and because of the major surveillance initiatives rolled out by the NYPD and Secret Service, protesters needed a more fluid, decentralized way to coordinate activities, particularly on Tuesday’s planned day of direct action and civil disobedience. By all accounts, TxtMob delivered. First used at the DNC protests in Boston in July, the project was conceived and developed by the Institute of Applied Autonomy, whose previous works include Little Brother, a self-styled “cute†robot designed to distribute propaganda and iSee, an inverse surveillance application mapping the locations of city-based closed circuit television cameras. Turning Howard Rheingold’s concept of Smart Mobs on its head, TxtMob instead provides a way for people already collected to distribute messages to a large group, or for a single point of contact to coordinate protesters, not unlike the operators of the Matrix (although one can forgive Andy and Larry Wachowski from sparing the audience lengthy scenes of Keanu furiously typing SMS messages back to the ship). The service exploded, literally and figuratively, during the RNC convention in New York this month. Despite a service outage during one of the “hottest†nights of protest, when mass arrests were occurring, many regard the service as essential for keeping them up to date on the events distributed throughout the city. The service coordinated journalists and volunteer medics, alerted protesters to the movements of police, and reminded subscribers about upcoming protests. Similar information could be found from a variety of sources – the Indymedia newsfeed, A-noise radio (which by the second day had begun broadcasting over cellphones) – but few were as immediate or accessible as the simple text messages. Reading the dated and time-stamped missives now provides a small glimpse of what it was like to be on the streets during the week, and the chaotic atmosphere in the air. We recently had a chance to speak with Tad Hirsch, Research Assistant at MIT’s Media Lab and administrator of TxtMob, shortly after the delegates left and the group was enjoying some well-deserved downtime before continuing development on new features for the service. more...  2 Comments

Tribute to Richie Perez

Andy Piascik | more...  0 Comments

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