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Forget the Democrats, Build a Mass Movement!

build a workers movement | The leadership of the main antiwar groups like UFPJ chose to channel growing discontent against the war into the dead-end of "lesser evil" politics under the guise of "beating Bush." Thus they built one large demonstration during the Republican convention, replacing opposition to the war with opposition to "the Bush agenda." Likewise they chose to ignore the opportunity of bringing the anti-war movement closer to the labor movement when they did nothing to build the Million Worker March. more...  12 Comments

A New York Diary: The Crushing of Fallujah

James Petras - CounterPunch | I am reading William Shirer's Berlin Diary, a journalist's account of Nazi political propaganda during the 1930's, as I watch the US 'news' reports of the violent assault on Fallujah. more...  3 Comments

2nd Cyclist Murdered within a week

gustavo | Contact Elected Officials more...  12 Comments

Protest the Bush Administration!!

Marisol | more...  3 Comments

Protest DR-CAFTA at CITIGROUP! Friday Nov 19 12-2:30PM!

concerned | Mandare un anuncio en espanol pronto... Protest DR-CAFTA at CITIGROUP! 153 East 53rd Street Friday Nov 19 12-2:30PM! Do you want politicians who... *export your job? *contaminate your food with dangerous chemicals? *prohibit affordable, generic medicine? *outlaw organized labor? *evade democratic oversight? *sell out their constituency to benefit big business? more...  0 Comments

Volunteers Needed For NYC Howl-In (Aerial Wolf-Shooting) Protest at Rockefeller Center

Edita Birnkrant | more...  0 Comments

Buy Nothing Day Reformation

Jonny America | Buy nothing, change everything with Reverend Billy's Church of Stop Shopping and the patriots of Greene Dragon. See history in the making as the good Reverend nails his Nine Theses (Martin-Luther-style) to the doors of St. McDonald's Cathedral of Perpetual Consumption. Join New York's standing revel army, Greene Dragon, in its continued struggle to end corporate tyranny and bring life,liberty and the pursuit of reveling to all Americans. more...  4 Comments

City tries to close down S. Bronx Community Center; Court Hearing Tomorrow

imcista | There will be a rally in support of Casa del Sol community center 9 a.m. Thursday in front of the Bronx County Courthouse at 161st and Grand Concourse. The occupants of Casa del Sol, located at 136th and Cypress in the South Bronx, will be in court to fight the city’s bid to eject them. The city states that it wants to convert an “abandoned†building into housing, although the building is already in use. Supporters of Casa del Sol say they will engage in non-violent civil disobedience if the court rules against them. Projects at Casa Del Sol currently include a Silkscreen Shop, Community Garden, an After School Program, the Adverse Possession Art Gallery and weekly concerts. Casa Del Sol also hosts an Annual Street Fair and Halloween Party, and houses the offices of the Cherry Tree Association and the Mutual Aid Project, which produces the New York City Free Events Calendar. The showdown over the future of Casa del Sol comes at a time when the city is also on the verge of bulldozing four community gardens in Melrose, another South Bronx neighborhood experiencing increased gentrification. more...  11 Comments

Urgent! please post to main newswire!

Casa del sol | casa del sol faces a possible eviction after our court date tomorrow (Thursday) rally at 9 30 in the morning outside Bronx Supreme Court, 2 benefit shows Friday and Saturday and nonviolent civil disobedience planned more...  4 Comments

Action Alert! Stop the Anti-Bicycling Bill!

Bicyclist | Action Alert! Stop the Anti-Bicycling Bill! Councilmember Madeline Provenzano, sponsor of anti-bicycling bill Int. No. 497A draconian anti-bicycling bill, Int. No. 497, was recently introduced to the New York City Council by Councilmember Madeline Provenzano. If passed, Int. No. 497 would require every bicycling New Yorker over sixteen years old to obtain bicycle license tags from the NYC Department of Transportation. The bill stipulates that those who do not display such tags on their bicycles would be subject to up to 15 days imprisonment in addition to hefty fines and bicycle confiscation. more...  31 Comments


WTF | from : There was a fire in the Wall St. area (near Water St.) which has reportedly knocked out the lines to our transmitter and phone system. We will post updates here as soon as they are available. more...  10 Comments


Lynda Carson | Call Now To Save Section 8! more...  0 Comments

Rally and Concerts to preserve Casa Del Sol

savoir faire | This Thursday, November 18th representatives of Casa Del Sol, a community center in the South Bronx, will be in court again to fight the city's plans to evict. more...  5 Comments

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Mitchel Cohen, Brooklyn Greens / Green Party of NY | I wrote the following as this year's introduction to my revised essay from last year: "Why I Hate Thanksgiving." After I finished, I realized it can stand alone. I added the action component near the end, and have decided to cast this article to the winds and see where it gets carried .... more...  0 Comments

Tonight at Bluestockings - What Happened In Ohio?

event | As the recount begins in Ohio, Bluestockings is hosting a discussion and video screening with New Yorkers who were in the swing state for the election. more...  6 Comments

We Ask For Your Help To Stop Racial Attacks Before Violence

Maria Sanchez, Shatiah Roberts, Jose Chavez | A group of minorities has recently been the victims of an unprovoked attack. We have petitions which work to stop violent, repeated, unprovoked racial attacks. more...  1 Comments

M26 sentencing stayed

Steve Q | Pending a decision by New York State’s highest court on whether or not they will review a lower court order unsealing the M26 defendants’ sealed dismissed records, their sentencing in New York City Criminal Court has been stayed. While two of the four remaining defendants will appear in court on November 18, they will not be sentenced at that time. For more information, go to more...  3 Comments

Killing trolls on IMC

Coyote | Dealing with IMC trolls more...  17 Comments


Gabriele Zamparini | more...  3 Comments


Denny Burbeck | Recently, I was involved in a project that required a visit to every Independent Media Center in the country. I learned of an enormous movement happening across the United States that literally astounded me. There are protests and marches in every major city in the country. more...  3 Comments

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