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Emergency Demonstration: Sat. Union Sq. 2 pm

fallujah | Join us to say no to Bush's war crimes and to share ideas for upcoming resistance actions. more...  1 Comments

Emergency Demonstration: Sat. Union Sq. 2 pm

fallujah | Join us to say no to Bush's war crimes and to share ideas for upcoming resistance actions. more...  0 Comments

Fallujah Vigil in Washington Square Park at 5:30 on Friday

Antiwar Community Resources | A candlelight vigil in support of the people of Fallujah who are facing an imminent ground assault. C-130s have reportedly begun spraying the city with random cannon fire. more...  1 Comments

They Jailed Reverend Billy

Michael ONeil | Billy is in jail. Long live retail intervention! more...  3 Comments

F-16 Attacks NJ School with Cannon -- A Message to Blue States?

Samsong | Those crazy bus drivers are at it again. more...  6 Comments

The Resistance Continues - Sat. Nov. 6 - Union Sq.

Stop the War | In the face of the failure of the election to offer an alternative to the war and occupation and the Pentagon's plans for a renewed massive assault on Fallujah and more than 20 Iraqi cities, we have an obligation to respond with urgency, determination, and a new level of commitment to stop the war. more...  5 Comments


William Laviano | This is a call for all participants in Critical Mass to meet on Sunday at 2pm in Union Square to discuss the future of the ride. more...  13 Comments

Sunday, 11/7: Riot-Folk in the City!

ethan | don't mourn, mobilize! resistance continues globally ... come with friends to support it! more...  2 Comments

Election Vandals Target Two Locations

WIVB, NY | Political leaders say anger prompted vandals to target two locations in Western New York, including GOP headquarters in downtown Buffalo. more...  5 Comments

9/11 and the Election: A Few Thoughts

Ron Gassaway | Given yesterday's events, despair is understandable. I've certainly experienced some myself, but after considering the recent progress being made in the 9/11 Truth movement, I'm attempting to turn that despair into some real resolve. Damn if I'm an optimist. more...  0 Comments

How the Right Won (and how we can win): The Four I's

Frank Zapatista | In 1964, the voters of the United States trounced Barry Goldwater in one of the most lopsided elections in US history (far, far more lopsided than our most recent 51-48 split) The majority of people in America who vote didn't just wake up one day 40 years later and decide that they wanted to embrace a far more extreme version of the religio-fascist policies they had rejected decades before. The current conservative political hegemony in this country emerged out of a number of factors, which I'd argue can be summed up as "the four I's": Ideas, Insurgents, Institutions, and Inspiration. In order for the American left to survive, it has to take a hard look at what the right in this country has done and how we can adapt what they've done to our own beliefs and times. more...  4 Comments

Thurs. 11/04 Times UP Movie Screening

Timmy | Thursday, 11/04 at 8pm. 49 E. Houston St. btw. Mott and Mulberry St. The weekly movie screening. more...  5 Comments

SDS Street Art Workshop at the New School!

Erin Siegal | On November 9th, there will be a Street Art Skillshare/ Workshop at the New School University hosted by the anti-war, culture-jamming group New School Students for a Democratic Society. All are welcome! It is free! more...  2 Comments

Every Terrorsist Target Voted Against Bush

James Trimarco | History must remember: ALL regions that contain serious terrorist targets voted strongly for Kerry. more...  12 Comments

Is it time to go?

Mike | (Should the Northeast Succeed from the US? more...  26 Comments

They Won it With Gay Marriage

James Trimarco | Gays and lesbians who were married this past year exercised bad strategics and bad timing. more...  17 Comments

Spartacist League/PDC Protest Crackdown on IndyMedia

Spartacist League/Workers Vanguard and Varlet | The Spartacist League, revolutionary Trotskyist prty, and its fraternal political prisoner defense organization, the Partisan Defense Committee have protested the assaults on IndyMedia through their newspaper, Workers Vanguard. "...We stand in fullest solidarity with those courageous journalists who struggle to tell the truth against the repression and lies of the American imperialists." Here is the article. ---- Varlet more...  4 Comments

EXTRAVAGANZA of RIDICULOUS PROPORTIONS! Dance Party and Benefit Show! This Saturday!

After The Fall | All night dance party and benefit show to raise money to open an anarchist community space. more...  0 Comments

24-Hours After Election: Draft Moves Forward

Anon | more...  5 Comments

Website News

NYC IMC | We are currently unable to upload pictures to our website, but the IMC tech team is working hard to fix the problem. We apoligize for the problem, and things will be working again shortly. more...  1 Comments

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