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Eminem joins the black bloc in anti-Bush video!

djoma | Eminem's new video to his song 'Mosh' sees him join the black bloc and storm some grand building. Once inside, however, the bloc forms an orderly queue to register to vote! more...  23 Comments

Support the APOC Defendants

flightrisk | On 16 Nov 2003, eight folks were arrested at an Anarchist People Of Color (APOC) fundraiser. They have been enduring the hassles of the court process ever since. Here is one of the ways you can offer some support. more...  1 Comments

Jamal Holiday

el pinche | What the fuck is up folks???? more...  7 Comments

More IMC Takedown Answers

Kareem B. | Devin Theriot-Orr, a member a feisty group of reporter-activists called Indymedia, was surprised when two FBI agents showed up at his Seattle law office, saying the visit was a "courtesy call" on behalf of Swiss authorities. Theriot-Orr was even more surprised a week later when more than 20 Indymedia Web sites were knocked offline as the computer servers that hosted them were seized in Britain. more...  3 Comments

Looking for memorabilia/paraphanalia from the J20, 2001 Presidential Inauguration Protests

Theodore Fox | I am looking for memorabilia/paraphanalia (such as buttons, pins, that kind of stuff) from the J20, 2001 Presidential Inauguration protests in New York City. more...  1 Comments

Hearing Announced in Critcal Mass Case

Amanda | The hearing on the City's request for an injunction will be held on Wednesday Octoer 27 at 3PM in Judge Pauley's Courtroom. 500 Pearl Street (Near City Hall, opposite Foley Square, south of 100 Center St.) more...  0 Comments


Me | more...  2 Comments


Michael Menser | The New York City Social Forum is this week! (Oct28-30). Be sure to check out the schedule below and at for more details on the sessions and participants. more...  1 Comments

Radical Reference: Your Election Resource

Radical Reference | more...  0 Comments

Tonight-Benefit for Jeff 'Free' Luers-7PM--Brooklyn

Friends of Jeff Luers | Object Image Gallery 91 5th Avenue (between Prospect Pl. and Park Place.), Brooklyn Take the 2 or 3 to Bergen street, walk down Bergen towards 5th Ave, make a left on 5th avenue. Or take the N, R, Q, 4, 5, to Atlantic Ave/ Pacific Street, walk to 4th Avenue, make a right and then a left up Warren Street to 5th Ave. more...  0 Comments

NLG Class Action Suit Meeting

Gregg | The second meeting with the NLG for RNC arrestees is happening this Thursday. To be discussed: the filing of the class action lawsuit. more...  2 Comments

Peter Comejo, Ahmed Shawki and Naomi Klein on Third Party or Third Rail

Lloyd Hart | Third Party or Third Rail more...  2 Comments

Critical Mass Text Mob

j d | text mob being started for nyc critical mass more...  0 Comments

Series on WBAI Controversy Expands to 5 Cable Systems

John | re-posting-Cable TV series on controversy at WBAI expands to 5 cities in NYC/NJ area. Third episode looks at how the WBAI board removed and restorated Father Lucas, a Black activist priest, to the board. Also WBAI board adopts restrictive waiver policy. more...  2 Comments

Peace Conference

Conference Committee | 2004 Annual Conference of the Regional Peace Studies Consortium Program Theme: The Role of Multiculturalism in Peacekeeping, Peacemaking and Peacebuilding more...  3 Comments

Flushing Assemblyperson forum - D., R. and Greens

JollyJoint | (from the Open Newswire): I live in Flushing, and one of the local activists, Evergreen Chou, is involved with the Greens and is running for the New York State Assembly as a Green. I prefer the tactics of direct action to electoral politics but he is a nice guy so I've helped him in his campaign. Saturday there was a forum held, moderated by former WNBC reporter Ti-Hua Chang, of the candidates. All three candidates are from China (including the island of Taiwan). It was held at 2:30PM at the Sheraton LaGuardia East in Flushing more...  0 Comments

MTA Mulls Backdoor Subway-Fare Increase

Kazembe Bulagoon | The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is warning New Yorkers that it might raise transit fares yet again next year. the agency announced Oct. 14 that it will preserve the base $2 subway and bus fare (for now), but is considering a proposal to raise the cost of weekly MetroCards from $21 to $24 and monthly cards from $70 to as much as $84. more...  0 Comments

The Straight Dope

Jarud Burton | Review: The Cannibis Companion by Steven Wishnia Running Press, 2004 more...  2 Comments

Photos from National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality

October 22 Coalition-NY | See more photos of the Ninth Annual National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation at more...  0 Comments


Bennett Baumer | REVIEW: Ramblin’ Man: The Life & Time of Woody Guthrie by Ed Cray W.W. Norton & Co., 2004 more...  0 Comments

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