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The Top Ten Items on Bush’s Agenda We Must Stop

A.K. Gupta | The Top Ten Items on Bush’s Agenda We Must Stop more...  6 Comments

The Markets Speak

A.K. Gupta | What will a second Bush administration look like? Watch the markets. Revealing the link between economic and political fortunes, stocks nose-dived on Election Day after exit polls showed Bush losing, and then rallied for three days straight after Kerry conceded. Wall Street was happy that there wasn’t a contested election, happier that government isn’t divided, which creates gridlock that affects the economy, and happiest about a pro-business administration that promises to further gut regulations and cap damages awarded in class-action suits aimed primarily at corporate malfeasance. more...  0 Comments

The Jihad Party: Or Understanding the Political Theology of Bush's America

A.K. Gupta | “Values†is what the election was supposedly about. Not really, unless you consider ignorance, fear and hatred values. Bush’s marginal victory was based on old-fashioned Manichean dualism, that is, good and evil. more...  3 Comments

Voter Disenfranchisement Left Out in Ohio

John Tarleton | A few ways people were deterred from voting... more...  1 Comments

Did Kerry Win Ohio?

Greg Palast | The election in Ohio was not decided by the voters but by something called “spoilage.†more...  3 Comments

Provisional Democracy

John Tarleton | CLEVELAND, Ohio—James Walker has voted for 39 years at Mt. Haven Baptist Church on Cleveland’s east side. When he showed up to cast his ballot on Nov. 2, he found his name wasn’t on the voter registration rolls, though his wife’s was. more...  0 Comments

Dying to Vote

Antrim Caskey | CLEVELAND, Ohio—Marilyn Cooper’s brother always volunteered at the polls on Election Day at Mt. Haven Baptist Church... more...  0 Comments

Ohio Voters Take to the Streets

David Solnit | COLUMBUS, Ohio—Hundreds of angry Ohio residents marched through the streets of the state capital Nov. 3 and stormed the Ohio State House... more...  0 Comments

Right-Wing Judiciary May Threaten Rent Control Laws

Steven Wishnia | A Supreme Court case involving gas stations in Hawaii could have far-reaching implications for rent control in New York City and across the nation. more...  7 Comments

The U.S., An Idea Whose Time Has Passed

David Graeber | I remember reading in The Nation some years ago, after Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis’ defeat, that we really have to come to terms with the fact that there’s two countries here, a scary reactionary fundamentalist country called America and a relatively sane area that should properly be referred to as Southern Canada. more...  5 Comments

Are They &@%#’ing Serious?

Leanne Tory-Murphy | Some candidates to, um, look out for... more...  1 Comments


nyc print | The Indypendent Issue #60 Nov. 11-30, 2004 more...  4 Comments

Veteran's Day Peace Vigil at Columbus Circle

absinthe | 7 p.m. November 11th (Veteran’s Day) at Columbus Circle (northeast corner of 59th Street and Central Park West). more...  1 Comments

A worried mother turns activist

stop the war | "I talk to everyone everywhere," she admits. "On the buses, subways, on the street. I want people to understand what a bad thing this war is for this country." more...  2 Comments

A Pray for Peace, In a Time of Mourning

Mark Dunlea | A Prayer for Peace In a Time of Mourning more...  2 Comments


Campus Antiwar Network | Stop the War 2004! National conference of the Campus Antiwar Network, Nov 13-14 in NYC. more...  7 Comments

Daily Candlelight Vigil at Washington Square Arch for Falluja

Fallujah Witness Vigil | Meet under the arch in Washington Square Park at 5:30 each evening to protest the destruction of the city of Fallujah and the inevitable loss of innocent human life. more...  3 Comments

Saturday, November 13th, a benefit for Peace Activist Susan Blake

earthworm | A BENEFIT for SUSAN BLAKE to help her maintain her breast cancer treatments & A THANK YOU to all who have already contributed Saturday, November 13th at 7:00 p.m. Come to an educational celebration about complementary and alternative cancer therapies with music and poetry performances, video, speakers, health literature & displays, light refreshments (on the anti-cancer diet only!) and a silent auction. more...  0 Comments

What's so wrong about being better than rednecks?

elitist | dumbfuckistan v. elitistan more...  11 Comments

Demand Asylum in Canada this Friday!

NorthToFreedom | Bush was elected President? In November 2004, Being an American still means financing an illegal and unjust war that has killed at least 13,00 civilians. Paying our taxes finances this war on Iraq that is in violation of international law.If I were to refuse to finance this war, Id face severe jail time. As far as I'm concerned thats a threat to my freedom and well-being. This Friday, November 12 at 4pm join other Americans at the Canadian Consulate, 1251 6th Ave to ask for asylum and protection from the Canadian government. The Bush administration is beyond embarrassing. The least we can do is embarrass them back. More info: more...  7 Comments

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