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Psycho Pig Pipe Bomber Charged

CNN | "Joseph Rodriguez, 28, was due in court sometime this week to face charges he planted the crude device the day before he was to retire from the New York Police Department . . . If convicted of felony arson, he faces a lengthy prison term." Notice the media doesn't call this PIG what he is - a TERRORIST. more...  15 Comments

THAW's October Freedom Follies

THAW | Theaters of the World, Unite! THAW’s Freedom Follies at Times Square Art Hotspot, the TANK more...  0 Comments


NYIHA World Film Fest | ANNOUNCEMENT: WORLD FILM FEST OPENING NIGHT: Thursday, September 30, 2004 The New York Institute for Haiti Advocacy announces the upcoming World Film Fest with the launch premiere set for Thursday, September 30, 2004 at the Anthology Film Archives in Manhattan’s East Village. The film fest opens at 7:00 p.m, with two screenings: Black Israel and Human Rights in Haiti: A Work-in-Progress. The last film contains rare footage of Antoine Izméry. Izméry’s story is an inspirational journey from rags to riches as he became a wealthy merchant in Haiti. This film is an odyssey into deep realms of conviction, politics and humanity. The second day of the festival is set for Monday October 25, 2004 at 7:00 P.M. It features Farmingville, a tale of Mexican immigrants and their pursuit of family and the American dream. This film successfully navigates from the epic to the every day to explore the inclusiveness of the American dream. World Film Fest has a superb organizational base and direct access to a diverse local audience of more 50,000. The festival seeks to attract a diverse audience. All screenings take place at the Anthology Film Archives located at 32 Second Avenue at 2nd Street (by train: take F or V trains to 2nd Avenue). Celebrity guests include Patrick Rameau, who starred in Maria Full of Grace. The filmmakers will be present to address audience’s questions. more...  0 Comments


Daniel Hammer | McDonald's spends over $2 billion a year promoting their glossy image to the world. Friends of Animals is taking direct action in support of alternatives. more...  5 Comments

To The Pro-Red Cross Spammer

jack | If you get a solicitation for the Red Cross, please consider the following. more...  27 Comments

Protest MTA Fare Hike

all together now | Members of the Green Party are calling all New Yorkers to join us for a protest of the proposed transit fare hike this Wed. Sept 29th--from 9 am to NOON--in front of the MTA's midtown offices.

The MTA board--staffed by corporate patrons of Governor Pataki--is telling us again they need even more of hard working NYers money despite a series of ongoing corruption scandals involving organized crime and fiscal mismanagement.

more...  10 Comments

An Olive on the Seder Plate: New York Performances Fri/Sat Oct. 1-2

* | FABULOUS PERFORMANCES THIS WEEKEND!! BRING YOUR FRIENDS!! Fri 10/1 8pm New York, NY Sol Goldman Y Sat 10/2 8pm New York, NY Sol Goldman Y The Sol Goldman Y is located at 344 E. 14th St. ------------------------ AN OLIVE ON THE SEDER PLATE A SPEIL ABOUT HEBREW SCHOOL, GEFILTE FISH, AND LIFE IN THE OCCUPIED TERRITORIES (THE HIGH-HOLIDAY EDITION) more...  0 Comments

Bill Brown: "this is revenge, not justice"

BB | statement from the controversial NYC-based political activist, dated 27 Sept 2004 more...  23 Comments

Was your bike "stolen" during the RNC?

Phil at Time's Up | Was your bike stolen by a bic pen? Or possibly in an organized fashion by the NYPD? There’s a lot of stories floating around about city employees clipping bikes off of public property, especially around the time of the RNC. more...  3 Comments

Animate the Vote

Jose Maldonado | Join Animators, Ink. for a night of political cartoons & voter registration. We want to get you young voters for the November Election. more...  3 Comments

What Happened To The Democratic Party?

Jack A. Smith | Over the years, the Democratic Party has been transformed from a party with a strong liberal sector into the political instrument of centrism. How did this happen? more...  21 Comments

WBAI Controversy on Public Access TV

John Riley | WBAI producer John Riley takes an in-depth look at the struggle to build progressive media in this new series on Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Channel 34, every other Monday, starting Sept. 27 from 10:00-10:30 pm (Ch. 107 in RCN system) more...  4 Comments


nybikr | more...  5 Comments

Vote for Malia Lazu, tonight!

League of Pissed Off Voters | Elections are psychological warfare. Our very own Malia Lazu is in the final three TONIGHT at 9pm on Showtime's American Candidate. Malia has survived 7 episodes. If she survives another week, she'll be on the talk shows. Then young people, people of color, OUR people will feel like: "Hey, we can win." She is up against a Republican dude who has a whole anti-choice network calling in for him. So this Sunday, find a friend with Showtime. Next Sunday, find a bar or home where you can watch the show, raise money, and register voters at the same time. It's very motivating to watch --and good practice for the real election. more...  10 Comments

Save Tom's job -- sign the Wild Oats petition!

richard myers | Tom Kappas was fired over a couple of bananas (or so they say!) more...  3 Comments

Images: Critical Mass - Union Sq

fred askew | Critical Mass September 2004 more...  3 Comments

Photos from critical mass

ari | more...  2 Comments

NY Times Exposes Police Bike Theft

NY Times | more...  3 Comments

Critical Mass Crackdown Continues

from Newswire Reports | Several Arrests, Bikes Siezed, Police Tactics "Backfire"

"Hundreds of cyclists returned to the streets of Manhattan tonight in the monthly celebration of bicycles known as Critical Mass ... Organizers estimated the turnout at nearly 1,000 bicyclists, and as they poured onto Fifth Avenue from the north end of Union Square, the celebratory spirit that is a hallmark of the event was only slightly dampened by the rows of police on scooters that seemed to be everywhere." [Read More]

"Critical Mass riders tonight refused to be herded by roving scooter-cop pens. Hundreds of riders spontaneously broke away from the NYPD approved designated parade route(?!) at Park Ave. and 53rd St. and reaffirmed the spirit of Critical Mass rides; no designated leaders, no set route ... Throughout the ride there was tremendous support from onlookers and alot more awareness of who we were. The Mayor's plan to stifle free speech seems to have backfired. More people than ever now know about Critical Mass and support the cyclists." [Read More]

[See Pictures]

more...  32 Comments

McReynolds for Senate Calls for Universal Health Care, Cut in Costs

David McReynolds | David McReynolds, the Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate in New York, today announced his support for universal health care in New York. – a full Medicare for All. “This is not a question of spending more money on health care,†stated McReynolds. “We need to get more health care for the money that we are already spending. A single payer system could free up $200 billion nationally, allowing us to provide quality health care to the forty-five million Americans who presently lack health care coverage, while also dealing with the crisis with prescription drugs and long term care.†more...  1 Comments

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