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Starbucks Union Organizer to Stand Trial in RNC Case

SonofRage | Daniel Gross, a co-founder of the IWW Starbucks Workers Union and an employee at the company, is set to stand trial for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest at a Republican National Convention protest. more...  3 Comments

Free Starfucks Drink on Buy Nothing Day

Starbucks Discounters | Here is a coupon for a free drink from Starbucks on Buy Nothing Day. more...  5 Comments

Buy Nothing Day Special

Gap Discounts | Distribute this coupon for a free hat, scarf, or gloves at Gap on Buy Nothing Day. more...  4 Comments

Bands and Musicians Wanted

Walter F. Wouk | THE THOMAS PAINE PROJECT believes that an Independent Music Community is an essential part of a free society and TPP actively supports that community by encouraging venues to feature underground bands and musicians. more...  7 Comments

banner drop on the BQE

maus. | monday morning rush hour gets a dose of awareness more...  2 Comments

Hot Pinks Riots in DC: J20

stonewall riot | This is a call to action for all queers and trannies and genderfucks of the radical sort in NYC to organize with Queer Fist for a J20 action in Washington, DC. more...  0 Comments

NYC Meeting to Discuss the Presidential Inauguration

NYC Counter Inauguration | more...  6 Comments


Mitchel Cohen | If you cannot come to this fast on Thanksgiving, do one at a suitable target wherever you live ..... more...  1 Comments

NLG files Class Action Lawsuit

green hat | Early Associated Press coverage. Copes of the complaint will probably be posted on the NLG website later. more...  2 Comments


white chick | Come fast and scare the tourists! Bring the family and a dish! 35th NATIONAL DAY OF MOURNING, with United American Indians of New England (UAINE) Thursday, 25 November 2004 12:00 PM - 07:00 PM (rally - march - potluck) Plymouth, Mass more...  0 Comments

Gary Null's Suspension for Campaign Violations

John Riley | In this syndicated public access cable TV episode, co-hosts Margareth Dominique and John Riley look at the fair campaign violations committed by Null which caused an independent election supervisor to suspend him. We also show excerpts from previous episodes and a candidate debate. more...  4 Comments

banner drop on the BQE ?

xxx | more...  3 Comments

Pictures from action against the DR-CAFTA Forum in midtown Manhattan Friday, Nov. 19th.

earthworm | Congressman Rangel was set to speak at the forum titled "Free Trade with Central America and the DR: Business Opportunities for New York" but he didn't show up in the end (perhaps he heard we were going to be there!) more...  0 Comments

Building Bridges Radio-Mon. 11-22-On Alberto Gonzales;Teamster Murdered in El Salvador;Flight Attendants' CHAOS Strike

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | WBAI Radio's Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report Produced & Hosted by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash Monday, November 22, 2004, 7 - 8 p.m. EST, over 99.5 FM or streaming live at more...  0 Comments

WBAI Election Coverage on Cable TV

John Riley | The program will look at the fair campaign fairness violations of entrepreneur and health programmer Gary Null, which caused the independent election supervisor to remove him from the airwaves until after Nov. 29th . Includes excerpts from a candidate including, Justice & Unity candidates Omowale Clay, Evan Tobias, Lisa Davis, Sara Flounders and Berta Silva. more...  3 Comments

Green party David Cobb needs help with recount in Ohio

kyle | On Friday, November 19th, our attorneys delivered a bond to guarantee our $113,600 recount fee. We have so far identified 600 of the 2,000 volunteers we predict will be needed for the work in Ohio. We are organizing now to train, house and feed the folks on the ground in Ohio who will monitor the recount on our behalf. Please call Holly at 319-337-7341 if you can organize to mobilize volunteers to come to Ohio and to help us raise this campaign’s goals and profile within your community and state more...  1 Comments

Demonstration for Affordable Housing

Edgar Mata | more...  1 Comments

WBAI, Fascism, and Terror

Fintan Lalor | Radio Free Eireann's association with Fascism perverts Irish republicanism and undermines the progressive mission of Pacifica. more...  11 Comments

Buy Nothing Day ~ TARGET WAL-MART

shimshammaam | Ideas about how to impede conspicuous consumption. more...  0 Comments

Columbia University to Respond to Arafat's Death with Conference on Middle East Alternatives

maggie gram | "Impasse?: Alternative Voices in the Middle East" Will Consider Responses to Leader's Death and Gaza Pullout more...  0 Comments

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