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Machine Guns in Union Square

Tahira Faune Alford | Tonight in Union Square the police came in from behind on a small crowd gathered post election. What made tonight's approach by the NYPD different, is that tonight they had fingers on the triggers of machine guns. November 3rd more...  33 Comments

Reenact Rev Billy's Crime Against Starbucks

Michael ONeil | Well, Reverend Billy finally got put on Los Angeles no less. So, while he's stuck in court, throw on a collar and white blazer, slick your hair back, and rise up as part of the Reverend Billy Mutant Clone Army of Oddness. more...  6 Comments

Sign of things to come?

crisis | There was a protest this evening at Union Square Park. Apparently, the protesters were surrounded by NYPD with M-16s! However, the protesters shouted down the police officers who eventually left. more...  4 Comments

War Resisters League Condemns War in Post-Election Civil Disobedience

War Resisters League | Delivering a clear message against war, members of the War Resisters League marched from Ground Zero to the New York Stock Exchange in lower Manhattan this morning. More than 70 people chose to mark the day after the "election" by by voting with their bodies, not just their ballots, to end the war. The group called for the money spent on warfare -- now approaching $200 billion in addition to the annual $440 billion annual military budget -- to be spent on schools, jobs, health care and other civilian needs. more...  1 Comments


Anthony Vicari | As a deeply divided country, we should let the national media focus on that during the upcomming Presidential Inauguration in January. more...  10 Comments

Protest Updates

Josh | Protests in Red Hook, NY, hold intersection for close to 45 minutes, end in beating and arrest of about a dozen. more...  12 Comments

St. Mark's Church Open Tonight for Protestors, Angry Voters

antiwar community resources | St. Marks Church (10th St. & 2nd Ave. in Manhattan) will be open on the evening of Nov. 3rd (7:00- 11:00PM) for food, political discussion, and recovery after a tough day. more...  8 Comments

what's happening today. Any mass actions? Protests?

baadman | Are we going to just whine and let them get away with this or shut down the country. There should be mass civil disobedience, protests, insurrection. more...  41 Comments

Looking for memorabilia/paraphanalia from the J20, 2001 Presidential Inauguration Protests

Theodore Fox | I am looking for memorabilia/paraphanalia (such as buttons, pins, photos, that kind of stuff) from the J20, 2001 Presidential Inauguration protests in New York City. more...  1 Comments

It's over...

Chaosmosis | more...  12 Comments

There better be some riots tonight

me | Disgusting. more...  46 Comments

November 3

Raff | more of a request than an article.... more...  8 Comments

Indypendent Voting Rights Reportback from Cleveland

John Tarleton | Cleveland is ground zero in the battle to win Ohio's 21 electoral votes. The mad chaos forecast by some didn't materialize today but there were a number of troubling election snafus and irregularities that could have a huge impact on a close race. more...  0 Comments

Watch Election Returns in Union Square, NOW

Pink Elephant | From 5pm to 10pm tonight (Tuesday Nov 2nd) more...  0 Comments

voting problems in Brooklyn

UrbanVoyeur | longtime voters missing from the rolls more...  12 Comments

Censorship and Expulsion at Manhattan College

David Segal | Manhattan College threatens to expel student for distributing zine more...  4 Comments

National fightback Conference Nov 13-14

workers | After the elections--no matter who wins--there needs to be a serious discussion about how to move the struggle forward. And that is exactly what hundreds of activists will be doing in New York City over the weekend of November 13-14 at a National Fightback Conference sponsored by Workers World Party. more...  1 Comments

High Voter Turn-out & Voting Breakdowns Nationwide

Demos Network | more...  0 Comments

Common Cause Voting Irregularitys hotline: 1-866-MYVOTE1

Bill Huston | Common Cause Voting Irregularitys hotline: 1-866-MYVOTE1 more...  0 Comments

N2: On the Ground Indypendent Report From Florida

Catriona Stuart | PALM BEACH, FLORIDA--Lost amidst the reports of misplaced absentee ballots, teams of lawyers, defective machines, long lines, and voter purges is one story which has hardly distracted the eye of the media: hundreds of thousands of volunteers have been mobilized and have been pouring into swing states across the country.   I am only one of them. But like me, they have spoken with hundreds of voters, and have undoubtedly encountered the unique blend of hope and fear that I have seen over the past three days.  more...  2 Comments

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