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Still Swinging in Pennsylvania

Steve Wishnia | PHILADELPHIA—A few miles southeast of the wooded ridges of Valley Forge, where George Washington’s army spent the bitter winter of 1777-78, lies the King of Prussia Mall, the largest shopping complex in the world. The Philadelphia suburbs that surround its halls of Eddie Bauer, Foot Locker, and smooth-jazz Muzak are among the places that may decide the 2004 presidential election. more...  2 Comments


NY IMC print | THE INDYPENDENT Issue #59 October 21 - November 10, 2004 more...  0 Comments

October Surprise and Senate Office Closings

Socialist | The long awaited October Surprise is clearly on the horizon. Multimillionaire Senator Mark Dayton, Democrat, Minnesota, of the Target Corporation family, the 2d largest retailer in the US, closed his Washington office until after 11/2, and they all have received "hair-curling" briefings about alleged terrorist attacks pending in Wash, D.C. more...  1 Comments

New York New York

Ten·ta·kan·ta·naÂ& | more...  0 Comments

Venezuela: Free the O-12th Prisoners and the Revolution will not be Terrorised

Hands Off Venezuela Campaign | Bolivarian revolution more...  0 Comments

Looking for memorabilia/paraphanalia from the J20, 2001 Presidential Inauguration Protests

Theodore Fox | I am looking for memorabilia/paraphanalia (such as buttons, pins, that kind of stuff) from the J20, 2001 Presidential Inauguration protests in New York City. more...  2 Comments

Green, US Senate: McReynolds Calls for Shutdown of Nukes, Indian Point

Mark Dunlea | David McReynolds, the Green Party candidate for United States Senate, called today for the closing of all nuclear power plants in the US, starting with Indian Point in Buchanan New York. "Nuclear power plants are financial and environmental time bombs," stated McReynolds. "It is impossible that we will be able to safely store their radioactive wastes for hundreds of thousands of years. They also pose a significant security risk, leaving residents vulnerable in case of a possible terrorist attack or meltdown. more...  0 Comments


Absinthe | To remind citizens and voters of the precarious state of Liberty in our time, the women of CodePINK will represent New York's beacon, the Statue of Liberty, on the streets of our city. Anyone is free to join us! We will provide crown and torch to any woman who chooses to stand with us for Liberty. more...  0 Comments

Emergency Rally in Support of the People of Haiti

Haiti Action | more...  0 Comments

Ralph Nader Speech - full text

Denny Burbeck | The speech he gave at Creighton Univ. on 8/25/04 and a portion of the Q and A afterward. Please remember that in "safe states" you can vote your heart rather than your fears. more...  2 Comments

Columbia Anarchist Reading Group Meeting

rachel | Cake & Juice Reading Group Meets Friday, October 22, 5:15 pm lobby of Lerner Hall, Columbia University 116th st stop on the 1/9 more...  0 Comments

pirates vs ninjas musical street fight

louse | How many pirates does it take to change a lightbulb: YARRRRRR!!!!!!! How many ninjas does it take to change a lightbulb: Ninjas work best in the dark.... PIRATE NINJA MUSICAL STREET FIGHT more...  1 Comments

A Call For Decentralized Protests The Day After the Elections

@narchist | Enough! Take to the streets! more...  5 Comments

National Fightback Conference Nov. 13-14, NYC

Workers World Party | After the elections--no matter who wins--there needs to be a serious discussion about how to move the struggle forward. And that is exactly what hundreds of activists will be doing in New York City over the weekend of November 13-14 at a National Fightback Conference sponsored by Workers World Party. more...  1 Comments

Jock the Vote!

Indy4Bush | Open letter signed by 24 Olympians and Professional Athletes more...  8 Comments

Dec. 3-10 Stop the War Week

antiwar4themwm | we appeal to all antiwar forces to make the week of Friday Dec. 3 - Friday Dec. 10 (International Human Rights Day) a time for truly mass action across the country to Stop The War Now! including job actions, student walkouts, boycotts, and business closings. more...  3 Comments

Chinese Immigrant David Wong Wins Appeal For New Trial For 1986 Murder

Free David Wong! | The Appellate Division on October 21 granted the request for a new trial to David Wong, wrongly convicted in 1987 for a murder he did not commit based on an inmate who lied in exchange for early parole and despite the lack of any physical evidence or motive. He was not given a qualified interpreter at his trial in 1987 and has fought for 18 years to clear his name. more...  0 Comments

Venezuela: Venepal Workers Solidarity Appeal

Hands Off Venezuela Campaign | Bolivarian Revolution more...  0 Comments

MTV Blocks The Vote! or, How To Get Kicked Out Of The TRL Pen

Absinthe | (from the Open Newswire): MTV Bans Code Pink from their streetside TRL pen.

Today Code Pink attempted a Liberty Vigil in front of MTV's studio on the corner of 45th Street and 7th Avenue in NYC. We timed our action to coincide with the broadcast of Total Request Live, a show that airs at 5 PM on MTV and often features cameras panning the street below as fans cheer. We stand amongst the fans on the sidewalk, dressed as pink Statue of Liberties with our message on signs we hold up. Originally the plan was to get young people to the polls, but with Viacom's (MTV's parent company) recent decision to ban an advertisement from Compare Decide Vote, we decided to put Viacom & MTV in the hot seat.

more...  6 Comments

Live Event with Howard Zinn, John Sayles, Lily Taylor, Wallace Shawn, Voices of a People's History...

catB | more...  0 Comments

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