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Mandate my ass!

d.o. | NYC's "Unfiltered" said it. Nine out of ten experts agree! Mandate my ass! more...  3 Comments

5 Arrested at Tompkins Square Concert

tom in manhattan | anyone here attend?....sorry I missed it. more...  3 Comments

[gangbox] FEAR OF FALLING....

GANGBOX: CONSTRUCTION WORKERS NEWS SERVICE | FEAR OF FALLING....death in high places in the New York City construction industry.... more...  1 Comments

How the Left Can Win

N3 Coalition | more...  7 Comments

City Lights Publishers Presents

James Tracy | City Lights Publishers Presents: Reading / Discussion: “The Political Edge†with James Tracy and Marlena Sonn Sunday November 21st @ 7pm - Free 172 Allen Street New York City In the wake of the astonishing popular mobilization on behalf of an underdog campaign to elect Green Party Matt Gonzalez mayor of San Francisco, the book “The Political Edge†analyzes the origins and directions of emergent political energies. Rarely have contemporary radicals joined forces with cultural rebels and neighborhood activists to change almost everything about the governance in a city. With wit and cogency, this book reveals new dynamics that are reshaping urban politics nationwide. more...  0 Comments

2 New docs on March for Womens Lives premier Thursday 7pm at Bluestockings

RadiKelly KaPOWski | Please join us for a premier screening of 2 new documentaries "Don't Let the System Get You Down.. Cheer Up!" and "Our Bodies, Our Choice!" at Bluestockings Bookstore more...  0 Comments

Falluja Assault Begins, New Yorkers Again Take to the Streets

NYC IMC | Hot on the heels of a Bush election victory, the assault on Falluja has begun.

The Falluja Witness Vigil is calling for a candlelight vigil for the civilian population of Fallujah - many of whom will be killed by US forces taking the city - at Washington Square Park, starting 5:30 the day the ground assault begins.

The International Action Center has also organized a number of protests.

more...  13 Comments

IndyConference: Austin, TX Feb 18th-20th

Austin IMC | The Austin Indymedia Collective would like to formally invite you to an IMC gathering. IndyConference is a skill-share/conference/network building event to be held in Austin, Texas February 18th-20th, 2005. more...  1 Comments

One tactic to take in defending Critical Mass

Not btu! | it is just one tactic and not the only one. this is something we can keep up for the next 3 weeks before our next ride. long live the Mass!!! more...  0 Comments

NY Times on Critical Mass

NY Times | "I love riding my bike, but it is not a political thing," she said as she warily eyed dozens of police officers with plastic cuffs stuffed into their pockets arrayed against hundreds of rambunctious cyclists in Halloween costumes. "It's exercise; it's transportation. I ride because it's an efficient way to get around." more...  4 Comments

Protests, Scattered Violence Mark Bush 'Victory'

NYC IMC | In the five days since the end of the 2004 Presidential election, protests and scattered acts of violence have greeted the triumph of the conservative agenda.

In the New York region on Wednesday, a small group of demonstrators in Union Square were greeted by the ESU armed with machine-guns [Pictures] The War Resisters League once again marched from Ground Zero, protesting war. In Red Hook, 200 Bard students shut down the main highway out of town. In Buffalo, vandals attacked the Republican Party headquarters.

Nationally, in Toledo on Wednesday, hundreds of Ohio residents stormed the statehouse to demand that all votes be counted. In Portland, thousands protested Bush. In Raleigh, North Carolina, hundreds of anarchists trashed the Republican Party headquarters. Plans are underway to protest the Bush innauguration. Read more at US Indymedia.

Meanwhile, IMC readers are debating the merits of violence and protest in a second Bush term.

more...  0 Comments



Tonight ~~ Screening "Solidarity Palestine" & "The Killing Zone" (plus live riot-folk!)

olivetrii | 4 MORE YEARS? DON'T MOPE! RE-UNITE and MOBILIZE! more...  0 Comments

Fallujah Vigil At Washington Square Arch

Fallujah Witness Vigil | A candlelight vigil for the civilian population of Fallujah - many of whom will be killed by US forces taking the city - at Washington Square Park, starting 5:30 the day the ground assault begins. more...  6 Comments

NYC Indymedia Blackout?

coneyretard | more...  6 Comments

We Need to Secede.

New American | Spread the word. It's time to divorce from Jesusland. more...  13 Comments

NYCC lockdown

for a brighter future | more...  4 Comments

Man kills himself at Ground Zero, Little Green Footballs Reacts

AP | Veal apparently was distraught over President Bush's (search) re-election, Newsday reported Saturday on its Web site edition, citing an unnamed police source. The newspaper also said the man was a registered Democrat who opposed the war in Iraq. Meanwhile, "Gods Chosen" over at Little Green Footballs react: Barbara Skolaut  11/6/2004 07:14PM PST was planning to marry Looks like the prospective bride got lucky. Imagine being married to someone so stupid he'd kill himself over an American election. #9 reaganite  11/6/2004 07:14PM PST For some reason FNC won't load for me, what did it say? #10 Oktober  11/6/2004 07:15PM PST AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! #11 Fluffster  11/6/2004 07:15PM PST eh? And we are supposed to be the crazy ones? #12 electric pimp  11/6/2004 07:15PM PST It said he was a self-important asshole. more...  5 Comments

Thompkins Sq. young Punk rockers / Police riot Sat.night about 6 pm

Witness | What exactly happened? I was witness and have videotape of some of riot. Arrests were made. One guy badly beaten and dragged away by police. Is everyone ok now? more...  19 Comments

Call to Implement a Provisional Government of

@ | Time to break our chains. more...  10 Comments

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