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Green Party Campaigns Going Strong In North Brooklyn

Mark Borino | Green Party candidates Mark Borino (for Assembly) and Rebecca White (for State Senate) are on the ballot for the November General Election. They are working hard to challenge the Democratic Party machine and to spread the Green Party message. more...  0 Comments

NYC knows - See this video Bush doesnt want you watching

Mad Studios | Video available for download. more...  1 Comments

Today Disney Chairman Michael Eisner addressed the United Nations

Angie S/F IMC Reporter | Today Disney Chairman Michael Eisner addressed the United Nations to discuss the up-coming one world government. more...  2 Comments

Juanita Young: 11th Court Date, October 7th, Thursday

October 22nd Coalition--New York | Juanita Young, mother of Malcolm Ferguson, who was killed by the NYPD in March 2000 under suspicious circumstances, continues to face "criminal trespass" charges stemming from an illegal eviction. Her 11th court appearance will be this Thursday, October 7th, at Bronx Criminal Court. more...  1 Comments

Bush debate highlights MP3

caroline | some choice bush clips from the debate including, "it's hard work to try to love her as best as I can" when speaking of the wife of a fallen soldier. more...  3 Comments

Speak Up To The FCC

P Revere | Speak Up To The FCC more...  4 Comments

East Coast Socialist Conference

Solicalist Worker | Building a Left Alternative to a World of War and Poverty East Coast Socialist Conference more...  10 Comments

Indymedia Users Debate the Debate

NYC IMC | (from the Open Newswire): "On the Debates of September 30, 2004: I felt like I was watching the debate between Nixon and JFK. John Kerry was slick, sharp, and knew what he was talking about. President Bush looked like a buffoon- stumbling over his words, blanking out...what a disastrous situation for the President. Kerry will beat him in November."

"Kerry is sugar free bush. Even more scary because he's smarter and has the ability to deceive while pursuing essentially the same policies." [Read More]

"John Kerry finally showed America what he's made of in his first debate with George Bush ... the President evaded most of the questions, stopped and stuttered, and stumbled over his talking point notes. " [Read More]

"While the usual suspects in the corporate media, operations like CBS or NBC, showed overwhelming viewer poll results favoring Kerry, NPR reporters like Scott Horsley were 'not sure.'" [Read More]

more...  38 Comments

Fighting For a Union: An Interview with Starbucks Workers Union Leader Daniel Gross

Worker Independence | Daniel Gross is the lead organizer in the ongoing IWW IU/660 effort to establish the only unionized Starbucks in the United States. He’s a worker at the 36th and Madison Starbucks in New York City, the immediate focus of the campaign. During a demonstration in front of his workplace during the RNC, Daniel was arrested along with co-worker (and union supporter) Anthony Polanco. He now faces a trial in October, the most serious charge being resisting arrest. Left Hook’s Derek Seidman recently had a chance to catch up with Daniel Gross to find out more about his predicament and the state of the union campaign. more...  24 Comments

RNC Undercover's Helmet Sticker Read "LOUD WIVES LOSE LIVES"

= | woke up this morning and foggily took in a report of this on Channel 11 News. Did a quick google and here's what i found so far. more...  9 Comments


Foreign Press Foundation | Of course it is a shocker, but the United Nations organisation should leave New York if it wants to survive. Best of all: Libya offers to pay the costs... more...  6 Comments

Bush is over--the Debates of Sept. 30

j | more...  32 Comments

Seymour Hersh interview on The Daily Show (Video)

PKJ | Pulitzer prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh interviewed on The Daily Show. Sept 29.2004. Hersh is the author of "Chain of Command." more...  0 Comments

1 hr before debate set to begin, US launches "major offensive" in Sammara

repost | Coincidence? Hardly. Ah, the power of incumbency. Fuck Bush. U.S. forces accompanied by the Iraqi national guard launched a major offensive against insurgents in the northern Iraqi city of Samarra Thursday, CNN reported. more...  9 Comments

Socialist Candidates on National Tour

Workers World Party | John Parker, Teresa Gutierrez, LeiLani Dowell urge support for Million Worker March in Washington, D.C., Oct. 17 more...  6 Comments


nh | more...  1 Comments

indy documentary seeks rnc footage

pablo bryant | indy documentary seeks rnc footage more...  2 Comments

Chinese Embassy Ploy Fails, Falun Gong Film "Sandstorm" wins highest prize

New Tang Dynasty Films | Chinese Government Pressures Houston Film Commission to Block Screening of “Sandstorm,†Yet Movie Wins “Best Feature Film†at Houston Multicultural International Film Festival on Saturday more...  7 Comments

"Spectropolis: Mobile Media, Art and the City" Event 10/1-10/3

Brooke Singer | "Spectropolis: Mobile Media, Art and the City"is a three-day event (October 1-3, 2004) in Lower Manhattan that highlights the diverse ways artists, technical innovators and activists are using communication technologies to generate urban experiences and public voice. In addition to twelve projects presented in City Hall Park, there will be several free hands-on workshops and three panels available to the public. more...  0 Comments

Oct. 19 reading: Mickey Z. and Ned Vizzini

Mickey Z. | more...  0 Comments

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