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Haitians March in Brooklyn to Support Aristide

Christian Roselund | As many as a thousand Haitian immigrants, many wrapped in Haitian flags, held an passionate demonstration in Brooklyn yesterday in support of President Aristide and to denounce the attempted coup in Haiti. Chants of "Five Years", "No Aristide, No Peace" and the word "Democracy", sung in a long cadence, broke out as they marched down Eastern Parkway to Prospect Park. "We won't negotiate democracy", said one marcher, "the people voted for him. He should stay for five years." more...  3 Comments

Why the Justice Not War in the Philippines Campaign is Marching on March 20

Justice Not War in the Philippines Campaign | Meet the Justice Not War in the Philippines contingent at the Southwest corner of Madison Avenue and East 25th Street. Look for the white “Justice Not War in the Philippines” flags. more...  0 Comments

Image: Grassroots Media

fred askew | NYC Grassroots Media Conference more...  0 Comments

What are the Pirates' vowels?

Captain Black | A, E, I, O, U and sometimes... RRRRRRRR!!!! more...  4 Comments

Palestine Hip-hop in NYC Feb 29

New Jersey Solidarity | MWR hip-hop live from Palestine Sunday night more...  1 Comments

Spitzer Refuses to Halt Gay Marriages!

bride to be | New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer refused a request for an injunction against the New Paltz ceremonies, noting that such a measure should only be a last resort. He did not issue an opinion on whether the marriages were legal. "The validity of the marriages and the legality of the mayor's action will be determined in due course in the courts," Spitzer said. more...  0 Comments

Nevermind Nader, Here's the Real News

dxt | It's time to put the corporate media/mainstream democrat whining about Nader in perspective. more...  1 Comments

Greens: US Must Back Democracy in Haiti


The Passion of the Christ Film Review

Umar ben-Ivan Lee | A review of the film. more...  1 Comments

Columbia University President Bollinger & UM Racism

bob f. | Over 300 Columbia & Barnard students recently protested against institutional racism at Columbia under Columbia President Bollinger's administration. University of Michigan students also protested against racism when Bollinger was president of that university more...  0 Comments

Mass Covergence Against Biotech and Vivisection NY-March 26th, 27th and 28th!

ADL-LI | This will mark the second anual "march mayhem" against HLS and their financal and commercial affiliates, join us in three days of hard hitting, action, education, and protests! MARCH 26TH, 27TH, AND 28TH!!!! more...  1 Comments

High Stakes Testing Opponents Hope to Sway Bloomberg's Hand-Picked School Board

John Tarleton | Spurred by a sense that momentum is shifting in their favor, 120 concerned parents and teachers gathered Thursday evening to continue organizing against Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plan to impose high stakes testing on the city’s third graders this spring. more...  0 Comments

WSQT airs RNC protest spot, corrected file uploaded here and in DC

WSQT radio | Today, WSQT guerilla Radio, 1620 AM in DC, broadcast the Lord of the Rings-themed promo for the RNC protests. A corrected file has been uploaded to the DC indymedia Media Gallery, as the previous one had some kind of problem. more...  0 Comments

New Indypendent Now Available

Indypendent | The latest issue of the Indypendent is now available online and at various distribution points across the City. In this weeks issue, we look at the growing opposition to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plans to impose high-stakes testing on the city’s third graders, explore the George Bush and Tony Blair’s Transatlantic Blame Game ask some hard questions about John Kerry, hear from a man who lived solely on McDonald’s food for a month and much, much more.

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more...  0 Comments

Indypendent Story Menu

Indypendent | Indypendent Story Menu more...  0 Comments

Commemoration of Puerto Rican Nationalist attack on the House of Representatives 2/29/04

Dennis Flores | The Puerto Rican Nationalist Party of New York Commemoration of Puerto Rican Nationalist attack on the House of Representatives Sunday, February 29th, 2004 1pm El Maestro Cultural and Educational Center 700 Elton Avenue, The Bronx, NY 2 or 5 trains to 149th street and 3rd avenue then walk up to 154th Street and Elton Avenue more...  5 Comments

"We Interrupt This Empire..." New York Premiere!

SF Video Activist Network | "We Interrupt This Empire..." New York City Premiere! The story of the direct actions that shut down the city of San Francisco during the U.S. invasion of Iraq more...  2 Comments

March 6: Resisting US Empire conference

internationalsocialist | Anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist conference sponsored by the International Socialist Organization. Whatever your politics, this will be a great event with tons of open time for poltical debate and discussion about the key issues of the moment for those of us who want a world based on human needs instead of profit and destruction. more...  0 Comments

Al-Awda Fundraiser: SUKKAR @ Alwan Fri 2/27

New Jersey Solidarity | Listen to great music and support Al-Awda Convention! more...  0 Comments

Upcoming Local Events from RutgersActivism! + How to Help the Women's Center

RutgersActivism | upcoming local events more...  0 Comments

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