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First weekend in May protest across U.S. against Iraq War

Sunlight | On the first weekend in May of 2005 across the U.S. there's going to be people protesting the Iraq War. We're calling for the withdrawl of U.S. troops to be replaced with UN troops. In New York City alone we've got over 720,000 people ready to walk clear across the city to protest. more...  3 Comments

Green Party Voter Enrollment Hits Record Levels NY, Nationally

Mark Dunlea | The Green Party both in New York State and nationally reported today that their voter enrollment figures have hit record levels following the 2004 presidential election. more...  1 Comments

Former Pacifica Radio Staffmember Comes To Station's Aid.

Elijah Gatewood | Gives the scoop on ousted General Manager, Robert Daughtry. more...  1 Comments

August Sound Coaltion Broadcasts Election Covg. From NYC

August Sound Coalition | ELECTION NIGHT COVERAGE * ON THE WEB AUGUST SOUND COALITION LIVE FROM FUNHOUSE Intercutting to reports from Portland IMC PDX webcast, Michigan IMC webcast, Free103 web radio, and calls from Ohio, Illinois, Florida, Hawaii and other states, the August Coalition will be broadacsting live from the Funhouse space in Williamsburg election night. Breaking news, interviews, commentary, and more. Stay locked at more...  3 Comments

Puerto Rican Independence, Revolution, and Unity

Juan Antonio Ocasio Rivera | Puerto Rican independence supporters this weekend commemorated a 1950 Nationalist insurrection against American colonial rule, including the November 1st attempt against President Truman designed to call international attention to the cause. Island activists also met with local activists in an effort to embark on grassroots efforts to promote the ideal of independence. more...  1 Comments

CORRECTION: 9/11 Wargames Infographic

Ron Gassaway | Based upon information from the FAA news release from August 9, 2002 the text in the first paragraph following "Standard Operating Procedure" should read: "they had applied between 09/00 and 06/01 when they successfully launched fighters on 67 occasions to escort wayward aircraft (FAA 08/09/02)." The attached graphic has been modified to reflect these changes as have the print and pdf versions at the following url: more...  4 Comments

A Path to 21st Century Socialism

Carl Davidson | Schweickart's 'After Capitalism' presents a 'successor system' model that takes on the Neoliberal 'There Is No Alternative' crowd. more...  10 Comments

November 3rd Nationwide Day of Action

beyond voting campaign | A time for popular outrage and widespread non-cooperation if Bush is elected, if the elections are canceled, or if there is overt election fraud again. No matter who wins, we will be uniting to open up a new political space to define democracy as grassroots and participatory. more...  3 Comments

SUN NOV 7 Benefit/FILM Screening 4 Palestinians!


NO Matter who is elected, We say No to War and Repression

rage | Tuesday, November 2 New York City, New York Community Gathering more...  2 Comments

Legal Meeting for Arrestees From Critical Mass

Matthew Roth | more...  3 Comments


DF | (revised) more...  3 Comments

The Public Stoning of Martha Stewart: A Lifting of the Veil

Joyce Walker | Members of the mainstream press flew into Martha Stewart with more than their usual viciousness following her setting out as a political victim. Having nothing substantial to use against her, they have given negative connotations to her success, mocked the domestic skills upon which she has built her life’s work, twisted what she said and misquoted her, and made hateful remarks that could not have gotten past the editor in the days of ethical media practices more...  4 Comments

Building Bridges Radio Mon Night - Outfoxed and The Control Room

Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash | WBAI Radio's Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report Produced by Mimi Rosenberg and Ken Nash Monday, November 1st - 7- 12 PM EST, over 99.5 FM or streaming live at http://www.2600,com/offthehook/hot2.ram more...  0 Comments

NADER ANTIWAR RALLY TONIGHT | see below more...  3 Comments

Republican National Convention 2004: Remember September

A L C H Y M E D I A | For those who weren't there (and for those who were), here is a TV perspective you didn't see on the corporate news or C-SPAN more...  1 Comments

Editorial Cartoon by Mike Flugennock: "Kool-Aid, Kool-Aid, Tastes Great!"

Mike Flugennock | Y'know, I love Lewis Carroll, and Saturday Night Live, honest I do. Still, this doesn't mean that I enjoy actually living in a Lewis Carroll story -- specifically, the Queen Of Hearts' court scene -- and can't make it stop, nor do I enjoy the sensation of being trapped in an SNL sketch that never ends, and can't find the remote. more...  3 Comments

Florida Election Fraud

Amy Belanger and Denny Burbeck | Please, let's not forget what happened in the Florida 2000 election. more...  2 Comments

NYCLU Seeks RNC Protest/Police Photos

Maggie Gram | The New York Civil Liberties Union is seeking photographs for its report on the policing of protest at the Republican National Convention. more...  0 Comments

Eminem’s Mosh video: FUCK BUSH

The World Wants Change | Eminem’s Mosh video will awaken the rage within. The time is now to come together and fire the number one weapon of mass destruction: BUSH more...  5 Comments

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