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Listserve for ** Blue State Secession **

Blue State Secessionist | *** Please share information and ideas for Blue State Secession!! *** more...  4 Comments

Time Magazine's Discrimination History

alternatemediawatch | The Establishment media conglomerate that still controls the NYC-based Time Magazine has a long history of discriminating against independent African-American and independent women journalists. more...  2 Comments

NO Mandate!

Sam Webb | Sam Webb chairs the Communist Party USA more...  1 Comments

Learn Final Cut Pro Digital Video Editing THIS WEEKEND!

Paper Tiger TV | November 13th & 14th - Paper Tiger Television is offering Final Cut Pro Classes. Please join us and support nyc independent media at the same time.. Spots are still available more...  1 Comments

Antiwar Labor Organizing: Resistance to Empire

New York City Labor Against the War (NYCLAW) | 1-Day Labor Antiwar Organizing Conference: RESISTANCE TO EMPIRE Saturday, November 20, 2004 Topics Include: **NYCLAW Since 9/11 **ccupation in Iraq and Beyond **G.I. Revolt **War After November 2 **Million Worker March Follow-Up **Labor for Palestine Project **USLAW December Meeting **Union-Specific Reports and Organizing Workshops Location: AFSCME DC 1707 75 Varick St., 14th Floor, NYC (1/A/C/E to Canal St.) Registration Starts 9 a.m. -- $10 Fee (No one turned away for inability to pay) Sponsored By: New York City Labor Against the War (NYCLAW) For details & to RSVP Attendance: 917-282-0139 more...  0 Comments

Protest MTA Fare Hikes Weds.!

IRT #3 Transit Improvement Committee | IRT #3 SAYS NO TO MORE FARE HIKES AND YES TO BETTER SERVICE Group to demand affordable and safe train service in East New York at November 10th Public Hearing more...  0 Comments

Smart America Secedes

newer england | jesusland can go to hell more...  12 Comments

Why the Blue States should Divorce the Red States

C. B. Shapiro (Re-post) | ...they would finally be free to have the kind of society they've always wanted; church and state can be fused so they build the kind of theocracy they've dreamt of, with Jesus at the helm. (They) can ban books, repeal civil rights, persecute gays and have all the wars they like. They want prayer in schools? More power to them. We'll be free to live with our like-minded countrymen who believe in science, modernism, tolerance, religion as a personal choice, and truly want limited government intrusion in our personal lives. Why should each side be driven mad by the other any more, decade after decade? more...  12 Comments

Village Voice Conflict of Interests

alternativemediawatch | Robeco Group's Village Voice recently had some of its conflict-of-interested exposed in the following excerpt from a recent American Reporter article. more...  3 Comments


Julie Devaney, Socialist Worker | more...  33 Comments

A Peace and Justice Tax for the Holidays

L. Graham | Two online shopping malls levy on big retailers a sales or peace and justice tax to fund peace and justice organizations. Which mall is better? more...  0 Comments

Forum: Independent Worker Organzing: Planting Seeds of Change in the Labor Movement

Sam | Forum: Independent Worker Organzing: Planting Seeds of Change in the Labor Movement more...  2 Comments

Greens: Kerry Betrayed Pledge to Count Every Vote

Mark Dunlea | "Mr. Kerry wanted to avoid a repeat of the 2000 Florida debacle, but in conceding quickly he broke his promise to make sure every vote was counted," said Ben Manski, Wisconsin Green and co-founder of the No Stolen Elections! campaign. "The widespread reports of election tampering, voting machine breakdowns, intimidated and blocked voters, electioneering phone calls that spread misinformation, and voters misidentified as felons made it necessary in 2004 to count and verify every vote and make sure the election wasn't compromised. Regardless of whether Democrats retreat, Greens demand that every vote be counted." more...  4 Comments

Electoral Challenges for the Peace Movement

Mark Dunlea | The peace community not only lost the 2004 Presidential election, it largely supported a candidate and party that argued they could do a better job in finishing up the invasion of Iraq and creating the global American corporate empire. Never again can the peace movement be so marginalized, while largely actively supporting policies that it opposes. more...  6 Comments

Buy Nothing Day Reformation 11/26

Michael ONeil | Preliminary info for Buy Nothing Day action with Greene Dragon and Church of Stop Shopping more...  2 Comments

Suicide Protest of Bush Victory

Sad | An autopsy and a police investigation confirmed yesterday that a young Georgia research aide found dead at the World Trade Center site on Saturday had killed himself with a shotgun blast to the head. Much about the death remained a mystery, including the victim's motive and the way the heavily guarded site was penetrated. more...  1 Comments

Emergency Demo: Stop the Massacre of Fallujah

stop the war | Stop the Massacre of Fallujah! Tuesday, November 9 5 pm Union Square more...  4 Comments

Time's Up! Weekly Movie Screening. Super Size Me. Thurs. 11/11.

Timmy | Time's Up! Weekly Movie Screening. Thurs. 11/11 at 8pm. 49 E. Houston St. btw. Mott and Mulberry St. Free more...  3 Comments

WBAI Controversy-Public Access Series expands to 7 Systems

John Riley | The next episode, titled "Battle of the Budget," looks at recent struggles over station funding and workers' rights. more...  4 Comments

Bush and Kerry Made Me Want to Ralph: An NYC Activist Explains Why He Supported Nader

Adam Gerber | (from the Open Newswire): Wearing a Nader button or t-shirt around town was met with scorn more often than not in 2004. This was quite a different political climate than in the year 2000, when Mr. Nader garnered enough support to throw a super-rally in Madison Square Garden, filled with over 10,000 admiring adherents of his platform. more...  19 Comments

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