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RNC Redux: Anarchist analysis of the 2004 RNC Protests

Alexander Trocchi | An anarchist analysis by a faction of the infamous CrimethInc collective of the events of the RNC 2004, focusing on the organizing and direct action aspects of the protests and what it means for the future of direct action in the United States. more...  17 Comments

Smokin Out the Evil Doers

andrew | announcing a video! flyer online. Smokin' Out the Evil Doers Unconventional TV exposes the RNC trt: 56 min. more...  0 Comments

Decriminalizing Resistance: Building Community Security, Racial and Economic Justice

WoGAN | A Regional 1 & 1/2 day Encuentro* In Worcester, Massachusetts November 12-13th Friday 7:00pm - Saturday 6:00pm Clark University more...  0 Comments

Nader Factor In NJ

skullbonesleftwatch | A recent poll seems to indicate that Kerry's failure to attract any Nader voters in NJ may cause him to lose to Bush in New Jersey--despite Kerry being endorsed by the NY-NJ Establishment's NY Times. more...  2 Comments

Why the Afghan Election Has No Credibility.

Lloyd Hart | The Afghan election has no credibility for the simple fact that instead of counting the ballots at the precincts where the Afghan people voted the organizers of the election - the U.S. government - decided to do what they did in the Batista election in Cuba prior to the Cuban revolution. They decided to move the ballot boxes to Kabul citing the need for secure counting. more...  0 Comments

Anti-War Nader Rallies In NYC On Monday

skullbonesleftwatch | Anti-war activists in NYC who oppose the pro-war "Skull & Bones Presidential Ticket" of John "I'll Be A More Competent War Manager" Kerry and George "Permanent War" Bush are planning to rally on Wall Street and at Cooper Union on Monday in support of anti-war candidate Nader. more...  7 Comments

Trees Not Walls Halloween Concert: Jersey City

Riot-Folk Records | Evan Greer, Darren "Deicide" Kramer and Catherine Moon will perform at the third Trees Not Walls Benefit Concert this Sunday Oct. 31st in Jersey City. more...  0 Comments

Still We Ride

Gregg | The city's injunction request was shot down by the Federal courts today. Friday's ride is allowed by the courts. more...  3 Comments

Bush for Emperor

AmigaPhil | more...  2 Comments


William | more...  28 Comments

REALLY REALLY FREE MARKET This Saturday! St. Marks Church Noon to Dusk!

Autonomous Space Collective | ~Special Halloween Extravaganza~ FREE STUFF! FREE SERVICES! FREE FUN! · Saturday, October 30th · St. Marks Church (2nd Ave Bet. 10th & 11th St.) · Noon to Just After Dusk! Really Really Free Market! THIS SATURDAY! ~Special Halloween Extravaganza~ FREE STUFF! FREE SERVICES! FREE FUN! · Saturday, October 30th · St. Marks Church (2nd Ave Bet. 10th & 11th St.) · Noon to Just After Dusk! Swap goods (You know, the stuff that is too good to throw away but you shouldn’t keep), share skills, give presents, eat food, hang out, dance, sing and have fun—all for free! more...  1 Comments

Firefighter Said Black Boxes Were Found at Ground Zero

sceptic | 3 black boxes from the aircraft that crashed into the WTC were discovered by authorities during the recovery efforts in 2001-2002 - contrary to the official story. more...  2 Comments

Halloween Critical Mash aka CRITICAL MASK

Critical Mash | Many Multi-Micro-Masses more...  0 Comments

Protest Coca-Cola on Halloween

pepsiplease | Protest Coca-Cola in QUEENS this Halloween. Join your local parade in costume. more...  0 Comments

Re: Cyclists Response to City Request for Injunction

whiz | more...  2 Comments

Anyone attend the CM hearing?

Carl | I was wondering whether anyone attended the CM court hearing today (Wed)? If you did, please post any thoughts/comments... more...  4 Comments


John Riley | The Pacifica National Election Supervisor has removed Gary Null, host of "Natural Living," from the air until the election's conclusion on Nov. 29 due to a "serious violation" of the Fair Campaign Provisions. more...  13 Comments

El Independiente Octubre - Noviembre, 2004

nyc-imc-print | El Independiente Octubre - Noviembre, 2004 more...  0 Comments

Cyclists Response to City Request for Injunction

Amanda | Lawyers for the five cyclists filed their response this morning to the City's request for an injunction barring Critical Mass. Those files are now online. more...  1 Comments

El Independiente, Octubre - Noviembre, 2004

NYC-IMC-print | El Independiente Octubre - Noviembre, 2004 more...  0 Comments

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