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Humanitarian Crisis Deepens

Donald Paneth | UNITED NATIONS, N.Y.—Nine-year-old Ghadeer Jaber Mokheimer was fatally wounded Oct. 13 when she was hit by gunfire from an Israeli military position in the Gaza Strip. The fifth-grade pupil was sitting at her desk in school at Khan Younis refugee camp. She died the next day. more...  0 Comments

Olive Groves Are Burning

Atef Saad | BEIT FOURIK, WEST BANK—The olive harvest is usually a happy occasion for farmers, but Fares Hanani looks ahead to this season with trepidation. At the age of 70, he has seen plenty of harvests come and go on the mountainous terrain near Beit Fourik he and his brothers inherited from their father and grandfather, but the last couple of years have been especially difficult. more...  0 Comments

Interview: ‘We are willing to die’

From | Backed by United Nations so-called peacekeepers, the U.S.-installed Haitian regime continues its siege of poor neighborhoods in the capital, Port au Prince, in an attempt to crush ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s Lavalas party. The following is the result of a clandestine interview with a woman called Nancy, conducted in the slum of Bel Air. more...  0 Comments

Haiti's Silent Agony

Bill Weinberg | Hurricane Jeanne was still just a “tropical storm†when it tore through Haiti Sep. 20, leaving at least 1,500 dead, nearly 1,000 missing and 200,000 homeless, especially in the northwest port city of Gonaives. But now the failure of Haiti’s new U.S.-backed government to disarm the paramilitary gangs that ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide last March is deepening the impoverished nation’s agony. more...  0 Comments

Iraq: How to Lose a War

A.K.Gupta | In the run-up to the U.S. presidential election, there’s one group of potential voters who are completely indifferent: Iraqis living under U.S. occupation... more...  2 Comments

How Conservatives Are Fighting to Win The Campus Wars

Joshua Holland | The campus left increasingly finds itself facing off against seasoned conservative strategists. While progressive student groups are mostly self-funded, by the mid-1990s roughly $20 million a year was being pumped into the campus right, according to People for the American Way. more...  7 Comments

Swing State Radio : Clear Channel

John Tarleton | The Sinclair Broadcast Group has drawn scrutiny with its plan to air a documentary denouncing John Kerry. But as the presidential campaign races to a close, it's worth remembering that Clear Channel, the Texas-based communications behemoth that owns over 1,200 radio stations nationwide, has also showed its right-wing leanings in recent years. more...  1 Comments

Sinclair Dishonors Itself

A.K. Gupta | In all the controversy over the decision by the Sinclair Broadcast Group to order its 62 television affiliates to air Stolen Honor commercial-free just two weeks before the presidential election, little has been said about the film itself... more...  1 Comments

Velella Rides Out of Rikers

Steven Wishnia | Disgraced Republican State Senator Guy Velella, whose release from the Rikers Island jail last month by a virtually unknown city panel caused a minor scandal, had a long history of bipartisan support despite his strongly anti-tenant record. more...  3 Comments

RNC Costs

Megan Walton | The 2004 Republican National Convention cost almost $154 million dollars to stage, according to a detailed report filed with the Federal Election Commission. more...  2 Comments

Young Queers Won’t Clear the Piers

Kazembe Bulagoon | FIERCE, a queer, people-of-color organization, took to the streets of Greenwich Village Oct. 16 to protest police harassment of youths at the West Side piers. more...  1 Comments

Crusader for third-party access: Evergreen Campaigns

Catriona Stuart | Every Saturday at the corner of Kissena and Main Streets, Evergreen Chou works the bustling Flushing, Queens sidewalk like a skilled politician. more...  0 Comments

new hampshire : Pumpkins & Presidents

John Tarleton | New Hampshirites from all walks of life flock to orchards like Mack’s Apples at the peak of autumn to pick their own apples and pumpkins. As for presidential candidates, all but a few have made their choice. more...  0 Comments

oregon : Town and Country Divide

Matt Wasserman | Portland is an infamously left-leaning locale – when Bush the elder used to come to town, he would be met by so many protesters that the White House dubbed the city “Little Beirut†– but the rest of Oregon bears a closer resemblance to Idaho. more...  1 Comments

Debates Out of Time

Nicholas Powers | Why did they agree to a timer that resembled the terror alert system? more...  2 Comments

Voting As A Full-Contact Sport

John Tarleton | News reports are piling up regarding Republican secretaries of state, election officials and partisans making a concerted effort to disenfranchise voters in key swing states in advance of November 2. more...  2 Comments

Florida 2000 All Over Again?

Joshua Breitbart | Sound familiar: a swing state, some improper ballots and a notably partisan Republican Secretary of State issuing directives designed to minimize voter participation? more...  5 Comments

AIDS Activists GWB-Negative

Steve Wishnia | Two Pennsylvanians who definitely aren’t going to vote for President Bush are Philadelphia ACT UP activists Waheedah Shabazz-El, 51, and Jose DeMarco, 49. more...  2 Comments

Getting the Vote Out, Or Not

Steve Wishnia | “I ain’t voting. I ain’t registered. Been too busy being unemployed,†says a man with faded skin and broken teeth, wearing a red Rocawear sweatsuit. more...  0 Comments

Let's Boil it Down, Mr. Republican

Denny Burbeck | Are you "really" a republican? more...  1 Comments

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